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    With any modeller, I find tweaking your sounds at, at least 90 dB before hitting stage with them is really important. Doing this with a set of studio monitors is a bad idea. Preferably you’d want to use, at the very least a PA speaker and if you can, with a sub as well. That way you can dial in the lows and highs properly. Once you get them to where they sound good, I’d be willing to bet they then sound like ass on your studio monitors. Haha And also be sure the channel that you are going in to at the gig is set flat to start.

    Hi everyone! I have a new Kemper rack heading my way and was wondering if running my Axe FX 3 in 4CM with it using SPDIF is possible. As in SPDIF out from the Axe to Kemper SPDIF in, Kemper SPDIF out Axe SPDIF in. I guess technically it’s 3CM counting the guitar cable, but you get where I am going with this.

    For me, in a live situation, reverb setting typically need to be higher in a band context than it would be if you are at home. Also depends on the room. Some rooms are very "dry" or "dead" sounding. Currently I am using the Hall reverb setting found in a lot of Top Jimi's profiles with the mix tied to an expression pedal. Works really well.

    Like a poster above I started searching for a Mercury profile after watching That Rig Show and stumbled across your website. Checked out the freebies and was floored but the Brunetti Maranello Rock crunch profile. Ended up purchasing all of your packs and I am glad that I did. So good! Great price too! Def up there with MB and BM profiles. Fantastic job! I will be using some of these at my gigs this weekend!

    Hi Andy. Is there any info on some of the pedals that you used on some of your profiles? For example, I picked up the JCM800 Hot Mod, which is stellar by the way, and some of the pedals are designated with a two letter acronym. Some of them are obvious but some not so much. To me anyways! I'm sure once you say what they are it would be an "of course!" moment for me. :)

    Bit of a strange issue going on with my ES-8 and Kemper. I suspect that it's an issue on the ES-8 sides of things and have a support ticket in with Boss, but I thought I'd post here also to see if anyone has ever hand this issue as well.

    Over the past couple days I have been configuring it to control my new Kemper. Everything has been great except the EXP1 and EXP2 inserts where I have two Dunlop Mini EXP pedals. At one point I was able to control the Kemper's delay mix with EXP1 and it's Wah with EXP2 over midi. No matter what I do now those controls will not respond.

    So here's what I have tried so far. TRS cable and expression pedals are fine as they respond when plugged into my Fractal AX8. Other midi functions are fine from the ES-8 to the Kemper, like patch changes and tap tempo. So the midi channel is configured properly. The settings on the ES-8 for using CC68(Delay Mix) and CC01(Wah) are all set correctly. I have also reloaded the latest ES-8 firmware(screenshot attached).

    Any idea what could be going on here? Like I said I had this setup before and it was working. I have also restored to factory defaults. Still everything will send except the expression messages over midi.

    Hi guys - My first post. Have had the Kemper now for a week and am loving it. I came from and still own a Fractal AX8. I know, haven't heard that before I bet... Any how just wanted to give a huge shout-out to GRS Studios for the great profiles on Rig Exchange. Came across these earlier today. So good!

    Happy tone hunting!