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    I bought these three guitars at the start of 2018....

    I still plan to add the Slash Duncan pickups to the Traditional Tobaccoburst and locking tuners, and SS frets. And, I plan to add Yngwie Dimarzio HS3 pickups in Black on a Black pickguard, locking tuners, a Callaham bridge, SS Frets, and do away with both Tone controls and move the Volume down to where the last Tone control was on that Aztec Gold Fender Strat with matching headstock, And on the Classic Gibson, I'm adding gold locking tuners, SS frets, a Black pickguard and black poker chip, black switch, and putting in a set of Lollar Sean Costello P90s.

    I also have a Fender Richie Kotzen Tele arriving tomorrow, which I only plan to add SS frets.
    My custom made one of a kind Suhr, in color matched Tiffany Blue, will also probably be arriving before the end of this month, it has a Doug Aldrich Humbucker and a ML single coil in the neck.

    I also have the new Ibanez RG550 made in Japan White on order, scheduled for April 28th delivery, or as soon as Sweetwater gets them. I'm going to put a set of Vais Evolution pickups in it.

    Next on my list for 2018 is going to be a Fender Custom Shop NOS 60s Strat, a Gibson Less Paul Custom Axcess Stopbar, A Taylor T5Z Custom Koa Acoustic/Electric, and a Custom Shop USA BC Rich Warlock, and a GMW Custom Shop Randy Rhoads Polka Dot Flying V.

    That will be my Eleven guitars of 2018.

    I am 100% happy with most of the profiles that I buy, and I've bought quite a lot so far... I consider it a WIN to find 2 or 3 profiles that I will use out of each pack I buy. Even if I just find 1 profile that I will use a lot from a pack I buy I'm satisfied, because packs are not that expensive.

    I've listened to most of the profiles on the rig exchange, and in my opinion they mostly all suck. It's not even worth my time browsing the Rig Exchange for a good tone, when I can just buy a few packs and know I will quickly find a few amazing tones.

    You have to admit tho, reading the description it's easy to spit your coffee out:
    "The finest quality components available!" and Seagate 1TB, 2TB Audio Drives in the SAME sentence?

    Those drives have the highest failure rate in the HD industry. Say Bye Bye to your music unless you do backups every minute.

    I always keep all my stuff backed up on 2 external drives, that way if one fails, I have another.
    External drives are pretty inexpensive.
    Here's the thing though, I like being able to keep my computer in my rack unit with the Kemper, so do you know of any other manufacturers/companies that you can buy rackmount computers similar to Sweetwaters for under $3,000 that have at least 32 GB RAM, preferabbly 64 GB RAM? Because I haven't found hardly any companies that sell rackmount computers, and the few that I have found other than Sweetwater charge over $3,000.
    I use Omnisphere and Synthogy Ivory, and I also do photo/video editing, so I like to have plenty of RAM.

    I'm using my Sony 35" HD TV (around that size). I don't need super high definition since I'm only using it for musical purposes.

    That's cool to see that I'm not the only one that uses a TV for musical purposes. I have a 40" Samsung MU6300 4K TV that I use for my computer monitor needs as well as my tv needs. I only sit about 4 feet away from the TV and my Adam A7X monitors, it works really well for me and I don't think image quality on a normal PC monitor is any better really than what I use at the distance I use it at. (I sit 4 feet away because that's the best distance for the monitors sweet spot. I couldn't imagine going any smaller than 40" at this distance, nor much too bigger either.

    In other words, you have no clue which sample belongs to which unit.

    Do you suck Cliffs cock? You sure seem to want to the way you keep defending Fractal. haha! I'm not even trying to figure out which is which because they BOTH sound like pure dog crap, and I hope for the love of all things Metal that isn't you playing the guitar because that was god awful.

    For your information, one of those is a profile from Guido Bungenstock. If you think his profiles sound like crap then you've lost any credibility you might've had with me. You're trying to wiggle out of guessing which one is the Axe FX profile because you don't know.

    Not at all, you couldn't be further wrong.... I own Guidos Big Pack as well as most of his other profiles, I stand buy that sample you posted sounds like dog crap, maybe its just the amp itself, or maybe it's the horrendous excuse for guitar playing, either way it sounds like dog crap. I use Guidos YJM100 Profiles if that tells you what kind of tone I like. I'm old school, I'm not one of these homo millenials that like Djent dogcrap tone.

    That's fine. Please post a link to it.

    The Axe FX II's amp modeling is already on par with the KPA's amp section. Listen to the samples I posted above. FAS just needed to improve the stock cabs, though they may have already done that, as well.

    YOu need to get your hearing or taste checked dude, BOTH samples you posted sound like dog crap.

    Both of those samples sound like crap to me. I never said that the Kemper couldn't be made to produce a crappy tone. So I don't care if they are both the kepmepr, both the fractal, or 1 is kemper 2 is Fractal or vice vera, both samples sound like dogcrap to me when it comes to tone. and i'm listening through a pair of adam a7x monitors as well as dt 880 pro headphones fyi. and both examples you posted sound like crap regardless of which unit produced the tone.

