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    Hey everyone,

    I run my kemper through a pair of Lsr305 monitors and currently sit about 2-3 feet from each, with them up on stands and at roughly ear height. Ive noticed that if I turn it up to a decent volume so that I don't primarily hear my strings, my ears fatigue very quickly and end up with an almost muffled feeling in them after around 20 minutes of playing. I've tried high cuts and other eq settings and it seems to be consistent. This is for high gain playing, but I also notice that listening to backing tracks while playing seems to cause this too.

    Am I just overthinking this and just need to set myself up further back from the monitors when playing? If so how does this fit in with the recommended seating position for near field monitors? Or does that not really matter if I'm not mixing and am just using these for jamming alone?

    There are no room treatments in the room I'm playing in, it's roughly a 12 x 12 room and the monitors are backing up to one wall in a corner. Would room reflections be playing a part here? How far do you guys sit from your monitors if just playing through them at a decent volume?


    Do you guys have any general ideas or tips that you find yourself using when playing through studio monitors on your own to get it to sound fuller and closer to how it would sound through a cab? I have a pair of jbl Lsr305 monitors if it makes a difference and stick to mostly high gain metal stuff. I guess what im asking is is there a general set of tweaks that will in a way, make the sound less mix-friendly and more like what the actual amp sounds like if it's in the room with you? Like if you close your eyes and forget the lack of punch from not having a cab, to where it still sounds full as if there was an amp there in the room as opposed to the dynamics introduced as part of the mic. Aside from pure cab of course.

    Thanks and sorry if this doesn't make sense or is something that can't really be answered in a general sense.

    So I currently have a y cable going from my headphone out on my laptop into the effects loop return and alternative input on the Kemper. This gives me stereo for backing tracks through the headphone out on the Kemper along with the Kemper output, which is awesome. I want to be able to use my effects loop though, just to use my boss rc3 Looper. Right now in order to do that, I have to unplug the y cable and hook up the effects loop. Not the end of the world but I'm a lazy man who would rather leave it all hooked up if possible. Any ideas on how to hook this up to where I could get stereo backing track into the Kemper aux in, and at the same time have my external Looper hooked up? I'm open to buying additional cords or other stuff if needed. I tried running the Looper in front of the Kemper but it really didn't work well at all.


    Thanks everyone! So far so good, I picked up a couple commercial profiles and started getting into the habit of adding an eq with a slight boost to the low end on the ones that I felt were lacking and all is well so far. I was actually switching on and off between the kemper with the 5" monitors and my 6505 mh head/cab last night at a decent volume and found myself liking the kemper sound more, even through the small monitors. It just sounded fuller from where I was sitting.

    Hi everyone,

    So I finally bit the bullet and got myself a nonpowered kemper from Sweetwater. Right now I'm in the early stages of the 30 day return policy. So far I'm finding it pretty awesome, just a few questions:

    -Is there an agreed upon safe volume level for headphone output? I have a pair of sennheiser hd280s and have read some scary stuff about prolonged headphone use causing hearing damage.

    -Is there an easy way to add some low end thump or kick for lack of a better term to some of the high gain metal profiles? I understand that when isolated from a mix, guitar tracks don't really have a big low end to them, but im playing solo in my basement so I find myself missing that low end compared to my 6505mh with a 1x12 cab. Is that just the nature of playing through studio monitors? I have a pair of jbl Lsr305s that I'm using, I don't expect Earth shaking bass or anything out of them but it feels like the low end is missing on a lot of profiles?

    -I tried hooking up to the return of the fx loop on the 6505 and liked the tone, but I did find that I had to turn off the cab on the profiles for most of them. If I was to get an active PA speaker, would I still be turning off the cab or at that point do you just run the profile as is through one of those? Does it make a huge difference compared to running it how I am now? Would the sound be similar to the studio monitors and just louder, or would it automatically add that missing thump that I was asking about above?

    Basically I have three ways that I play guitar, either through headphones because the wife and baby are upstairs or for playing along with backing tracks, through studio monitors for when I can get a little louder or just get tired of headphones, and through the 6505 mh turned down when everyone's asleep or out. The Kemper has blown away my other options for headphones and has at least matched my 6505mh head for use through the 1x12 cab. So now I'm just looking for tips on the above before moving on to phase 2 which is figuring out what gear to sell to pay off the Kemper and keep it.

    Thanks for any and all help!