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    hello all, i have the kemper and remote. i just ordered 4 expression pedals. what length of cables do you guys recomend. have you seen any kemper green?

    hey guys, ive got a kemper powered head. right now im using this cabinet.…-inch-slant-cabinet-green

    my question is this. would i be better off getting kemper kones and putting them inside the mission cab, or am i better off getting 2 kemper kabs. or am i really better off getting 2 powered kabs getting a kemper stage, and gettign 2 powered kemper kabs. or do thee kones really not do that much fore the sound. i play grunghe rock / metal.

    Hey Tom, check out my tutorial on reamping without SPDIF if you need... Good Luck!

    How to Reamp Kemper with Reaper (non-SPDIF Method) Tutorial..

    hey, thank you so much for this guide. i do have a quick question. we play hard rock, and i was always told to record a track panned left and a track panned right. use a different guitar amp and cab on each one. then i see people talking about stero recording. is it better to record 2 tracks in stereo, or tracks in mono. i hope this is not a dumb question.

    hey guys, we are getting ready to start recording this week, and i have a few questions. thank you so much in advance. first of all, i am wantign to record a di track, and a wet track. i have 2 kemper profiling amps. do i need a di box for each one, or if i plug guitar directly in, is that good enough? also i am not using spdif as i need that for another clock source. what settings do i need to set the kemper to. ill be using xlr out.

    Awesome song and video, tomrip ! What a sound! Ruefus is spot-on. That's the quintessential MW emo formula. I will say, though, that at 1:30 in the video I see them playing a P90-loaded Jazzmaster and what looks to be a Vox SDC with CoAxe hybrid pickups. These look to be similar to the pickups from the Vox Virage. Super transparent sound, but they definitely get single-coily when split. If this is the sound you're going for, you may consider starting with the source (though to my ears, a Tele would get you any of these tones without much fuss). All the best!

    hey, listen to their other stuff. they are one of my favorite bands. also check out tiny moving parts.

    hello all. i have always played a les paul through my mesa boogie roadster, and loved the tones. i have recently bought a telecaster, and looking to get those chimey clean sounds. i have never tried to achieve these tones, so i could use some guidance. here is a video for the tones i am trying for. thanks in advance.

    i have a rackmount kemper for my studio. i just did all the updates, and now i cant import any of my third party profiles ive purchased. rig manager says it cant find any suitable profiles. all are .kipr

    hello i like to record all my tracks at -20 db. i bought a non powered kemper for studio use only. i was using xlr, but decided to use spdif and set it to got stack so i can record distorted track as well as di. with xlr i would turn the master volume till i got level where i needed it. the master volume knob does not effect the output. i went to output ans found spdif and started turning that, and it effected the distorted tracks but the di track was coming in at -8 db. so how toi control the di volume?