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    On the back of the Kemper where it says USB, I have my usb cable in there plugged into a usb port on my computer.

    I don't have anything plugged into the USB port on the front of the Kemper.

    Is this OK? Or do I have it wrong? Do I need to the USB to go from the FRONT of the Kemper to my PC instead?

    Oh wait, I just clicked on file/import and yeah it opened up a directory to the folders to my pc, so I think this may work now...

    2 hours later, still trying to figure this out, this is very retarded and non user friendly so far, not intuitive. Somehow I managed to get one pack of profiles into the Kemper -BUT- it's not the way I want to do it at all.

    I had to save the profiles to a memory stick then stick that in the kemper and press external and import, and it put them on the actual KPA, that's not what I wanted. I was able to drag and drop them into the "local folder" at that point, but I'm not finding this "local folder" on my computer.

    I want to store all my profiles in a folder somewhere on my computer, and I want to be able to use rig manager to open these profiles from that location on my computer.

    Not from the KPA and not from a memory stick.

    It's also super annoying me how the volume changes so much when i switch between profiles, I am in a apartment and it's annoying to have to keep turing the volume down every single time I switch to another profile, there's gotta be a global way to set volume on all profiles I would hope.

    Can't really say how the actual tone of the Kemper compares to Fractal yet because I've spent last 4 hours updating it, trying to get it to screw into my rack, and trying to get profiles uploaded.

    I think if these things get sorted out it will probably be good.

    I found a youtube video and finally figured out how to update. i was inserting the memory stick in the kemper thinking the kemper needed to format it first, then i found a how to video, and inserted it in my pc and coped the bin file and then when i inserted it in kemper it was recognised and did the update.

    First thing I noticed when I got my Kemper today is the Kempers rack holes are not lining up with my rack cabinets holes very good. I spent 30 minutes trying to get them to line up.

    And I ended up only getting the top left and top right screws in.

    Is there any tricks to get these to line up? My Axe FX XL that this Kemper is replacing lined up perfectly no issues.

    Is two screws going to support the Kemper or should I be worried that over time they will fail and my Kemper will drop and break?

    I can see the holes but the screws won't go in because of the angle of the holes, they aren't lined up straight like I was able to get the top two to line up straight.

    So my Kemper arrived today, and apparently it isn't even up to date. I'm disappointed by that because my old Axe FX 2 XL+ arrived with the latest FW.

    I downloaded the Rig Manager a few minutes ago and it told me the Kemper needs to be updtaed to 5.whatever.

    I don't even know how to see what fw the kemper is on.
    And the readme instructions and what i seen in the manual said we have to use a usb memory stick? I didn't think Kemper users had to do that anymore? I have usb from my PC plugged into the back of the kemper.

    Anyway I plugged in a memory stick into the front of the kemper and nothing popped up saying to format it or transfer files or anything. so I don't know what i'm doing wrong.

    I ordered my Kemper profile rack a few days ago and it is scheduled to arrive this Saturday.

    I don't have a audio interface, so I am thinking about buying this Focusrite Scarlett 18i20... Is this a good interface for use with the Kemper?

    I will only be using the interface with the Kemper, I don't think preamps in it etc matter because I record keyboard direct to Reaper with USB, and I use drum software, my music is instrumental so there's no vocals, so that's all I do or have need for.

    The Axe Fx I sold had a interface built in, so I was connecting my Adam A7X's to it with a pair of Mogami XLR cables female on one end and male on the other. From what I can tell these cables will be useless with the Kemper/Adam A7x/Focusrite?

    I mean it looks like I will need Male XLR on the cable end that connects to the Adam A7X and a 1/4 TRS end to connect to the Focusrite or the Kemper? And if so does the Kemper have monitor outs that are 1/4 trs so that I can use the monitors plugged direct into Kemper until I get the Focusrite interface?

    I tried to read some previous posts here to under stand is it best to connect Kemper to Interface with SPIDIF or by using a pair of 1/4 trs/trs cables... I still don't understand which is preferred.
    I am thinking that maybe the general consensus was if recording or re amping then use spidif, but if just playing use the trs cables?

    I just wanted to make sure I'm buying a good interface that will sound good with the kemper, and make sure that I know what kind of cables I need to buy.
    I tried reading past posts in the forum and watched several videos on youtube but I'm still confused or unsure about these things.


    yeah, I'm sure it should sell this week, I lowered the price down to 1800 plus 60 shipping.
    I am so excited though that I will soon have a Kemper, the more I read about all the others positive experiences with it especially the people that also made the switch from Fractal to Kemper the more I can't wait to get the Kemper.
    I will post a review and video as soon as I get the Kemper.
    I will probably become the posterboy/spokesperson of why everyone with a Fractal should switch, haha, I get real passionate about things lol

    I will probably become that guy that trys to persuade everyone with a Fractal to make the switch as I'm doing haha

    I feel puzzeled as to why Steve Vai and Metallica and many others chose to support the Fractal instead of the Kemper. I think it's awesome though that Steve Stevens likes Kemper, he is such an under rated guitarist.

