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    Just posting to help turn this into a truly Epic thread, not that it has any chance of running out, And

    to mention It's December now! .........................Hey Isn't that close to X-mas ?

    what was it that we're waiting for ?

    Hmm perhaps trying to write a program without giving up their secrets ?

    Anyway, I presume there will be a big splash when it's ready because I don't come here everyday, it'll be a pleasant surprise one day

    " oh! it's here ! "

    Don't forget the Toastme is a pretty good editor if that's really what you want, available now! the rig manager atm is a librarian

    still a useful thing, do we have to crowd fund a new rig manager ?

    I own a kemper, but for all the people who think it's sooo great , It would be even better if one could get around more easily,

    If it would directly sell more units, a good editor would have been done already. Although a good tool, kemper it is Not the end all be all!

    How many here have only a kemper ?

    other than a second usb cable I'm happy with toast me [ not the small font ] but for free, I'm not complaining , thank you!

    Did Kemper think they didn't have to do an editor, or public demand pushed for one? or low priority not being a revenue generator ?

    products that have started out as software first are already there, [ Helix ] kemper himself is not a gtr player ?

    But, something that makes the product more useful and easier to use [ and explore the possibilities of ] is a good thing, so

    i have no expectations other than RM3 will advance the productivity & enjoyability of the kemper.... whenever it comes!

    To be fair lots of companies don't make their roll out dates and there wasn't a firm one for the editor anyway

    I just thought they may have diverted resources to the stage product at some time.

    I've always thought there was a sameness to the sounds

    The only thing different between " presets " are the actual profiles themselves it's the same eq etc, on every profile

    So there is a sameness to every sound, on the positive side it's a sameness like every profile being recorded in a good studio [ the kemper ]

    but once things turn into square waves that tends to homogenate any sound from anywhere.

    If the issue is trying to get a profile more real , exciting & 3d through monitors like an amp in the room that will be more particular to the room & setup , monitoring levels and such. when someone close mic's a cab with a 57, that can be pretty dry. Did you say how it's sitting in the mixes ?

    I understand this , and is why I specifically added the word presets , so the the parameters of the existing eq can be more quickly changed

    most tube amp eq is passive cut only and highly interactive, three Shelves basically [ and yes less cut , more gain all controls at 10 least gain loss]

    currently I choose profiles that I like as is or as close as I can, so I don't have to adjust much because the more or farther you adjust, the less

    real it sounds. if they want it to be a more " playable " device that would help me !

    If I need or want to eq it later there's far better outboard eq's to use , Sometimes there is an element of " The Emperor's new clothes "

    where people say , well all the pro's use it , it must be good , as good as they could make it at the time ?

    it's not a sameness I fear , it's a sameness I hear ! [ I paid allot of money for mine ] and again presets could allow you to have your consistent

    [ persistent ] eq and give others options

    downloaded 1.46 , using on mac osx 10.11.6 with a roland UM-ONE midi to usb direct into the computer

    the leds on the roland do not light up , the toast me says it is connected but the kemper info doesn't appear on toast me

    Any hints ?

    No devices show up in the midi device pull down of the toast me , not the roland or an Mbox2 so far

    power led lights on the roland but not the midi i/o

    ok, avoid the obvious, I updated the roland drivers and now I toast sees it ! I got so used to macs doing everything automatically !

    thanks for the program!