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    I just bought 4 of your profile packs, Legacy, super mars, mars collection and helios.... They sound awesome, just like your demos! I put about 30 minutes playtime on them so far with a single coil strat with maple fretboard, sounded great! Very dynamic, very balanced. I will be using these a lot for sure.
    Legacy and Mars Collection were my fave packs out of the 4, but they were all good.

    Actually, to my ears, yes. I've never been a fan of Larry Mitchell, and I am not hearing anything in that clip tone-wise that the Axe Fx 2 XL+ could do as well.

    Really, just seems like the Axe Fx 3 is all about a bigger screen, more power for effects etc. Nothing really new in terms of actual tone.

    I only care about the raw tones.
    I don't even use the effects in the Kemper.
    I bought the Kemper because it gives me the tones I like.

    You can name famous guitar players all day that play Axe Fx, it means nothing really. Maybe Larry likes his Axe 3, maybe he just likes playing it because he was given the product free or as a discount for endorsing it, who knows.

    But I don't like the Axe Fx line.

    I actually think a POD Bean by line 6 sounds better than the Axe FX 2. Proof here.

    Bottom line a good player is gonna sound like a good player on anything they play on.

    But for me, for my tone, nothing beats what the Kemper has done for me.

    If you love Fractal so much, then sell your Kemper and go buy a Fractal. Nobody is telling you what to do.

    I'm just stating my opinion, and what is a fact to me, and that is that Kempers profiles of amp tones is far superior and more realistic than anything Cliff Chase has ever produced in his product line so far.

    To me, Kemper is as real as it can possibly get.

    Kemper has no room for improvement in terms of amp tone.

    I'm not here to debate.

    I made my choice, I sold my Fractal and bought a Kemper.

    If you wanna by a Fractal, that's your choice. Dosen't bother me at all, I don't have to hear your Fractal haha.

    The Kemper has been the absolute best music gear purchase I've ever made.
    I only wish I'd bought a Kemper in the first place instead of wasting years with the Fractal line.

    I just bought 4 more packs of profiles from RockProfiles... the Carved Legacy, Mars Collection, Helios, and Super Marshall, and let me tell you, the tones I just got INSTANTLY, sounded the SAME as the tones I had heard played in the demo videos in each pack, and I didn't have to tweak a single knob. Instant gratification and ULTIMATE TONE. I just spend the last half hour playing. With the Fractal, I would have spent hours tweaking trying to find those tones in a box not even capable of producing real amp tone.

    I like being able to listen to a Profiler sellers demos and being able to go, yes, I like that, I want that tone, that's what I need, that's the tone I heard in my head and just buying it and loading it up instantly.... I like being able to spend my time playing and composing music instead of most of my time trying to dial in tones.

    I think if most Fractal users could demo a Kemper for a day and see how easy it is and how superior the tone is, they'd mostly all switch over, I believe that.

    I don't want a modeler to try to be everything like the Fractal does... I just want a modeler that is an Amp, and that's exactly what the Kemper is to me and how I use it.

    The axe is junk now?
    Sometimes the fanboyism on this forum is worse than on the Fractal forum. :wacko:

    Yes, the AXE FX is JUNK. I'm allowed to say that you see because I owned two of the units for several years, it never lived up to the hype. I am not a fanboy of Kemper. I just speak the truth about the two different products, both of which I have owned, and the Kemper I continue to own. The fractal never produced acceptable tones to my standards, therefore it is junk. However the Kemper exceeds my wildest expectations in terms of amp tone.

    I used to own the Fractal Axe FX 2 XL+ before I bought the Kemper... I also had the Axe FX Standard before that, I used Axe FX for several years and never could get really good tones from it. Sure I heard some videos of others getting a few good tones here and there but apparenty you have to be a rocket science tweaker to get them. I bought the Kemper due to my frustration and struggle with te Axe Fx 2XL+, and I get amazing tones instantly with the Kemper.

    I don't care about the AXE FX effects, no matter how good they are, they aren't Strymons and they aren't Eventides like Vai used either. If I want good effects, that's what I will do for effects.

    If I want instant amazing amp tone with zero twaeking, I use a Kemper and buy good profiles. Done.

