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    I'm not saying that Delay repulses me, I just think Delay is something best added to some solos, not all, and not most, and when added usually done so sparingly and in moderation.

    Where as with Reverb, I feel like some type of Reverb sounds good on a solo ALL the time, EVERY time.

    Yes, I think Richie Kotzen is one of the most under rated guitarists of all time, I think he is even better than Stevie Ray Vaughan was, better tone, better vocals, and more original... even though not as Bluesy as SRV, he's way more Soulful.

    But back to the Delay, I see Delay more like Wah, in that it needs to be something rarely used. Say a 10 song CD, there should be no more than 2 solos with Wah, otherwise it's going to dilute the music of it. I mean take Kirk Hammett for example, he relies on the Wah WAY too much, he over uses it, he's like a amatuer that tries to cover up sloppy mediocre playing with Wah.

    Kind of the same thing with Delay, when you make this huge multi repeating delay that's on all through a instrumental, it kinda becomes like this wall of sound, repeating notes, to where the delays are taking center stage with the actual notes being played and it's kinda like the Wah thing, you put enough delay on anything and it really just has a way to mask poor playing, I mean even if you are a great player I think it detracts from that as well...

    I just think liquidy distorted guitar with reverb sounds good without anything else really.

    Same thing with Chorus, I don't really care for that wobbly, warbly, detuned, thicker, sound that a Chorus effect adds, I think it takes away from the beauty of a naturally clean tone with reverb.

    I mean sure a touch of Chorus on Def Leppards Love Bites is nice as a little extra flavour, or even that Flange effect in Van Halens Unchained intro, but this it what I'm saying, I think that most effects are hardly ever needed, but like the two examples I names, it's nice when they are there, but most songs sound better without them.

    I guess even Distortion is a effect just as reverb is, but I like to play with LOTS of Distortion 97% of the time, and a good amount of reverb 100% of the time, I just can't imagine guitar any way other than that.

    I watched a interview with JOhn Petrucci today and he said he almost never uses Reverb, but almost always uses Delay.

    I'm the opposite, I don't NEED delay, but I NEED reverb.

    I think Guidos "for the price of a cup of coffee" profiles are some of the best I've found so far, and Also Big Hairy Profiles.

    I also have some Top Jimmy and MBritt but I haven't bonded with them the way I have Guido/BHP so with my Les Paul in terms of high gain/hair metal/virtuoso soloing styles....
    I haven't played with either of those two enough to make a fair review yet, but I was expecting Top Jimmy VH/AFD/Jubilee profile packs to be more love at first sight, but I've spent more time playing 3 particular Guido profiles than anything else.
    I need to go back and try the Top Jimmys I bought some more.... Maybe its just cause Kemper Reverb sucks so bad, I will probably like ALL my profiles better when I get either a PCM92 or Bricasti M7 (probably in March when I get my tax refund)

    I would start with some profiles from Guido, you may very well find all you really need with his stuff.

    I'm always wanting to see if there's something better, so I will probably buy EVERY profile pack that ANYONE sells from now until the end of time.

    I am just curious, how weird am I? Is this unusual?

    I prefer shredding guitar solos with ONLY reverb!

    I have tried many time to use delays, but I just really don't like delay effects.

    I -ALWAYS- play with some sort of reverb on. I dislike the tone of a guitar without some kind of reverb.

    I have read though that many people prefer to use delays instead of reverbs because they feel like a reverb masks/blurs notes, where as a short delay instead improves clarity and gets out of the players way....

    HOWEVER, I just have never found that to be true. I find that delays are very distracting to the music you are playing. (Keep in mind I am talking about keeping the delay or reverb CONSTANTLY on on everything I play in regards to everything I'm talking about here)

    Whereas with Reverb, I feel like Reverb just becomes an extension of my tone/guitar. But, delays just sound like a novelty, delays sound more like a special effect.

    Delays also seem to me more about being RHYTHMIC in some way, and I absolutely HATE that, I totally LOATHE it.
    I don't want something additional to be rhythmic, I just want something that is simply THERE and at ONE with my guitar tone. It seems that this is impossible for Delay to do, due to it's very nature, but yet it seems as if this is what Reverb is born to do best.

