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    Apologize it this has been asked and answered already, but anyone know if daisy chaining 2 kabs using the kab's built in output, is it series for 8ohms total? Or parallel for 2 ohms total?

    Thank you.

    That’s a bit of a pain but understandable if there is a vent.

    Hmmmm. What to do. It’s a fly rig and the baggage handlers really throw these flight cases around and Velcro is the only thing I have found where the floorboard is still always attached to the wooden base plate after flights.

    IF your board isn't covered in loop, you might want to try some dual lock tape. works like velcro but 1000 times stronger and stiffer. You can stack it high enough by putting a few pieces sticky side to sticky side, then just add as needed for height. It'll still be strong enough to lift the entire board by the remote without falling out or shifting around. Best pedal mount tape ever imo. FYI that stuff REALLY locks in hard so 1 inch pieces maximum!

    I dont use alot of delay and reverb but I've been messing around with the crystal dealys alittle bit and am wondering, while the trails spillover from rig to rig works fine, when turning the effect off within the rig the trails stop abruptly. Is there a way to set it where the trails fade naturally after turning off the effect within the same rig? If not, this would be a nice addition to add.

    it does. All the browsing and previewing/loading stuff works as expected. Just not the system update part. Checking for update always returns that my system is up to date. updating via usb stick has been working fine. The only change I can think of is that I am using a usb to usb C adapter and macos beta which is most likely the issue (but I cant leave it yet to determine). I should add that in order for RM to see the profiler on launch, I have to pull the usb cable out of the adapter and back in for it to recognize the profiler. Simply unplugging/replugging the usb-C adapter does nothing. But once it is connected, everything RM works fine except the OTA kaos part.

    Mac mojave 10.14.5 Beta (maybe the reason)

    rig manager Version 2.1.74 (14249)

    When check for updates is done it returns that everything is up to date, although the kemper os version is only 5.7.4 beta

    This used to work but know I need to go back to using the usb stick.

    Any ideas? Also the mac has only thunderbolt3 so I'm using an adapter for usb A. Not sure if anyone else sees this issue?

    Take it from someone who just converted a Dunlop CryBaby to a compatible expression pedal. There is far more to Mission than aesthetics. There's a huge difference in mechanical tolerance, particular in the pivot tension mechanism. It took me quite a bit of effort to get the Dunlop stable enough at heel-down to avoid turning the wah back on when I lift my foot. The Mission stays exactly where you leave it. Of course, this is nothing that a hysteresis setting on the KPA wouldn't fix, but I'm not holding my breath for this feature.

    Their springs are top notch as well. I use spring loaded for both wah and whammy and spend alot of time standing and jumping on both.

    It's the 10K Dunlop pot out the regular Cry Bay nothing specially calibrated. But the Kemper and other units are generally pretty forgiving of the pot range so pretty much any pot within reason works without any special calibrating.

    I dont know of any wah pedal ever having a linear 10k, but even if you replaced the pot of a crybaby with one you're still at around $100. I find it worth paying the extra $30 to not have to worry about it plus retain the toe switch. To each their own. I also find it pretty useful having different colored pedals. Concentration isn't really my thing. :S

    Man, you’re right, I’ve never figured out how people could buy it :/

    Those dunlop pots also can also come with different value ranges. The main point of mission, aside from aesthetic, is the values are prematched to the device. No calibrations needed, ever. That makes them worth a few extra bucks for me. Also dunlop makes crappy treads.

    See that's the thing about editors for those who don't have one and thinking that they have never wanted or needed one. Once you realize that you don't have to get up and go across the room to adjust something and can do it from your D.A.W., that becomes a game changer creative and workflow wise! :thumbup:

    Dont get me wrong. Had all sorts of gear with editors. Never liked 'em in general. I use kemper mainly for live so most tweaking is done far from the desk, but if your going to have an editor it should be as intuitive as the device. Kemper is definitely that.

    which speaker are in the javas?

    its the ftx1225, same as the mbritt cabs. Its a coaxial but I think only has one motor so maybe not the exact same. I'm thinking though that it sounds like the mass of effect coming to kemper kab will be software reliant so it should apply pretty much the same with most passive frfr. I'll know better when I get them side by side I guess.

    nobody from Kemper ever said that (but I get the feeling that some here believe it). you move the knob as if it would be a slider. not in a circular fashion.

    Cool deal. Thats what I figured. I really had no desire for an editor but now that I've seen it integrated into RM I'm lusting for it. I don't think it could have been planned more brilliantly.

    I think Hetfield was still using a scooped mark 2c but I'm pretty sure there's a ton of outboard eq'ing going on there as well. I remember gettin pretty close with a dc-10 but its been 25 years or so. Its probably a mark 2c and a Marshall for the mids.

    Funny to read so may posts from users claiming they found the perfect tone with their KPA + cab/frfr rig and could not be happier, now saying that they can't make it work and are ready to ditch their cabs since the NAMM announcement.

    Talk about major case of G.A.S epidemic......8o^^8o:S8o!!!

    I'm definitely one of those people. Not to sound vain but there's nothing sexier than a matching head/cab combo. Well almost nothing. :)

    Usually when the GUI has 'knobs' the user is able to select whether the mouse operates in a linear or circular fashion, like plugins and stuff in pt or logic. Is that not going to be the case with the Kemper editor? I would prefer the knob look since it will update on the device but I can't stand trying to do the circular thing with a mouse.