    I have not heard the Axe 3 yet, but I read the specs forum and site, and from that, I highly doubt it's going to sound much better if any than the Axe FX 2XL+ did, and probably just be as much complicated to tweak.

    I don't wanna build a preset or have to tweak.

    I want someone to put a Marshall amp in my room, mic it up and dial it in to the sweetest spot posibble...and that's EXACTLY what the Kemper has done for me consistently, it's just like having some one dial in the tone for me on a real amp and micing it up.

    Cliff Chase is constantly trying to program his junk to mimic a real amp.

    Christoph didn't even realease anything new at NAMM 2018... because the job with the Kemper is done.

    The Kemper already does both what the Kemper and the Fractal and any other modeler set out to achieve, it recreates the exact sound of any recoreded amp you can imagine.

    Fractal is just a lot of HYPE. and Marketing nonsense.

    Kemper is the real deal.

    I have no desire to ever go back to Fractal, and I have ZERO interest in Axe3.

    I think anyone that owns a Kemper and even wastes time thinking about looking into getting a Fractal is a deaf fool.

    It took me a while to warm up to the effects in the KPA, but once I finally dug in and began learning how to use the parameters to get what I wanted I really started liking them. For about a year I ran two Eventide H9s with my KPA because I didn't think I could get by without them. Now I run just the internal effects and am quite satisfied with the results. A few things the Eventides can do better (particularly the harmonizer algorithms), but the convenience of having everything in the box offsets that for me.

    I watched a video of a guy on youtube that also sold his 3 big Strymon pedals and now only uses the Kemper for everything.

    I just don't want to feel like I am compromising.

    I mostly just record, which is why I have had this Kemper all this time and really haven't gotten around to trying to use the remote, but I paid a lot for the remote and would like to be able to use it to switch between profiles.

    Also, the other poster mentioned "banks".... what are banks used for, how and why? in relation to accessing profiles via the remote.

    The remote works beautifully for me live.
    I have 8 banks of 5 profiles that cover everything I need for my band.
    You can mix and match any profile to any button across 125 banks.
    Love it!

    Can you post a link to a video or tutorial that ckearly and simply demonstrates how to do that?

    Yeah I don't need a lot, I just want to be able to switch from Clean profile to Crunch profile to Lead profile.

    I don't understand how to assign profiles to the switches on the remote.

    Do I need the Remote? Can the Remote even switch profiles?

    The remote looks so confusing, I have watched a couple tutorial videos on it, and I am still lost.

    I don't use any Stomps or Effects in the Kemper, so any switching capabilities of those parameters are totally worthless to me.

    Here's what I'm wondering...

    Is there a way to assign my profiles in the rig manager to the buttons on the remote???
    This is really the only thing I'd like to be able to do with the remote.

    Also here's another question... What's the difference between Browser and Perform on the Kemper? I only play in Browser mode.... why would I ever want or need to play in Perform mode?

    Is there a better option than the Remote for people that are only interested in switching between profiles and recalling favorite profiles?

    Do I have to have my profile saved in the Kemper to use the remote, or can I use the remote to switch among my profiles stored in rig manager?

    I'm just starting to feel like I have probably wasted about $450 on the remote.

    Of course when I bought it, I didn't realize all the Stomps and Effects were gonna suck so much that I'd never use them.

    What would yall reccomend? a Mastermind or something? Or would that even work? Or is there something better?

    I've saved it as a template now.

    I guess what I have here for now is as good as it can get until I get better equipment.

    I still don't think I quite figured out how to get Space to work as a Stomp that can be heard in the interface... BUT, the more I think about it, maybe if I had some excellent Reverb in the first place Space probably wouldn't even be needed or wanted.

    Right now I have no Reverb, only suffer with the built in Kemper Reverb, or Space, which actually sounds better than Kempers reverbs.

    When I get my tax refund back in March, I am going to buy a Creation Station 450 from Sweetwater, as well as the Antelope 2 Pure Audio interface and a Strymon Big Sky pedal... I am thinking a high quality set up such as that should eliminate my problems and be a much more ideal platform for the Kemper.

    I had thought about getting the Apollo Quad rack to replace the Focusrite, but now that I've thought more about it, the Antelope is higher quality/better sound, and I don't need UAD plug ins, I'd rather use Izotope Ozone Mastering Software.

