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    Looking to build a live bass rig for Kemper unpowered version. I’ve been rehearsing at relatively low levels with band using one alto 112. Sounds acceptable however I’m certain it will get awful once I pushed gigging volume. Will a camplifier power amp work for a bass cab. Enough power?

    I started this thread because I wanted to record my part for my bands recording using spdif. I was prompted to do this because I always feel that my daw monitoring isn't as crisp and full as it sounds coming straight from my headphone out jack on front of kpa. This is the sound I'm trying to achieve but alas I have abandoned the spdif quest. Partly because it sounds as if the audio quality difference is likely to go unnoticed and mostly because other members of band already recorded their parts into Studio One using sample rate of 48. I don't want to screw the work flow up for such a minor difference in quality. I appreciate everyone's insight on this matter. It has laid my questions to least for now.

    FYI- I'm new to the kemper and loving it however what's up with no editor?!?! Really? These front scrolling buttons are going to fail soon from being so worked over. Not only mention being frustrating....but that's for another thread.

    I have Studio One open. All I/O is set correctly and spdif is checked for input into daw. Scarlet mix control is the problem. Won't sync with kemper. It keeps defaulting back to internal clock and 48 hz. For about 2 to 3 seconds while it appears to be synced it seems as if scarlet is indeed seeing a signal but then default back and no signal. However at no point in time do I ever hear a monitored signal.

    So is it worth it? I use a cheap focusrite 8i6 that simply won't sync with kemper to use spdif. Problem is that the ad/da converters are not that good. All my tones are colored for the worse. I seem to have to build a separate bank of profiles to use with this system. It's a pain and in the end I can't help but think that spdif is a better solution. What's your experience using spdif? I don't care about revamping at this point. Just strictly sound quality. Many times I tweak tones via headphone port on front of kemper but frankly everything I plug into after that sounds like shit. Help please.

    having trouble using spdif into focusrite 8i6 with MacBook pro and studio one software. I can't get sample rate to stay in mix control to stay on 44 it defaults back to 48 after about 2 seconds. Also curious about routing in mix control. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.