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    I think I already tried disabling pure can last night, but I will try it again tonight, I won't be home to try for another nine hours.

    I will also try using space as a stomp, that sounds like maybe that might work... I will try it tonight.

    Because I'm using spdif, so that makes sense that may be what's causing this. I will let you know the results tonight.

    Also, I feel that maybe I didn't have the volume as loud on the interface as I did on the Kemper, now that I've more evenly matched the volumes, I think tone is about the same on the Kemper as the Interface when I have Space OFF, but I like how it sounds better with some Space, how do I get the Space to be heard through the headphone jack of my Interface???

    I just doublechecked that.... I seriously can NOT hear any difference in audio happening regardless of if the Space/Headphone Only box is checked or not. Even if I increase Space on it to 9 or above, when I switch from checked to not checked I am not hearing any change in sound either way, like I am playing a power chord with heavy distortion right now and as I let it just ring out and sustain I am switching the Space on/off/on/off and increasing and decreasing the amount of it, and I'm not hearing that have any effect on it in any way whatsoever.

    I tried it with my headphones plugged into the interface, as well as plugged direct into the Kemper, and Space did not make any change either way.

    I use my Adam a7x monitors most of the time, but I just started using my Beyer dt880 headphones with my focusrite 18i20 more recently, and I noticed if my headphones are plugged directly into the headphone jack on the front of the Kemper it sounds awesome... However, if I have the headphones plugged into the headphone jack of the focusrite the sound SUCKS. It sounds like less volume, less Dynamics, more muffled and dull and less bright.

    I have the Kemper connected to the interface using SPIDF.

    I checked all the settings for output, headphones etc that I read in similar posts on here, I don't see a problem or any real change with any of that.

    Does the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 just suck??? Is that the problem?

    Is the Focusrite not powerful enough for the headphones I use? Is the quality of the headphones converters etc in the Focusrite poor???

    Would buying a Antelope Audio Pure 2, or, buying a UAD Apollo Quad fix my problem???

    And if so, then which is best between the antelope and uad racks?

    I only record direct with the Kemper and with soft synths, I don't need the other inputs.

    I've always loved Neil in Journey... this is my first time ever hearing or knowing he ever played with Sammy Hagar though.

    No, I absolutely could not tell he was using any Delay in that video.
    What he was doing there sounded good.

    Do you have any idea what type of Delay or settings he was using there?

    I probably don't know how to dial in a Delay right, I've never used it much before.

    Can someone tell me how to make my Kemper keep all of the effects turned off all the time?

    And second, can someone tell me how to make the default Volume of the Kemper lower?

    Like, I want these two things saved so every time I turn on the Kemper I never have effects on any profiles unless I push a button to turn them on.

    When I am playing through my headphones it seems like EVERY profile is too loud to the point of where it's causing distortion in my headphones, and to correct that I almost always have to turn the Volume on the Kemper down by 3 DB, I'd love to know a way to set the default volume of the Kemper to -3 DB.

    I used to prefer reverb over delay-until I learned how to properly set a delay for the sound I was after.

    Check out that video above starting about about the 3:35 time mark....
    THAT delay is something that I can live with.... That's very subtle, and I like that.
    I could leave a Delay like that on almost all the time.
    However, I'm thinking since it's so subtle why not just use just Reverb?
    I just don't really see how if you are going to go that subtle with the Delay, why even bother with the Delay, why not just keep a subtle Reverb.

    There is not right or wrong, weird or not weird. If it sounds good to you and your are happy with your tone then go with it.

    It is often a weakness in us guitarists that means we have to search for a "better" way, when sometimes what we have is just perfect.

    Maybe so.... It seems like it's rare that someone like Slash uses Delay for example, the only song I know of Slash using a Delay was Welcome to The Jungle, seems like most of his songs are just recorded with a little Reverb. Probably the same thing can be said for most of the ACDC recordings of Angus Young too I think. So maybe there are some of us out there that like a more pure sound of Reverb without Delay.

    I find reverb is necessary when I'm playing through headphones. I also like it for ambient textures. I don't think it's an either/or situation. Both delay and reverb can complement each other well.

    Curious to know, do you guys use reverb on guitar rhythm tracks, like the video posted above?

    I use reverb on Rhythm and lead, I only Record music though so I'm not talking about live. If I were playing live it wouldn't be nessacery because Reverb would come more natural from the venue.
    But on recordings, I hate DRY guitar.

    Delay used creatively can provide an added dimension to a song! For example I would listen to Steve Vai's Touching Tongues, or Nuno Bettencourt playing flight of the wounded bumble bee (every 3rd note is delay!). The latter also uses delay live to do a pretty good account of the drum intro for Hot For Teacher! ;)

    Yeah I know and understand that, But I'm not trying to use Delay to be creative like that.

    I don't even like to use wah or the whammy bar much, because I place most of my focus on composition of the melody and phrasing itself.

    I find that when I start trying to think about ways to incorporate things like a wah, whammy or delay into something, it really just distracts me from composing the actual music.

    while discussion of all things guitar tone related is welcome here, your post seems a bit over he top.
    there's countless use of delay on guitar over decades of very successful music production.

    please dial it back a notch and no more CAPS LOCK.

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    1. I am a "over the top" person, everything about ME is over the top, I am one of the most EXTREME people in this world in every context of the word in pretty much any and every situation in this life.
    2. As far as you telling me "no more CAPS LOCK".... I could understand what you are saying if I had written my entire post in CAPS, however only a few of my words were written in CAPS, and that was done to place strong emphasis on those particular words so that my post would convey exactly what I wanted it to.

    As far as your statement about countless uses of delays over decades, well tell me something I don't know, but we are not talking about that, I am just talking about the way I record my music.

    This is a perfect example of the amount of gain/distortion/overdrive i like to use always...

    As far as Reverb, I am thinking about getting the Bricasti because it seems like those are designed to blend in with the source, so it seems maybe you could use Bricasti reverb much in the way you are reccommending to use a Delay, without the reverb getting in the way.