    I just bought a 2018 Classic Goldtop Les Paul with P90s a few minutes ago, so I will probably be buying some more Kemper profiles next week when it arrives.

    Thanks, I'm going to read the thread about your setup, and also watch those videos when I get home tonight.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of the Kemper profiles, I prefer the Kemper sound over the axefx and also even over real amps, it's just frustrating trying to get everything to work together right.

    I also think if Kemper would just build these with high quality interfaces built in to it (like Fracatal does with axefx2) none of my problems here would exist.

    And also make a editor like Fractal.

    Sometimes it's better for a company to stand on the shoulders of a giant, than to try an reinvent the wheel.

    The only thing that makes Kemper better than Fractal is the PROFILES. That's all.

    Fractal sucks because yeah some people get them to sound good BUT they have to know how to TWEAK it to make it sound like a amp.

    With Kemper Profiles there's not much tweaking, a profile provides us with a snapshot of a real amps sweetspot.

    Some will argue that Fractal is better because all Kemper does is the sweet spot, where a Fractal you can take a amp and dial it any way you want.... But, I'd rather just get a different profile if I don't like the one profile I'm using. And more important, when I used to own REAL Fender and Marshall amps, I NEVER tweaked the real amps, NEVER... I'd set the controls up for the best possible tone of the given amp and leave them there forever. If I wanted a different tone, I'd buy another amp and then dial it in and leave it alone after that as well. I don't believe in getting multiple tones from a single amp by dialing it in, I believe the best real amps are one trick ponys, they do ONE thing exceptionally well and that's what I used to buy them for.

    And that's how I treat Kemper Profiles, and why I like Profiles better than Tweaking a hundred parameters in the Fractal.

    I have spidif output set to master stereo and main output both set to to master stereo.

    i'm using the Guido profile, Bognar XTC 02M.

    I click on stomp and I tried to turn off all effects except for stomp, but i'm hearing what sounds like a long delay effect, a metallic sounding echo now, which is horrible. I hate how the Kemper has the 4 buttons above stomp, A, B, C, D, this is making it so confusing. Having to push Stomps once or push and hold down or push it twice to do multiple different things is making it even more confusing, the 4 knobs under the display and the 4 square buttons above the display and the type knob and the page left right buttons and the exit buttons and then the effects buttons, ALL of these things are making it so hard to navigate the menus on the screen and make it do what I want.

    I may just have to videotape myself making a video of trying to navigate these controls so everyone can see how retarded the whole kemper layout is to me.

    The more I try to do this, the more I realize Kemper needs a Editor like the Fractal Axe FX has where I can just use my mouse and move blocks about and see everything in one simple layout.

    I've never owned a Eventide H3000 Rack, but I have watched lots of their tutorial videos, and even one of those seems simpler than the Kempers layout/menus.

    And yes I will probably sell the Focusrite in a few months and get a Apollo Quad rack in hopes that it will be better quality all the way around.

    Right now, I finally have all effects off, and the only stomp I have on is Space in letter C, the only control I see for it is called Intensity, however I can turn intensity all the way up or down and I am hearing no change either way, both headphones in Kemper, and Headphones in Focusrite, I hear no change regardless of where I set the intensity of the Space C Stomp.

    That's where I am so far.... between yesterday and today I've invested about 8 hours of my time in just trying to solve this problem.

    OK, "now" I am hearing a difference when I move the intensity of space while my headphones are plugged in to the Focusrite... (I write a post over the course of a hour sometimes, as at the moment I am trying things and as I try these things I update my post here, just letting you know so you don't think well 3 sentences ago you were at this point or that point, that's because I've been writing this post for probably a hour before I submit it)

    I also hate how I have to keep adjusting the volume on the Focusrite to try and get it to be exactly the same volume level as the Kemper, because if the Kemper is a little louder than that's probably playing tricks on my mind making me think its better.

    I think I may actually have the Space on and working correctly now, I'm not 100% sure though, I am going to need to spend a few more minutes or hour on trying to get the Focusrite headphone level the same as the Kemper...

    I keep unplugging the headphones out of the Focusrite, putting them in the Kemper, back and forth over and over again every 5 seconds, trying to notice the differences in sound, I still think the Kemper may sound a little more Full and Larger, more exciting, than what I hear on the Focusrite, but I'm not sure yet if that's just my imagination or maybe there's there's a difference in volume levels that's causing deception...

