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    Everybody seems to forget the remote receives power from the enthernet cable. Whatever cheapo router you think you can get I would doubt it will come with PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, unless you buy a separate PoE injector. Seems ver cumbersome.
    A wifi USB dongle is the better solution.

    +1 to this but with workaround below.

    "hardware-wise" I achieve this by using the return(reamp) input selection. I toggle between front/aux and return to being able to select different inputs. obviously this sacrifices the effects loop but in my case I do not use it.

    I connect a regular guitar in the normal input and my Boss GP-10 on the return. I wish I could select this setting per rig.

    As we have the tuner leds displaying at all times whether or not in Tuner mode, I would love to be able to see as well the tuner note in the main default performance screen for quick checks in the middle of song without going full tuner mode.

    Use cases (in performance or browse mode):

    1. Quick Tuner note reference when no remote present
    2. Quick Tuner note reference when tuner footwswitch reassigned to other function
    3. Quick Tuner note reference when in middle of a passage/jam session where perhaps you are not sure of the key (fretboard knowledge aid)
    4. Tuner note reference when far from remote but close enough to see the KPA screen

    The note can be displayed in the left black square section in the performance screen in the KPA and it could be displayed to the left side of the Remote screen opposite to the clock.

    This would be a quick win and simple enough change since the tuner is running in the background at all times anyway. It could be an optional setting (similar to clock).

    I finally managed to browse through the BE100 and BE100 2.0 profiles. I definitely like the 2.0 much more and the multiple cabs is a great addition. I am a modern high gain aficionado and wanted to give a try to the classic tones and I found myself spending a lot of time in almost every single profile of the BE100 2.0 with a guitar with split coils. Super recommended.

    I also like the fact that for each profile settings group, Matt includes the DI profiles so it becomes very easy to combine with other cabs.

    Thanks again Matt.

    While the led light is useful as a quick reference, I really wish we could have a more accurate graphical meter within the input menu section where we can visualize how hot the guitar input is.

    This would help a lot as informational of different levels of our different guitars and also as a more accurate reference to set up Clean and Distortion sense.

    I myself have different pedals and multi-effects hitting the input of the Kemper and I sometimes struggle to normalize the input without a better reference of how hot we are hitting the Kemper.

    I guess the same can be implemented in the output section and loop return?.

    With just a few minutes after updating, a few bugs I have experienced, anyone else?:

    - When saving performances, KPA freezes for about 1.5 minutes, Remote disconnects and nothing responds. It comes back after the 1.5 minutes and applies whatever actions where queued. Audio works all the time.

    - Getting into Input menu now takes a medium/long press to get in, otherwise nothing happens, is it by design or bug?

    - Noticed that studio eq presets do not show in the new added functionality ("display name of effect preset recently loaded")

    - Tunes Says -+n cents cents (two times cents)

    What's the best method to report this back?

    I believe that the preset name should display as long as it has not been modified from its values, if the user makes the slightest change then clear the screen as it is no longer a present.

    The other day I was struggling to verify whether or not I had saved my rig with the preset I wanted so had to go back and forth presets and be sure it was the one I wanted.

    I’ll check it out when I get back home after the weekend but I don’t think I’ve locked any slots. I use the toe switch on the Mission pedal to activate/deactivate the wah. I tried reversing the polarity but that had no effect. After doing that, though, on the nex power up, the way was on as usual but as soon as I moved the pedal it turned off.

    This exactly happens to me and with the troubleshooting I have done it seems that the Footswitch assignment is causing this. And definitely seems like a bug.

    When the Kemper boots up all is Ok as it should. However, as soon as the Remote finishes booting and connecting, the Wah or whatever effect is on Slot A (footswitch assignment) on whatever patch happens to be selected, gets enabled automatically. So it appears that the remote sends to the KPA a footswitch press action. I am using a TS cable with the Mission EP-1.

    This is easily replicable Burkhard

    Regarding FRFR it is a concept that makes sense when you want a device that plays anything that you feed in the most linear manner possible.

    But so many people here in the forum have spoken about a somewhat underwhelming feeling about this kind of solutions. Because we don't want a linear speaker. We want a guitar speaker. And a guitar speaker is not linear, ever.

    I have a different opinion/understanding to this: "We want a guitar speaker. And a guitar speaker is not linear, ever"

    I think this misses the point of the need of an FRFR speaker completely. When you use a linear speaker it is not to flatten the response of a guitar speaker you want to reproduce (not sure if this what you meant t say or not). In contrast, if you have a guitar speaker A and capture its IR with a Microphone "M", you will end up with a sound sound "AM", the need of the linear speaker "L" is in order to then get a faithful reproduction of "AM" and not a colored sound "AML". In other words the linear speaker is used with the aim to un-affect the original signal.

    One problem with the Mic variable and one of the reasons why a speaker/cab reproduction never feels like the original speaker (apart from the color it introduces), would seems the introduction of more frequencies that were not present in the original signal coming form the guitar speaker. Hence the existence of PureCab and GRFR and other DSP tricks. CK is trying to address this with the speaker imprints.

    The other problem that CK is trying to address with the Kemper Kabinet is the dispersion of the signal and the beam effect. The Beam effect is what everyone mostly attributes to the Amp in the room effect whereas due the position on our ears in respect the signal beam, make us hear a different sound. Most FRFR speaker I believe have greater dispersion thus making us hear more frequencies than we really want.

    In conclusion. I do not think the "linearity" of a speaker is the problem at all, but instead other physical effects as per above.

    $299 is a great Kabinet price . . . for making sure Kemper goes out of business.

    Perhaps $399, but more than that I personally would look at getting more from it and not being locked down to just one use with one device.

    The Kabinet will boost sales of the KPA and viceversa. If it is not priced competitively, I believe other options become more compelling, including the new Celestion speaker or the Kabinet speaker on its own. Remember that a lot of the RnD investment will reside on the KPA and not the Kab itself.

    I just do not want to see it priced ala Apple style just for the sake that is coming from Kemper and it is green. But that's my opinion.