    I've never heard ANYONE get good tone out of a Fractal other than the videos of Mark day pplaying Autograph Turn up the Rdaio and Van Halen Somebody Get me a Doctor on youtube. Those are the only two audio examples I've ever heard where the Fractal sounded good, oh and there's also a guy named Tyler or Durden on Fractals Forum that got some decent SRV tones out of it, but aside from those rare instances, I've never heard the Fractal sound good.

    Where with the Kemper, I am blown away buy AMAZING tone with almost every profile I buy... INSTANTLY.

    I'm sure Mark and that Tyler guy or whatever his name woulda sounded even better through a Kemper.

    If it wouldn't have ben for Mark Day posting those two specific videos I would have never even bought the Fractal Axe 2.

    In Fact, I sold a handwired tube Marshall and a Fender amps to buy the Axe Standard when it came out twelve years ago or whatever, and it didn't live up to the hype at that time, so I started using real amps again.
    But I was impressed with Mark Day playing those two specific songs and thought well maybe the Axe 2 has finnally got its act together, but to my disappointment it didn't.

    Then to spite Cliff I bought a Kemper and instantly got everything that real amps used to give me, and I finnally got that RECORDED tone I hear on all my favorite CDs.

    A great player is gonna sound like a great player though regardless of what gear they use.
    Just lioke the YNGWIE Ballad in D by the youtube user Panos, he played that on a POD Bean, but that tone is even better than the real tone Yngwie the man himself even gets (so is the playing actually).

    The Fractal is just not there, it's not on the same level as the Kemper.

    Even if it is possible to tweak it to be as good as the Kemper, I wouldn't want to have to spend that time tweaking, when I can instantly get ANYTHING I want with the Kemper.

    Also Kemper has profiles for EVERY amp practiaclly, Fractal only has two or three hundered amps.

    All I care abouty is the amp tones.

    I don't care about bells and whistles like displays, editors, effects, etc.

    I also do not care about live use or in the room type of amp tone.

    Cliff sells a lot of snake oil.

    Funny thing is that when I had a Fractal owner at the time I would have never believed Kemper was going to be this good. Kemper is lightyears above Fractal.

    At first I thought Kemper was a joke before I bought one, just because of how the profiles were made and because they look weird....

    I'm the kind of guy that hates tweaking. I like to set it and forget it. When I used to own real amps I put them in a sweet spot and thats where they always stayed. I turn it on, plugged in a guitar, and I played.

    I do the same thing with Kemper.

    That's why I love Kemper.

    Its no different than plugging into the amp of your dreams and simply playing.

    Yeah haha! I'm 43 years old, my favorite bands are the hair metal from the 80s. I listen to REAL guitar virtuosos like Vai, Rhoads, Satriani etc, and I listen to REAL Blues like Stevie Ray Vaughan.... so when John Mayer started trying to get into the SRV thing and bought equipment like SRV etc and started trying to write Blues/Rock songs like SRV, it made me extremely mad, I see it as sacreligious, because JOhn is a Pop star, he always has been a pop star and he always will be a pop star no matter how hard he trys to change his style. And thing that really made me madder was when you are in forums etc seems like sooooo many people always say how talented John is as a guitar player, but I've just never heard anything "special" about Johns guiatr skills, sure if I had to choose between listening to JOhn or Lady Gaga, I guess I'd choose John cause at least there IS a guitar of some sort in his music. But Johns guitar skills are nowhere close to the skills Stevie Ray Vaughan had, an for sure aren't anywhere near the level of Steve Vai or Randy Rhoads.

    But, the thing that makes me really, truly HATE every bone in Johns body is that he slept with Jennifer Anniston.... that tarnished Jen for me. I only like the one movie she was ever in, and that was Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg, but in that movie she was so beautiful, and she portrayed the PERFECT girlfriend, and she had the PERFECT look and body weight/shape/look. absolutley perfect.

    And now if Jennifer ever wanted to date me, I'd have to say no, because it just repulses me so much knowing that JOhn was once inside her, it just grosses me out so much.

    I've never understood what is it about John that makes him look good to women, I mean pop stars are supposed to be sexy, but Johns face, just always looked weird to me.

    I keep hoping Jen and Brad get back together, because at least Brad Pitt was good looking.

    I've listened to Johns records, and I just can't understand any of the appeal in him musically or otherwise.

    Fractals effects are not the BEST. They don't have convolution reverb, and they certainly can't compete with a Bricasti The other effects aren't as good as top of the line Eventides either. Their built in stuff isn't even as good as Strymon for that matter.

    So let's see, Kemper has amps that sound as real as real amps, Fractal dosen't, and Fractal effects are not the BEST, so what does Fractal have to offer, nothing, unless you are happy with mediocrity, which apparently one Fractal obsessed person in this forum obvisouly is haha. This is a Kemper forum, you are never gonna get any of us to like Fractal the way you do. Give up. Nothing you can say about Fractal will convert any of us or change our opinions in the slightest even.

