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    I have consistently been frustrated and uninspired by all the frfr solutions I have tried. I tried them all (almost) It wasn’t until recently that I jumped in the deep end and tried the Valvetrain MBritt Stage 50. Crazy money but I finally found an inspiring live tone that competes with all valve options in a small room environment.

    Agreed....I’ve been through most popular monitoring solutions and while some were pretty good I can say that they don’t compare to stage 50. I got it because I usually play small rooms where we don’t use PA for guitars. This is the thump solution I’ve been looking for. However I’ve always been a 1x12 guy anyway so this fits perfectly for me. You may want to test it out if you’re expecting a 4x12 beatdown.

    Highly recommend otherwise.....and the price stinks, but really no regrets.

    It depends obviously, however I don’t think I’ve turned the master on the valvetrain past noon yet. Usually set it slightly lower than that then adjust monitor out volume on Kemper Stage. Tons of volume on tap any way you slice it! Loving this set up. Eager to put a Kemper Kone into the valvetrain at some point...

    I am I too use a scarlet 8i6 and agree with OPs assessment. I always chalked it up to ad/da going into Focusrite. Headphone out does sound much richer. Never tried recording out of headphone out. Seems silly to use that as work around. It is frustrating to hear what your signal can sound like than what it actually ends up sounding like.

    I appreciate your reporting back on the findings!

    I use the freqout and love it....however I totally agree with your assessment. I use it sparingly within a mix and it can sound very convincing. My settings on pedal are gain fairly low 10oclock, onset up fairly high 1 or 2 o’clock then I exclusively play type in second position. The key for me has been to use on single held lead notes then before artifacts hit signal I jump straight into another note. I almost never let it ring out. Obviously the pedal has some shortcomings but when used in context sparingly it can bring an incredible dimension of analog flavor to a digital dimension. Oh and I use momentary as well as the set and forget settings. With the late onset settings in the set and forget mode I can quickly move on from a phrase before it kicks in. Good luck with it...

    Anyone using this? I see a lot of people responding in threads saying theirs is on the way and will report back. Then crickets.....I also see a lot of listings of sold ones on the gear page. So are folks buying these then dumping them?

    I’m looking for a speaker to purchase. Gemini II looks great but big and heavy and mo money. Not sure if the xitone is that much lighter. I’ve had a Friedman asm 12 in past and liked it. Was best solution for me to date, but had to sell. Still have a pair of altos and in past gave QSC k speakers a shot as well as a yahmaha dxr 10. Only the Friedman seemed acceptable at this point. Xitone seems promising but need some real world feedback from players. Can it sit in mix with a heavy drummer in a back line setting? Does it sound A LOT less high fi than alto/dxr? Can it move enough air to “fake it”

    I’ve never tried the clr but it’s my basic understanding that It will probably feel too hi fi as well.

    So gimmie your XItone mbritt story?? I got cash burning a hole in my pocket. Help me before I do something stupid and give it to a bank or something.

    Thanks y’all

    this is a new day and age. Communication is easy and well....just good business. I can’t understand why folks argue against it.

    It’s pretty clear what has happened here. CK is livin large and on cruise control as of late ( he deserves it), but as the US NAMM approached he snapped out of it and said “ shit better improve on something”. But clearly he doesn’t want to do all the heavy lifting. Hence the new “positions” opening at Kemper. He will do some interviews and hire a couple of kids to crank out some verbs and he will continue to live large and just do some quality control.

    At least that’s what I saw in my crystal ball. Yes...I have a crystal ball....and even IT has an editor! HA!

    I’m sorry I’m just being an ass. Nothing but Kemper love from me. Just probably hungry or something.