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    Agree, don't throw money at profiles at the beginning. Even some of the people that charge for their packs have free profiles you can play with. You'll have a profiler so if your friends have amps that you like you can profile them ;):P

    • Yes, get the powered head and Kabinet.
    • Yes, you may be disappointed by all profiles you get for free or paid. It is the nature of the beast. It's someone else's profile, not your amp that you got to sound just the way you want and then profiled. Treat each profile like an amp, you have to figure out how it works for you. Here is video on how to make any profile sound better -
    • Figure out what kinds of amps you prefer and start with profiles of those amps.

    I have 14 tube amps and I am selling them off now. Keeping my favorites, but not gigging with them anymore. I have a rack and remote and when the Stage came out I got that and gig with the Stage.

    Thanks to all who shared. It looks like the most used FX are a sustainers, ODs and non reverb/delay Modulation/Time-based FX.

    • I bought the FreqOut because of this thread :P.  
    • I am playing around with the Archer and Protein OD pedals.
    • I really love fuzz and am very particular about it so the fuzzes maybe my biggest add. I will limit myself to two at a time, but I’m playing with the Octahive, Muffuletta, Sasori, and Twin Bender.
    • I have an H9, but so far I am enjoying the FX on the Kemper. I mostly only use delay and reverb anyway and I don’t have a picky enough ear for the other types of FX to want a separate pedal.

    I have to say I am loving the wholeness of the Stage. I have a rack and remote and just found it to be too much for setting up with external pedals and vocal harmonizer when gigging. However, knowing more now about how the Kemper works, I could have made that setup less complicated.

    I’m limited myself to what can fit on a Nano+ board in terms the external pedals so I’m not adding too much depth to width to my setup.

    I have 4 kempers. I started with a toaster for my studio then purchased a rack version to use live. I then invested in another rack version for the studio so I could track 2 guitars at the same time. Then Kemper released the stage which I brought to use live and ended up putting my live rack Kemper in the studio so now I have 3 in the studio and I use the stage for live use only.

    Are you using the Kemper Remote at all?

    I bought the Kemper Stage because I love the form factor. I already had a Kemper Powered Rack with Remote. I used the Rack/Remote for gigging for a short time and ended up moving to using the Atomic Amplifire 6 out of convenience. When the Stage came out I was so happy I could use the Kemper with the same convenience! I figured I would just sell my Rack setup, but thought I could use it for recording and put it in the rack with the two outboard preamps I have.

    If you have multiple Kempers, how are you using them?

    Very cool set for this performance and I was excited to see the guitarist using a Kemper. The photos are crap because I was trying to hurriedly take the photos of the television. The two sets were like two living rooms. Singer, keyboard and guitar in one room, the bass and drums and the male singer in the other room. I like this set and performance the best of the night. I'm too old to know who any of the people are anymore on these shows so I have no idea who this is. The male singer was Usher (not pictured), that is all I know.

    This question came up in my head as I was looking at an email of new pedals that have come out recently. Particularly some new Pre-amp pedals from Benson and Hudson. I was thinking they were cool pedals, but if you have a Kemper, why would you need them. Then I thought, do you even need any pedals at all if you have a Kemper? If you have the amp in a profile and you have boost, reverb, delay and other effects on board what else do you really need?

    I recently received my Kemper Stage. I'm looking at putting it on a board. It is quite heavy and long all on its own. Once I add my Shure GLXD, two fuzzes and two expression pedals this is a behemoth. I also use a Play Acoustic vocal harmonizer which needs a clean guitar signal. On some songs I play an EHX B9, no other special pedals, at least for right now. It is always a game to see what is the least amount of gear I can get away with and so far I absolutely need my fuzzes.

    I'm curious what external pedals YOU absolutely must have with your Kemper?

    This amp seems like the perfect amp to have. If you think of the cost of a boutique amp, plus a reactive load attenuator, plus an IR loader the cost isn't that far off. The cost is a lot all at once. I want it, but I'll need a minute to gather up the funds. It probably won't every happen only because I have stuff I like a lot already. I just like the technology that is in there.

    I bought a TS210 and I didn't really get on with it tbh. Great value for money but way too boomy (better off the floor) and the high end grated on me.

    I ended up running a regular cab until I could afford a XiTone which is killer but obviously a different price point.


    Which XiTone?

    I am looking at getting the Alto 212. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't need a powered speaker if my Kemper is powered? If that is the case, will the passive version sound just as good as the powered?


    You are correct, though I don't think there is a passive TS212. There are passive TS112, SX112 though. You'd probably save money with a passive speaker and possibly weight. The TS212 is $399 28lbs. TS210 is $299 22lbs.

    I have a TS210 and a TS212. Both sound great with the Kemper. They are so cheap and light. I have QSC K10s as well, but haven't compared them yet. I am very pleased with the coverage from the TS210. It is compact and light. The TS212 is bigger as a floor monitor and little more awkward to carry vs the TS210. The TS210 is perfect.