    I think the Fractals effects are better than the Kempers effects, but both units effects suck, and I don't use the Kemper for effects, and the Fractals effects aren't good enough for me either.

    As far as the mentions of Metallica... Metallica are has beens, they haven't put out a good record since Burton died. Although Justice and Black were listenable, they weren't no Puppets or Lightning. What a band uses live means very little, live sound dosen't matter much to anyone. I doubt Metallica actually RECORDS with their Fractal units.... but then again, perhaps they do, that would partially explain why all their records sound like more Loads of carp haha.

    And yes I also want to point out this little gem too about the Axe FX, it's supposed to be so powerful but yet Cliff Chase still cannot for the life of him figure out how to get the Fractal to do a proper Klon Centaur hahahaha!

    The only person I've heard that made the Fractal sound good was Mark Day, but then again he makes everything he plays sounds good, maybe it's because he uses so much gain.

    I've bought a lot of profile packs from the Kemper, they all have sounded real good to me, I have not toyed with trying to use any of them with a seoperate cab profile, I don't even know how to even go about doing such a thing, but they sound good to me as they are. The only ones I bought that I had a hard time bonding with are the packs from Top Jimmy, they all seem to have a odd frequency in them that is always present that I just don't care too much for.

    People that like Fractal are a strange bunch, they are very, very much like some sort of Jim Jones cult.

    And yes Cliff and the mods at Fractal Forum ban people for no good reason still to this day. I've been banned there countless times, once just for saying I don't like John Mayor or his music.

    I have nothing good at all to say about Fractal or the man that created Fractal, and I will spread that word until my dying breath, I will preach for as long as I live buy Kemper, not Fractal. Anything that I can possibly do to convince anyone to buy Kemper over Fractal I will do. Cliff caused a lot of bad blood with me personally, and I am sure that during the last few years I have done things to cost him potential sales and $$$. And I will continue on until I'm dead.

    I am a hardcore Kemper user now and nothing will ever convince me that anything Cliff ever produces is on par or above the great Kemper.

    I'm a hardcore Right Wing Republican, a Christian and a Traditionalist... and I mention that because research has been done to show that most people that own Apple/Iphone technology believe in the opposite things that people like myself believe in that own Android/Windows, like totally opposite, and my own experiences have shown me time and time again that 9 times out of 10 Iphone users are progressive/liberals which are totally the opposite of my far right extreme conservative views....

    I mention this, because, I've owned the Kemper about a year and been on the Kemper forum about a year, and the people on the Kemper forum are soooo much cooler than the people on the Fractal forum ever were! I mean I feel much more comfortable here in the Kemper forum than I ever did in the Fractal forum, it really makes me think that I bet in general, the personalities/attitudes/beliefs of Kemper users vs. Fractal users are VERY different, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

    I love Kemper, and I pray to God that Fractal one day goes out of business and one day everyone that works for Fractal is out of a job.

    If I didn't have my Kemper, I'd probably buy a used YJM100 head and use that, but you couldn't pay me to ever go back to Fractal products.

    I hate everything about that company.

    I tried out the Continum pack just now, I have to make it clear that I hate John Mayor, but this pack of profiles is good. I tried them all out this evening with both a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with P90s of mine and a Gold Fender Strat with some TX specials in it, and those clean bright profiles in the pack sounded really good on both of those guitars.

    I will tell you another thing that sucks about Fractal, yeah I was never able to get that "tone match" to actually do much of anything either. And, even worse, with Fractal you have the Axe Exchange where someone can tweak a patch or preset and you can download it and use it as your own, but the Firmware of Fractal changes so often that in very short time any presets you have gotten from someone become useless and out of date.

    Fractal is just a bad idea all the way around. It's a bad foundation. Cliffs approach is to program 1s and 0s until you can tweak something to sound like a Amp. Christop basically just created a Copying machine like Xerox or something, mic a amp and record it, and wa-la it's a profile. Made from the actual source.

    All the people on the Fractal forum constantly drink the Fractal kool-aid.... everytime a new FW update comes out they create 100 page threads raving about the improvements.... you know there's actually videos on youtube showing every "improved" FW version of Fractals history in sequence, I have watched those and have heard very little improvement from the start of the Fractal standard to the end of Axe FX 2XL. Very, very little.

    But with each FW update the Fractal forum goes crazy thinking its the best thing ever. You could give them the placebo effect of no actual real update, just say there was, and I bet tghey'd still think it was better and improved.

    Same thing with coming out with a Axe 3... they just think its a improvement.

    There won't be a Kemper 2, and if there is, it won't be be because the tone could be improved upon, because it can't, it already sounds like a real amp as long as you buy good profiles. A kemper 2 may have other features, but you can't get better than already sounds same as a real recorded amp in a blind test.

    It's good owning a Kemper, I sleep real good KNOWING I have the absolute best already.

    Screw spending $2,500 for a Axe 3, I will take $2,500 and start another custom Suhr guitar build haha