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    Thanks so much all! You really know how to make a guy feel welcome. Shucks.

    It will be a profile auditioning weekend and likely purchasing weekend. :D

    First on the list, for fun, the Top Jimi Brown Sound Pack. Then the quest to find all my reference tones begins...

    I'll start a thread of annoyance with a list. Where would be the best place for that, btw?

    Thanks again. Happy to be here with all you guys.

    Hello all. Happy to be a part of what looks like an incredible community of users.

    I was a diehard Eleven Rack user. Scoured the earth for the best patches. Tweaked, poked and prodded. Tolerated the product being a neglected afterthought and accepted the fact that no significant update was ever going to happen. All for the sake of, what I thought, was great tone.

    Not anymore! Two days in and I couldn't be happier. The tone, the feel and the functionality has just blown me away.

    I'll try to keep all my newbie questions to minimum. Thanks for having me!