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    Just grabbed the Arc, God of War and Blue Dream. They're awesome each and every one of them! What I love about your packs is the sheer number of profiles each has (and being added on a regular basis). You never have to worry about which guitar or cab you use, there's always profiles included that fit perfectly.

    You def need to check out Live And Ready's (deadpan) tweed pack. I was missing some good edge of breakup profiles that tweeds are known for, so when deadpan released his tweed pack I bought it. At first I thought it could use more grit so I contacted deadpan and asked if he could do more profiles. I sent him an example of what I was looking for and he went to work. I'm really pleased with the results. The pack covers everything from nice fender cleans to down and dirty (for example Niel Young type tones) and everything in between.

    For me personally buying a single is indeed a gamble. I have bought singles in the past (or packs containing a couple of singles) only to be disappointed for any number of reasons. Didn't gel with my guitars, unable to get the EQ to sound right, etc.
    Lately I've only been buying packs from vendors that have worked well for me in the past so I can predict a higher success rate. Actually have several of your packs that have profiles that I like, but still...

    I initially bought this pack a while back and loved the clean fender tones, but I thought it was missing those classic overdriven gritty 5e3 tones that tweeds are known for (Neil Young for example) so I contacted deadpan and asked if he could profile them. I sent him an example and he went to work. These past few weeks he sent me numerous profiles for me to try out (that eventually became part of the latest update). I must say he nailed it! He really captured the touch sensitivity of the 5e3. Hit it hard and it growls, play lightly and it cleans up. Lovely! Thanks deadpan for going the extra mile and making this pack special! :thumbup:

    I agree with your review. I was just going through the profiles with a couple of different guitars. I've never heard of this amp before, so that certainly does make it unique. As it does do clean (there are a couple of nice ones in the pack), I get the feeling that this amp is more geared towards rock and it does that exceptionally well I might add. With the company called Panama amps you might think its named after VH's Panama. Coincidence? Maybe, but with the right guitar it can surely get you in the VH ballpark.

    First thing I did when trying this pack was hooking up a tele. Instant country chickin pickin galore! Too bad I suck at it :P After a bit I plugged in a strat and was greeted with nice fender clean tones. This pack has a nice collection of classic fender tones. I only wish that there were more of them. Hopefully in a future update, hint, hint.. ;)

    Finally got around to test driving this pack. I've never played a real dumble amp before (like most of us mere mortals), so I'm only familiar with players who use them (Robin Ford, Larry Carlton, to name a few). Going through the many different profiles I could hear the D-style tones those players are known for shine through. Nothing wrong with singlecoils, but this pack just loves humbuckers! Nice full clean tones and silky smooth leads. Some that have a throaty character I've never come across before. If you're looking for dumble style tones you can't go wrong with this pack.

    I asked you for some more clean/edge of breakup profiles and I didn't want to get my hopes up, but man, did you deliver BIG time! Those profiles you sent me are right on the money. From clean to chewy breakup tones plus some extra shades to top it off! I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks for taking the time and helping me find what I was after!

    Just got the pack today and been having fun going through the different profiles. From ac/dc style crunch up to higher gain leads, it's all in there.
    It would be nice to have some more clean and lower gain tones of this iconic amp, but you mentioned that you were busy with different speaker combinations. First things first, so no rush. Thanks for taking the time to profile this wonderful amp! :thumbsup:

    Funny you mention that...Every setting in this pack comes with another profile with the same setting but with a KLONE in front of the amp. It's something I do very commonly in all my packs. All tone Junkie Profile packs have profiles with a "+" in the title indicating it has a KLONE. These two profiles you are hearing JMOD 100 4, and JMOD 6 will also have a JMOD 100 4+ and a JMOD 100 6+ included in the full pack. Additionally, I have profiled a Marshall Bluesbreaker V 1a (like John uses) and a Sparkle drive.

    Sorry, had to ask. I should've known you'd spend as much detail to this pack as you did the previous ones ;) You've become my go to for great clean and edge of breakup tones. Can't wait to try the rest of the pack!

    I must concur. I just got both of the Matchless packs and they have some of the nicest clean to edge of breakup tones you could wish for. They work wonderfully for both humbuckers and singlecoils. I enjoyed playing them with a LP and Tele. Great stuff! :thumbsup: