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    Not to mention, those of us who have gotten in the Kemper boat aren't really buying amps anymore, so we aren't going to buy their amps anyways.

    Exactly. The odds of me ever buying a Dr.Z amp is virtually Zero. They just collected $35 from a non-customer.

    Plus, having the respect I do now that they have done this, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or buy their products/profiles going forward.

    It's a win-win for them.

    I would like to suggest, and it may have been before, that we create a section for the "I want the tone of..." on the board and establish a naming convention for the exchange.

    I think it would be a great thing for tone chasers and new users alike. Most people have come from other modelers into the wonderful world of profiling and are used to seeing famous name patches to replicate their favorite artists tones and or specific sounds.

    I bought the Van Halen Pack from Top Jimi and it was great as a quick way to get instant gratification with a killer set of profiles.

    I think having a resource like this would be a great asset to a lot of users (yes, me most importantly) but also a great and fun way to get our excellent free and paid profile makers to try something a bit different and seek out a specific sound.

    I'll start off with a request for a set of Randy Rhoads profiles.

    Several people have done the RR Marshall but none of these has the tone of the master out of the gate. Who's game?

    p.s. please spare us the "tone is in the fingers" argument. While partially true, the right gear will get a semi-pro in the ballpark every time.

    Thanks all!

    So, the delimma has be solved!

    GCX and GCP stay. Pedals stay as well.

    I spent time tweaking and having the pedals in front adds something that is just not attainable with the KPA. That's not to say that a profile tweaked and created with my pedals in front couldn't do the trick but not having a million dollars in amps to profile limits options pretty quickly. :)

    Thought I would let people know...

    I spoke to the great folks at Voodoo Lab today. As far as we could determine, the Kemper can't send the required MIDI data to allow switching of the GCX. It really requires the GCP to function.

    So, that leaves me down to the GCP and GCX and my pedals or the Kemper Remote only.

    Hmmm, decisions decisions....

    Anyone have a thought as to a Morning Glory replica on the KPA?

    I'm really at a loss to decide here. When in doubt, head to the forums for advice from random strangers!

    I am fortunate that I had the Voodoo GCX Switcher and Ground Control Pro prior to purchasing my KPA Rack and Remote. I have several pedals that I ran in front of my old 11r. A Soul Food, Morning Glory, Aeon Drive and a LM308 RAT plus my ancient Fulltone Ultimate Octave.

    So know, the dilemma has been:

    Do I keep the pedals or just use the Kemper?
    If keeping the pedals, I will need the GCX to switch them.

    I sort of feel, right now anyway, as I'm new to KPA, that I like the sound of real pedals in front. I don't slam any of them they are more for a touch of drive and a little extra sauce.

    So, if I keep them, dilemma number two:

    Use the GCP or the Kemper Remote to handle switching?
    As far as I understand, I can send Midi change data to the GCX to do switching of pedals.

    I'm lost here. Oh by the way, I must confess, I'm a Midiot.

    Thanks guys in advance.

    Tried this out tonight. It has a nice "thickness" to it. For lack of a better word. Doesn't clean up a lot when rolling back the volume but for straight ahead modded Marshall sound it ticks all the checkboxes.

    Nice work and thanks for taking the time to profile an amp I've never seen in real life. :thumbup:

    Save yourself the trouble. The new polymer coated supposedly "noiseless" tremolo springs are worthless.

    If you use a med-high gain amp, you'll likely hear spring noise and these coated springs are supposed to reduce or eliminate it. They DO NOT. Not in the least. They literally made no difference at all.

    The other issue? They are fully coated. If you're an electrical engineer you already know what I'm going to say but for the rest of us that means NO GROUNDING connection to the bridge! FAIL.

    Save yourself the $10US I wasted and use this trick to fix the problem: 3M 4010 Clear Mounting Tape. Available at most any office/home supply. Cut a piece that goes all the way around in the middle of the spring, leave the backer on. Wrap the spring. Done. Works like charm.

    These springs are sold all over in black and red versions. StewMac, Floyd Rose, FU, etc so beware, they are all the same.

    Just wanted to save my fellow guitarheads the headache. :thumbup:

    So, as a shiny new Kemper owner, one of the first items on my list is to recreate some of my favorite famous rigs.

    I think and hope, a lot of new users are looking for this sort of stuff so I wanted to get the experts help. I have done a bit of research over the years on some of this stuff so I can provide a wee bit of insight into the gear used.

    What I'm hoping to end up with is a Profile that has the Amp and effects all ready to go in one nice package.

    Let's begin with the Gretchen Tone from Ty Tabor of Kings X.

    Ty used a LAB Series L5 Amp into a 4x12 (usually a Marshall), a Stratocaster Elite and MidiVerb 2 for chorus sounds. (I have the patch number he used in my notes here somewhere).

    The Randy Rhoads Blizzard Tone.

    Randy used almost exclusively a Les Paul into a Marshall (JMP by most accounts, maybe an 800). Supposedly a unique (at the time) millisecond delay trick into two amps to fatten the tone. Research on this varies by source.

    Tom Scholz Original Boston Tone.

    As most know, the guy is a genius and tinkered with every piece of gear he owned so reports on what, exactly, he did to his Marshall are varied. He even stated at one point he was unsure (yeah right). Best guess is modded tone stack and maybe a Variac. Effects are also a rainbow of options but I'm betting someone else is on the hunt here as well. The Hyperspace pedal is a whole journey unto itself.

    That's a start. I downloaded the TJ Brown Pack and have been pleasantly pleased with the results so I know there are people out there like me that are wanting to recreate the iconic sounds of some of these unique artists.

    Any help on this is GREATLY appreciated!

    First newbie thread. A quick bit of background...

    I'm coming over from the 11 Rack. Purchased the unpowered rack and remote package. Primarily using this rig in the home studio, playing through a set of JBL 2328 monitors and sub.

    As the 11 was lacking in so many areas, I wanted to use pedals on the front end so I bought a VooDoo Lab GCX and GCP to do all the switching. I was using a JHS Morning Glory or a Lovepedal clone for most settings and also a Fulltone Ultimate Octave. These were used and switched with 6-8 patches that were my go to sounds. I never got my Crybaby or Whammy out to use but intended to.

    So, on to the questions...

    1. To pedal or not pedal. That is the question... Can I get all the above stuff in the Kemper, realistically?
    2. If I decide to go with the pedals, should a keep all the VooDoo stuff or just run everything from the floor and us the Kemper Remote?
    3. Is there an advantage one way or the other?

    Now the sound questions...

    1. A lot of the factory patches have drastic volume differences. Is this normal?
    2. A lot of the patches I have tried out from other sources, MBritt for one, sound quite dark. Normal?
    3. Are most people using a cabinet instead of monitors?

    Thanks again for the warm welcome and your time to read and help out!