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    This is a really good description!!

    Im having issues ( again ) with extracting the sampler. See pic below

    PM me your email again rob, I'll look back in my email for it too. I've got you and one other dude having this issue. I'll send you the files unzipped. I think I know how to avoid it in the future. "/" get converted to ":" during compression (I do not know why) and some versions of winzip do not like ":"

    I have to remember to not use "/"

    Download now at :

    The JTM45 Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of this KT66 classic. This profile pack features 41 profiles in 4 profile sets capturing every sound hidden within this classic design. Profiles marked "N" feature the Normal channel and an EQ designed to deliver plenty of girth and British style midrange for brighter sounding guitars. "T" profiles feature High Treble channel of the amp, with the EQ dialed in for more high end clarity and upper mids. Profiles marked "J" feature both these channels jumped together giving you more breakup at the phase inverter with plenty of high end and girth! "Max" profiles feature the amps EQ controls all set to 10. This produces a different sound and character than using the eq to dial in the tone. Here you will find many, many, many of the classic British sounds you have heard on records. Not only do you get the sound of the amp with all controls maxed but this same sound with the gain of both channels dialed back for varying levels of this classic British Tone. As a bonus we have included several pedals pushing this amp at our favorite settings.
    + - indicates a KLONE pedal pushing the amp
    SD1 - indicates a Boss SD-1 is pushing the amp
    KOT OD - indicates the OD side of a King of Tone
    KOT Dist - indicated the Distortion side of the King of Tone

    This one is all filler!

    Download now at
    The Card Scrambler captures the sound of the zero feedback, Class A, 6L6, boutique favorite. This amp is a boutique take on the classic "deluxe tone" delivering rich 3d swirling clean tones with top end clarity but switched to Class A and features a Pentode, marked as "P" in the profile set and Triode, marked as "T" in the profile set running at 28 watts and 14 watts respectively. This Profile Pack features 21 beautifully captured profiles.

    Thanks again! Had a quick run thrue the mkv profiles and they are amazing like other packs e.g. vox, bassman and princeton I have from you. Getting the best guitar amp feeling ever over my monitors with your profiles. :thumbsup:

    Thanks PeterFRFR and thanks to everyone else. I'm glad people are liking the feel. I made some mic adjustments to try to keep as much definition as I could for this pack. I also really like H profiles which us the Horizon Precision Drive.

    Thanks all!!

    Hey dudes!

    As a "thank you" to the community for all the support Tone Junkie has received since it's launch, we are announcing a new FREE profile subscription service called Every month we deliver a complete amp pack to your email for FREE!. There aren't "samples" or stripped down packs, we are putting in all the love and care we put into all of our Tone Junkie Packs. Tone Junkie is still going to release and sell amp packs but Profile Crate is just an opportunity to share some of our work with the Kemper-verse (Kemper Universe) April's pack is still free thru May and it's the "M5 Kemper Profile Pack" which captures the sounds of the Mesa Mark V.
    Sign up for Free at and get the M5 Pack now and get all future Packs delivered to your email.

    New for May is the 78 Modded JMP Pack!!

    Check out the 78 Modded JMP Pack Now for Free!
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    Plus last months pack is still free for new subscribers! The Mark 5 Pack

    Modulated Reverbs are possible with the Kemper, the trick is one little parameter called the Delay+Reverb Balance. It's sort of a Kemper hack because this is clearly meant to allow us to balance delay and reverb but if you place a modulation effect in this DLY effect and roll the Delay and Reverb Balance all the way up we can send just the wet
    signal of any modulation effect to the Reverb, while the dry sound runs in parallel to the reverb giving us excellent clarity even when dialing in big cavernous ambient delays!

    The sound you hear in this video is attached to this post! Enjoy!

    Download now at

    The Match Club captures the sound of a particular single EF86, two 12ax7 EL34 powered amp we all love! If you loved the Match Chief you are going to like this one, a lot! This pack features 3 speaker accompaniments courtesy of the mismatched cabinet with two separate speakers. Profiles marked "H" feature the H30 speaker, profiles marked "M" feature the M25 greenback and profiles marked "HM" use both speakers mixed together.

    Download now at https://tonejunkiestore.comThe Too Stone CRS is an ideal pedal platform. Think Steel String Singer meets a Super Reverb. The Too Stone CRS Kemper Profile Pack features 27 high headroom cleans that can produce 3d swirling cleans with glassy highs and deep lows. Profiles labeled "B" feature the engaged bright switch. "M" is for the D style Midrange switch, "BM" is for both and the CRS features a "FET" switch and gain control to add an additional flavor of break up. The Too Stone CRS Kemper Profile Pack also features 2 profiles with the tone stack completely bypassed, one with the midrange control engaged and one without as well as several profiles with pedals baked in including the SD9, ODR1, KLONE and Sparkle Drive.

    Flash Sale for about 24 hours!
    Use code E35 to pick up the Tone Junkie Everything Pack at 35% off. The Everything Pack includes everything we have released so far. Over 500 beautifully captured profiles, covering vintage, boutique and hard to find amps. We have been earning a reputation as having some of the best cleans, edge of breakup and overdriven sounds anywhere. We don't so metal, but you will find the occasional hard rock amp work it's way into our line up. Check out everything we have to offer at

    Check out some of whats in the pack!

    Did it , got ur everything and now my life is so complicated(in a good way)....: what profile and with what pickup? I love ur last 2 packs the pro especially
    if u have the everything any sugestion would be most welcome, thank u in advance!

    Hey Babalos,

    My favs are the new Chief Pack, Ace30 Pack, and the Too Stone Pack.

    Thanks for the support!!