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    Trying to narrow this down....

    The only common denominator on the 3 guitars other than the Floyd is the strings. The odds that a setup or mechanical issue identical on all three is virtually impossible.

    In looking at the strings ( d'Addario EXL120) last night, as I had just replaced a set, I noticed something that seems out of place...

    The core wire on the wound strings seems to be bronze? It definitely has a gold look to it. I could swear in the past these were always silver in appearance.

    Anyone have a set they could check?

    If this is the culprit I'll be shocked. I have two boxes of these and they all appear to be the same. Strange as I wouldn't think they would use a bronze core?

    If you move up a fret then it's gone, it could be an every slightly higher fret. If you have anything with a straight edge that can be placed on top of three frets only (no longer) and you rock it back and forth, you can identify the higher fret if you hear or feel any small rocking It can be under the fourth string. If that's the case, with 600 grit sand paper,, while covering the fret board with masking tape, you can slight sand it to level it.

    Also it can be from the springs in the tremolo cavity, if you open the back cover of the tremolo spring sand place some cotton balls in between the Springs, that might do the trick. I love strats style guitar but I hate the sound of the Springs, so I recently blocked all my strats tremolos and removed the springs completely.instead of just dampening them with cotton or something else.

    It only does it when playing the D string open. Fretted anywhere stops it almost 100%

    Tremolo springs already dampened.

    Keep in mind, 3 guitars, all Floyd Rose, different pickups, all do the same thing so it MUST be something weird going on with the Floyd? I'm at a loss. A trip to the local luthier may be in order.

    Thanks for the ideas though. Much appreciated.

    I'm gonna go crazy if I don't figure this out.... lol

    Thanks for all the input guys. I think I have narrowed it down to a mechanical issue rather than anything related to the Kemper which just seems to exaggerate the issue.

    It appears to be something related to my Floyd Rose equipped guitars. I have 3 and they all do it.

    As stated before, the D String is the main offender. If you lightly run your finger up the string, you get the standard scratchy string noise but also a distinct chime ring. The same ring happens when palm muting or super lightly picking.

    It's almost as if there is a harmonic overtone to the string itself when played open? Move up a fret and it's gone. Bizarre.

    Thanks again for any assistance!

    Did you recently change string type, brand, or gauge?

    No change.

    Hi, could you please post a recording?

    I'll see what I can do. I need both hands to reproduce so I'll try to set my recording rig asap.

    Lotion and smoothing out the callouses on your fretting hand. Also, less gain, new strings, right hand string muting, adequate humidity in the room.

    Thanks. Nothing had changed but adding the KPA in the mix which seems to accentuate the issue.

    If I slide my finger up the D string (not fretting just rubbing) lightly I'm getting a terrible high pitch squeal. Almost sounds like feedback but it isn't. Very annoying. With a new set of strings on it's practically unbearable to play anything mid-high gain.

    Some background:

    I primarily play Stratocasters with Floyd Rose bridges, HSS pickups, various
    Guitars setup with D'Addario 9-42 (EXL120) same for 20 years
    Over 25 years experience so technique isn't the issue. Never had issues until recently
    This issue is recent and the Kemper is exaggerating it
    All 3 of these guitars do it
    The more wear on the strings, the less noticeable it is
    Problem is audible even if the guitar isn't plugged in
    D string does it the worst, G and A somewhat
    Will also make a "chink" noise when palm muting the G string

    Driving me crazy here! Arghh... HELP!

    Thanks in advance all.

    Just out of curiosity...

    Try hooking your monitors up straight into the Kemper. Check your output BEFORE turning the HS8s on.

    See if the interface is causing issues.

    Also, there is a MB Recto profile from Reampzone on the exchange that KILLS. If that doesn't sound good there is something going on for sure.

    Also, remember, your listening through monitoring not a guitar cab. BIG difference.

    Wanted to reach out in hopes the Dr sees this.

    Please, PLEASE, consider a tweaked version of the Z Wreck profile to replicate the tone from the Brad Paisley demo!

    That demo video put the Z Wreck on my lust list the minute I heard it.

    The profiles provided of the Z Wreck are great but lack some of the balls and openness of the amp being demoed in the video.

    For those that haven't seen it, it's something to behold:

    Not to mention, those of us who have gotten in the Kemper boat aren't really buying amps anymore, so we aren't going to buy their amps anyways.

    Exactly. The odds of me ever buying a Dr.Z amp is virtually Zero. They just collected $35 from a non-customer.

    Plus, having the respect I do now that they have done this, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or buy their products/profiles going forward.

    It's a win-win for them.