    Sometimes I like small room reverbs, sometimes I like HUGE cathedral reverbs, most often though when I am soloing I like a Large Hall or Large Concert Reverb.

    Reverbs have never seemed to "bury" the notes that I'm playing, so I really don't understand peoples arguments that it's better to use a short delay and not use a reverb.

    I do NOT like every note I play to be followed by a series of rhythmic repeats!

    I think Delay sounds juvenile, childish, amateur, and a novelty at best.
    (I also HATE wah pedals, whammy bars, and all other guitar effects as well)

    The only effects I like is -A LOT- of Distortion/Gain/Overdrive, and quite a bit of Reverb.

    (I also HATE the reverbs in the Kemper, I am trying to decide between getting a PCM92 or a Bricasti M7 to use with it)

    I am just wondering if there's anyone else on this forum that mostly plays/composes music in the styles of Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen etc, that also depends HEAVILY on Reverb always on everything, but really has never found Delays to be very useful?

    I just bought the Britt Heavy, 800, Rack, and Tweedy packs.... looking forward to using these! Also just bought the Everything Pack from Tone Junkie so I'm gonna be busy for awhile now! Buying Profiles is so much better than downloading any software update crap I ever did when I had my Fractal Axe Fx 2 XL+. So glad the Kemper exists!

    Thanks for the heads up on Tone Junkie!!! All yall woulda had to said is get the HW profile, everything I ever seen HW review is GOLD! But I didn't know HW made profiles! I had checked out his videos on some Suhr guitars and thought he had amazing tone, but never knew until yall mentioned it that he made profiles! I went to the website and didn't see any audio samples so I searched for it on youtube and as I was listening to the first one I was like that room looks familar, those people look familar, and then when I seen "HW" in description I was like oh yeah!

    Dude, I am buying the EVERYTHING pack from HW Tone Junkie right Now!

    I am looking to buy profiles for use with my Strats, a SRV Signature Strat and also some custom Suhr Strats...
    I am looking for a SRV/Eric Johnson Types of tones. Vintage Blues tones.

    I am looking for the BEST profiles of the Fender Blackface Super Reverb and the Vibroverb, and also the Tweed VibroKing and Bassman.

    Who do you recommend I buy from that has these for the absolute BEST in tone?

    Yeah, I wish he had the Ripper still with him, or maybe one of his earlier singers. His singers are usaully the weakest link in his band, I'd love it even more if Yngwie would just focus on strictly doing instrumentals. My favorite video to listen to of Yngwies is the instrumental one he did with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. I think he's the best living guitarist. I always wonder if Randy Rhoads had lived would he have also followed Yngwies direction into more classical oriented guitar music, instrumentals etc. I tend to think so. But Randy just wasn't around long enough to fully evolve to his fullest potential.

    I just spent 30 minutes totally shredding the Guido YJM100 profiles, these are awesome! I especially like the one with the SD pedal, just sounds a little more liquid for legato, but the one with the YJM boost is right up there with it, I like it when I want a little more clarity, not quite as liquid/distorted as the SD one but it has more clarity. I love them both. I found they cover a huge amount of ground too, I was shredding Yngwie one minute and then playing through all the Rhoads songs the next even threw in some Texas Flood licks and that tone really worked very, very well for all of that.

    Haven't even started trying all the other amps in the big pack yet, so little time, so many profiles! haha!

    Man this Kemper is so much better sounding and way easier than my Fractal XL+ ever was!
    No regrest at all about switching to Kemper.

    Fractals effects never did really "wow" me anyways.... if it's not a Eventide rack like Vai used on Passion & Warfare or the big 3 Strymon pedals nothings going to impress me or be good enough for me as far as effects go.

    Kemper is miles above Fractal in terms of getting amazing amp tones.

    And Kemper requires no tweaking other than setting your reverb/delay.
    I don't touch the gain or any of the stuff to mess with the profiles, I just plug and play.

    I bought every BHP pack on his site and Guidos big pack 1 so far.... haven't been disappointed yet!

    I turned off the profiler, and then when it looked like it was shut down I turned it back on, it looked like it started loading for a second and now the lcd screen is just flashing. I've powered it off/on a few times and nothing happens other than the lcd screen keeps flashing.