    When on the floor they are more bassy than if on a stand off the floor. So if you plan to use it as a wedge on the floor you would need to take some of the bass out to make the Kemper sound right. When I have it off the floor on an amp stand in wedge formation it sounds perfect.

    I have not compared them to anything yet, and all I've got to compare it to is my K10, which I haven't done yet.

    I had a VoiceLive 3 too. Couldn't believe how bad the amp models were. Worse than a cheap, Zoom fx pedal. Such a shame, as the vocal processing was superb. I was hoping it would have been a nice, simple, all-in-one solution. I was gutted when I realised it wasn't even close.

    TC Helicon says they aren't "amp models" they are just EQ settings to emulate the different styles of amps. As you mentioned, it's just not even close. My biggest disappointment was the guitar thru and guitar outputs having far too much self noise. I figured I would do what I'm doing now which is to only use the VL3x for vocals and then use the guitar thru to my pedalboard, but the thru was so noisy it was unusable. So I went with the splitter so my guitar signal didn't have to go thru the VL3x. I can get a good clean sound for my acoustic guitar just fine, but incredibly disappointed overall with the electric guitar implementation.

    Finally have my rig in order - will be using it at practice on Wednesday.

    Kemper Power Rack is in a SKB 4U Roto Shallow rack case. In the 1U space above the Kemper is my Shure GLX-D Wireless and the Lehle P-Split II. The splitter receives the guitar signal from the wireless unit and then sends the guitar signal to the Kemper and the VoiceLive 3 Extreme (VL3x). The wireless and splitter have not been mounted properly yet. I don't want to mount them directly on the Kemper because it gets hot, so will likely get a 1U shelf to put them on.

    UPDATE: I found this 6" deep rack for mounting the wireless and splitter,…age_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. A 10" deep rack would cut into the space in the back where the remote would need to fit so a shorter shelf was critical.

    On top of the rack case is an Alto TS210. I use this as my cabinet for my amp at practice. For live performances the Kemper will go to the Mixer and then be monitored along with everything else with a tailored mix through my floor monitor, an Alto TS212.

    The TS210 and Rack Case sit on an OnStage RS7000B amp stand, behind me.

    In front of me is the VL3x and the Kemper Remote with a DVP4 X Mini pedal I use as an expression pedal. I only have to run two cables from the Kemper to me (CAT5 to remote, Guitar Cable to VL3x). The VL3x is strictly used for vocals. The guitar input is so that the VL3x can determine the song key to create proper harmonies. I could have gotten away with using just the VL3x without the Kemper, but the electric guitar sounds are horrible and the amount of noise that comes from the guitar outs on it is unacceptable. I do use the VL3x with my acoustic guitar as it makes for a really compact solution for my acoustic solo/duo gigs.

    Both the remote and the DVP4 fit in the back rack case lid, barely. I put the remote's CAT5 cable inside the rack case as well. The VL3x has it's own hardshell with foam case.

    UPDATE: While the remote and mini exp pedal fit in the case lid, the lid won't close because there needs to be room on either side to allow for the racks. I supposed I could take out racks in the back because as I have no plans to use them.

    Found this thread on making the Kemper Fuzz stomp responsive - Thanks @DonPetersen, kemper fuzz question?

    I haven't tried this yet, but it is exactly what I'm looking for. I am trying not to add ANY outboard pedals to my set-up. I have the Kemper Power Rack in 4U shallow rack, with wireless guitar and Lehel p-split II in the first space with the profiler below. The p-split goes to the Kemper and to the VoiceLive 3x (used only for vocals) and the CAT5 out to the remote. Using an Alto TS212 as monitor for guitar and vocals for me and other guitar player/singer. If I need to use my Kemper as an amp I use the TS210 through the monitor out.

    I made the right choice getting the Kemper. I just found out I can lock the stomp and effects sections which is cool. So much to learn!

    @Robman - When did you buy your Kemper and remote, wonder if this is a new issue. My Kemper was built in March of this year. My remote was bundled with the Kemper. I have a Power Rack. Have you reported this to Kemper?

    If everyone who is having a problem with remote connection and those who are not can share some status of their OS, Kemper build date, Remote build date, steps to recreate the problem, and report it to Kemper that would help solve this quicker.

    I am going to be using the Kemper and remote for practice on Wednesday I would really like it if we could solve this before we start gigging.

    Someone from Kemper asked me to submit a ticket when I expressed in a different thread that this had happened to me. For me it happened while connected to my laptop with Rig Manager running and me flipping through performance rigs.

    I can't find it anymore but someone said they thought it was power related that the Kemper didn't have enough power to use the USB port and the power the remote at the same time. No idea if this is the case.