    Ok, my headphones are plugged into the Focusrite, on the Kemper Master OUtput Master Stereo is selected in the OUtput Source, and Headphone Link is not selected. Space headphone only is unchecked. pure cabinet is off. we are connected with spdif. under Stomps it says I have Space in "B", however I'm still not hearing any Space

    I called Sweetwater tech support because I bought the Focusrite there and they logged into my computer and corrected the settings, so now I'm able to hear audio from everything.

    But I still can't get Kemper Space to work through my headphones going into the interface.

    Someone in this thread said to use a Stomp for Space, so when I went to Stomps and selected Space it's still not making any change... however I don't think it's working right because in the Stomps menu there's no way for me to set the level of the Space, when I turn the knob nothing happens, however in Output under Space this can be adjusted, so I don't know why it's not letting me adjust it in the Stomp section, maybe that's why I can't hear anything because maybe Space is set at 0, I don't know because I see nowhere in the Stomp menu to actually adjust any parameters of Space, I selected Space in the Stomp menu but there's nothing there to turn it up or down.

    I've abandoned all cares on if the Kemper gets better reverbs... I actually wish Kemper would do away with ALL built in effects and focus some kind of other improvements with the unit, if any are even possible.

    I've decided to get the following:

    Strymon Big Sky
    Strymon Timeline
    Strymon Mobius
    Strymon Flint
    Eventide Pitchfactor
    Mission Engineering Re-Wah Pro Wah Pedal

    I very HIGHLY doubt Kemper will ever come out with effects that match or better the quality of those.

    Even Fractal Audio who is more known for their effects quality than their modeling of amps is not on the same level as Strymon/Eventide.

    I think the Kemper should stick to what it does best, which is playing amp profiles.

    I would also love a rack that's not so cluttered and ugly/cheap/childish looking.
    Just getting rid of the useless effects in the Kemper would eliminate half the clutter of buttons and silly distracting lights on the front panels and make the menus less confusing and time consuming to navigate.

    I'd also like to see a Kemper USA based Forum as well as USA based support from Kemper... I had a much better experience in the Fractal Forum when I owned an AxeFx 2, people there were quicker to help and also gave better information.

    Here people try to censor the least little things I write, try to control who I am and my ability to truly express myself, and provide me with very little to zero support for the product that I bought from Kemper. I feel that HALF of this is due to it not being a product made in the USA with USA support, because my experiences in this forum which probably has more NON-American users than Americans just further proves to me how extremely different we are as people and our mindsets in general.

    Even in America there are groups of people that I hate and cannot get along with and can hardly communicate with, such as just about anyone that doesn't live in the South Eastern Confederate States, or anyone that's progressive or doesn't like Donald Trump.... some groups of people are just SO different, it almost feels like being on another planet trying to talk with aliens, at least that's my impression of the people behind Kemper and the Kemper Forum.

    I'm also a proud member of Stormfront, and that forum much like Kemper has far more NON-Americans than it does people that live here in America, and even though we have things in common, the way they come across is VERY different as opposed to how people in my section of my own country comes across to me.

    Even the Kempers owners manual is hard to understand and follow, the Axe FX manual was so much easier to understand. Americans and Germans just are very far apart in SO many many different ways. I'm sure anyone in Europe can probably make more sense of the Kempers owners manual than most Americans. And the Kempers general layout probably makes more sense to Europeans as well, but to me and probably most other Americans, it's design is not intuitive at all. It's way more confusing than it needs to be.

    Germans do build good cars though, BMW... so I'm hoping the Kemper has that same build quality, because I doubt Kemper is capable of giving us the kind of support should we ever need it that most of us Americans are accustomed to getting.

    Which ones?

    I see LCD/HW Setup, brightness, user interface, audio setup, , pedal links, pedals 1-6, remote, browse mode, midi date, rig management, device info

    I don't see anything in any of those that looks relevant.

    I am hearing audio from internet now, but still no audio from the kemper, not even through monitors or headphones.

    Even when the Kemper was somewhat working I don't think I had it connected/set right, but at least then I could hear it.