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    Hi John. Thanks for the reply and info. It makes a lot of sense why I wasn't hearing the delay and chorus from my GSP21 preset. I must have been listening to the GSP21 when monitoring the "Kemper Amp" during the profiling process, but without the delay and chorus.

    Thanks for the link too.


    I'm (obviously) a n00b and having no success while trying to profile my Digitch GSP21 Legend rack preamp. My understanding is that the Kemper basically treats this guitar signal processor like a modeler. So, I have my Kemper PowerHead connected to the GSP21 as follows:

    Guitar to Input of Kemper PowerHead (KPH)
    KPH Direct Out/Send to Input of GSP21
    GSP21 Output (left mono) to Return Input of KPH

    I'm monitoring with headphones.

    When turning the KPH knob to "Profile", I hear the Reference Amp, the GSP21, perfectly. All effects on a particular preset/patch are sounding just like I had connected my headphones directly into the GSP21. However, when listening to the Kemper amp, I can only hear the last preset I was on while in browse mode. I'm not hearing the GSP21 at all.

    So, my questions are, do have things connected properly? I read the manual and also read a thread on how to model an Axe FX II, but I don't know if it would be the same connections as trying to model my GSP21.

    Also, is it even possible to profile individual patches/presets from the GSP21, with the active effects from the preset? For example, if I'm trying to profile a clean GSP21 preset called "Canyon Chorus", will the Kemper be able to detect the amount of chorus and delay in that preset, then create a profile of it? I'm thinking these profiles would be Direct profiles without a cab attached, but that's a few steps ahead of where I'm at right now.

    Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

    Sorry if this questions has been asked but I did a search and couldn't come up with the answer...

    I have rigs separated into specific folders on my laptop. For example, one folder may be called "Marshall" and another may be called "EVH." When I drag the folder into the Local Library of Rig Manager, it expands all of the rigs and loses the folder. Thus, I see each invidual rig, but not the folder they were in. When I drag another folder into the Local Library, it gets combined with the rigs already there, again losing the original folder.

    I'm guessing the workaround is to create identical folders in RM Local Library prior to dragging from my laptop and drag into each identical folder name. Is that the best way to maintain my rigs in separate folders?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    Hi. I became a proud owner of a Kemper Power Head last week. While at first it seems overwhelming to get started, when you actually spend a little bit of time reading the manuals and (of course) the user forums, it's not too difficult to get up and running very quickly! I'm really enjoying learning the many, many things the Kemper can do. To me, it doesn't seem like a chore to tweak rigs or even build my own based on amps, cabs, and effects I like for certain guitar tones. I actually enjoy trying out new rigs. It's amazing that there's so much variation of tones right at my finger tips.

    I grew up in the 80s and am drawn to the 80's hair band music (mostly) but also enjoy any music that rocks. I'm certainly not an accomplished guitarist but really enjoy playing and learning new licks as well as the typical 80s hair band stuff. The Kemper has re-fueled my desire to play guitar. I love what I'm hearing from my headphones and a pair of Yamaha DXR10 active monitors. I'm also very impressed with the glorious sounds that pour out of the Celestion speakers in my Marshall 1960A cabinet! I thought I'd be disappointed with the speaker cab, but that's not the case! I love it!

    Thank you all for posting such great information and for welcoming me to the community. Hopefully I won't have too many n00b questions to ask. Thankfully the forum has a search button. :D