    This is BS.

    Love the photo haha! I just bought ticket to see Yngwie for the first time last night only $25 in a small venue that only holds 2,500 people, paid $10 extra so I can be let in the door first, general admission... I'm thinking about buying the meet & greet with him for $400 and get him to autograph a card I have from Dunkin Donuts haha

    ps just paid for the Big Pack, downloading yjm100 right now and yes about the unleash the fookin fury \m/

    I'm not playing something either if it don't inspire me right away. I agree good tone is good tone. When you go into a music store you plug a guitar into a amp and you either dial in a good tone or you don't. No backing track needed. You have to start with a good guitar tone, and then make the mix fit the guitar tone. That's how I do it. My music is instrumental and it's all about the guitar, the guitar is the centerpiece, the most important instrument, so I make the mix complement the great guitar tone. If I like a guitar tone I will throw away a mix before I abandon the guitar tone. Same thing with reverb, I record my tracks with my guitars reverb, I don't add reverb to the guitar after it's recorded. Everything else in the mix is submissive to the mighty guitar. I like guitar tones that are big and wide, airy, like Yngwie and Vai, I like 80s Drums that hit hard and sound huge with a lot of reverb on them, I like keyboard pads that are thick and float in the air and also have nice reverb. Any great guitar tone can fit in a mix if you make the mix fit into the guitars world and not the other way around.

    Anyways, I'm going to buy the Big guido pack here in a few minutes...
    Hope it impresses me as much as the BHP packs I bought, looking forward to trying the YJM100.

    Can you profile the YJM100 Head with a Marshall Cabinet of 75 watt celestions?And also with a DOD 250 vintage grey pedal or one modified by analogman spec'd to that vintage pedal? It would make a huge difference in truly getting the YJM tone, especially the speakers because Yngwie has never used anything less than 75 watt celestions, he hates vintage 30s etc because he hates speaker distortion. I would probably pay a hundred dollars just for some profiles done in that manner, and probably many other people would as well.

    My Kemper Just Crapped Out... a Huge Dump All Over My Former Fractal Axe FX 2 XL Plus!

    I've only had a few hours with it since it arrived today, and have mostly played with the BHP adamp & lee jackson profile packs...

    But I can tell you already, this sounds more like a amp than the Fractal, and it absolutely better nails all the 80's 90's hard rock/heavy metal tones, better an easier than the Fractal ever did.

    I wish I'd had the Kemper sooner, so much wasted time with the Fractal and so many headaches trying to get these tones with the Fractal.

    All I had to do was buy these good profiles, add a small bit more gain and just a touch of reverb, and I was able to get the same tones that was in the demo videos.

    The Fractal can't do those tones, the Fractal doesn't have models of that equipment used to make those profiles.

    Even if it did, who could possibly tweak it? It took me several minutes just to find the off switch on the Kemper because I was expecting there to be a button not a knob for that, and I had forgotten how I turned it on after a few minutes playing, so you can see how if I have difficulty finding the off button on a KPA I certainly am not a fan of tweaking the Fractal junk.

    I am so glad I sold that Fractal junk and got a Kemper.

    I like buying profiles and getting what I want.

    I hate tweaking, I hate Fractal.

    I've owned Fractal since the very first Fractal Standards came out, over 10 maybe 12 years I've used Fractal, and in just a few hours, well parrt was getting it screwed into my rack cabinet and figuring out how to import to the rig manager, but other than that I got INSTANT better tone out of the KPA just by loading a profile I bought then I ever, ever got throughout all the years trying to tweak Fractals.

    There's a lot of good factory presets too I found in the KPA, Fractal XL only had ONE good factory preset that I ever liked.

    I hope KPA and Fractal become like the war between Facebook and Myspace, and hopefully KPA will put Fractal out of business. (although I loathe facebook, I always liked myspace better) But I think if everyone that owns a Fractal could experience the KPA instant gratification of tones they would switch over in a heartbeat.

    I have no regrets at selling my Axe Fx 2 XL+ peice of overpriced JUNK.

    Good riddance Fractal....

    Hello Kemper.