    Fractal Axe FX 2 XL+ for sale $1,800
    includes 4U rack case by roadrunner
    I'm the original owner, it's never left my rack in my smoke free room, still has the protective plastic on the LCD.
    I don't do PayPal or Trades.
    I can email photos. too big to post here and didn't want to have to upload elsewhere just to post link. Looks MINT other than yeah it's screwed into my rack.

    another thing I am looking forward to is no longer having fw updates affect presets as happened with Fractal. Every fractal update meant often times presets had to be changed.

    Speaking of placebo, I recently listened to a video where someone recorded with a looper every fractal fw update over the last few years, and when I listened to it I was blown away by how little of a difference the fractal fw actually sounds today vs two years ago.

    The noiseless/fanless operation sounds like a nice plus of the kemper too, the fractal is quiet, but I sit three to four feet away from it and it is slightly audible when not playing.

    Also I understand kemper has better spillover between preset changes.

    and I can vouch too that its true a lot of censorship goes on at the Fractal forum, and it seems more like a cult there. If the owner dont like what you say its deleted, and if you critizize the Fractal he pretty much just tlls you to go buy something else. People over there go crazy over fw updates and act like fractal is the best thing ever because if so many free updates, but I can't hear a big difference often times, it seems more like a psychological effect on people than anything tangible.

    I'm selling my Fractal AxeFX 2 XL+ tomorrow and buying my first Kemper... What should I expect?

    I've been with Fractal ever since around 04 or 05 when they first released the Standard unit and now I'm selling the XL+ with FW quantum 7.2 and buying a Kemper.

    I've never used a Kemper before, all I know is the sounds I've heard on youtube and on Profile sellers websites.

    I plan to buy literally every single Profile that Mbrit, BigHairyProfiles, ChopTones, SinMix, TAF, Guidorist, TopJimi, STLtones, Tonehawkstudios, rigbusters and Stymphalian have available on their websites, literally, every one of them in the next few weeks!

    Let me know if there's any other Profile sellers I should be checking out as well!

    Those BigHairyProfiles impressed me the most from what I heard on the site, I watched every video with my Focal headphones, and they blew me Away! Especially the Profiles for the ADA MP pack and the Lee Jackson ones! Those nailed every tone I been struggling to find in the AxeFx's in the last 10 years and have never came as close to any of them as what I heard in those profiles. And Top Jimi was my 2nd fave with the EVH and Slash tones.

    I use Adam A7X monitors and only use guitar to play at home and record.

    I will be using the Kemper with a Suhr strat that has a Doug Aldrich humbucker in the bridge and a ML Single Coil in the neck. I use Mogami cables.

    I am NOT a Tweaker.

    I -Hate- tweaking the Axe, I absolutley -LOATHE- tweaking the axe.

    I don't care much about effects, Reverb is extremely important to me, and I understand Kemper has better Reverb coming soon. I also like nice Delays, and a touch of Chorus on clean stuff, and I like to be able to do pitch stuff to get 5th and 3rd harmony licks when I want to, and I like to be able to use a Wah, hoping the Kemper has a Wah that sounds like the Bad Horsie.

    On the Axe, yeah you can pretty much throw a good Ownhammer Cab together with a Marshall amp and it sounds good and real.... but that's not good enough for me, that leaves me very, very unsatisfied. I need what I heard in the samples on the BigHairyProfiles page, just listen to the ADA MP ones, he nailed all those famous players tones from the CDs, and especially the Lee Jackson samples he plays, he nailed Zakk Wyldes tone on Crazy Babies.... I think it's a lot to do with the fact that not only is he profiling the amp/cabinet and preamp, but he profiled all the effects etc, so when you use that Profile you are hearing the sum of all those parts.

    When I try to make tones on the Axe they sound OK, but nowhere near as great as any of the profiles bighairy has, and when I am tweaking on the Axe I am always second guessing myself and before it's over I've had so many options and things that are tweakable that the tone I end up with is even worse than the tone I started out with.

    I don't want to Tweak. I simply want to buy a profile that already sounds hopefully 95% of how I want it to and then maybe make a few basic simple fast adjustments on the Kemper panel that will compensate for my guitar/pickups to better match what I heard in the sample that made me buy the profile in the first place.

    I do not care about "amp in the room" tone at all.

    I do not even like amp in the room tone. I don't like the sound of live music.

    I only like the way guitars sound on CD recordings.
    And those are the tones I seek.

    I don't wanna just sound like a Marshall. I wanna sound like the Marshall Randy Rhoads played through on the Tribute CD after it was mixed and mastered, as an example.

    Almost every Profile example I listened to in the above Profile Packs made me go -WOW!- and I've never had that feeling ever in all the ten years owinging Fractal products. In fact, there's only one preset that I really like that came with the XL+ and that was the Mark Day preset. Other than that I like one good preset that I made myself, and even then I second guess that all the time and can't decide if the Mark Day preset actually sounds better than my preset or not. TWO good presets in my Fractal after all these years, I think that's PATHETIC, but I didn't think there was anything else as good or better out there, I thought Fractal was the best there was, because of the hype I guess and never bothereed really researching Kemper until recently.

    With Kemper I feel like I'm going to end up with thousands of mind blowing awesome wow profiles/tones, and I will be able to focus on playing rather than always thinking that my tone is not as good as it could be or that it's what I want it to be.