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    What ever happened to the fabled updates to the overdrive stomps? I've read about this coming sometime in 2020. These effects are not that great compared to the competitors and could use a refresh. Not to mention there are far too little stomps - a Klon pedal would be one welcome addition, among others.

    Nobody else has this issue?

    I'm starting to think this is a limitation with the kemper. A bit of a shame if so - ckemper can you clarify? If this is a hardware limitation, perhaps this could be something that can only be resolved in a Kemper v2.

    What about recording the DI with effects? For example, with a DI box I can place it after a wah pedal if I'm using the wah in my performance, and want to preserve that during reamping.


    I'm running into an issue when I play through my guitar cab (using the "monitor cab off" option). I have my Looper location set to "Output" (which should mean the tone doesn't change when I change rigs). However, if I record a loop, and then switch rigs while the loop is playing, the tone from the loop changes quite drastically. This is more noticeable in studio and merged profiles - I cannot seem to replicate this with DI profiles.

    Any way to fix this? It is quite annoying since I regularly like to play with a loop and it means I can't really do that with my cab unless I choose not to switch rigs. Most of my favorite profiles are either studio or merged, and I have very little DI profiles.

    According this post the cab driver seems to affect the loop. It seems strange to me that this happens in merged profiles though since from what I understood about them means the cabdriver algorithm isn't used there.

    I've updated the OP - you are right, simulated is a bad choice of words. What I mean is that the merged profile *amp* part would be from the DI profile, not the studio profile. Therefore, the resulting profile would not be an exact copy of the studio profile. This makes sense from what I am hearing from these profiles, it was just confusing since so many say otherwise.

    I read the manual but I was hoping for a more in depth response. From what you are saying above, it sounds like it works similarly to my first proposed method in the OP - the resulting profile has the DI + the cab (which is studio - DI). This would mean the resulting profile is not the exact same as the studio profile as some suggest (there are multiple very good profile makers which also say this).


    Do merged profiles copy the cab to the DI profile (which seems intuitive based on you copying the cab), *or* does it copy the entire studio profile and combine that with the DI (essentially resulting in two profiles in one)?

    I've heard mixed responses online on how this works.

    If it is the latter case, why would it not be recommended to copy a different studio profile than the one created along with the DI? If it is the former case, the resulting profile must be (even slightly) different than the studio profile, right?