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    New to the acoustic sim, I'm finding it unusable without employing a LP filter and noise gate.

    Theres some extreme HF content which i appreciate adds that “air” to simulate an pseudo-acoustic tone.

    So far requiring;

    noise gate—> LPF—> acoustic sim—>EQ—> compressor

    Still early days and new to this effect. Not sure whether to use a profile of a studio-strip or no amp at all to tame the tone.

    I haven't tried anything in the stack block. If you find something there that helps, please let us know.

    I get exactly the same noise, I assumed everyone was getting this unless you back off the highs

    I tried everything to troubleshoot it -- different cables, wireless vs. cable, different guitars, single coil vs humbucker, standing in different places, different rooms, headphones vs cab. Nothing seems to make a difference. If my practice tonight doesn't get canceled, I'm curious to see how noticeable it is in a full band context.


    my Kemper is not defective. It was... a cable. I´m embarassed. When I checked that part of the equation with spare cables, I was on a sound which turns out always sounds bad. Wiped the profiler before, left my sounds on the computer. Thought that sound would really show the problem.

    The bad cable was touch sensitive, and did not show the problem when I hooked it up to another head.

    Kemper support was really helpful and had a calm systematic approach, which I was lacking.

    Keep your calm when doing studio housekeeping chores.

    Haha. Glad you got it resolved. That's the same way I resolved my most recent issue (with the help of Kemper support). That's also why I take at least two of everything to a practice or a gig, or at least something that can be used as a substitute. I don't have two Kempers, though, unfortunately.

    I am calling it, in the future, we will get some pretty know records where your Marshall 69 profiles, LDW one and the Top Hat, will be used, and it will take aaaages to know it. They are that good.

    If I had listened to those clips, without knowing they were profiles, I would have had no idea they weren't mic'd up amps in a studio. Sounded great.

    For the acoustic simulator to sound more realistic, I need to have the high cut higher than I normally keep it. I don't have my Kemper on now, but I believe it was over 7.5 - 8.0k or so. With the high cut turned up, there is a significant background noise when the notes are played. Kind of like a sizzling sound, that is very noticeable. If I turn the high cut down to around under 6k, you cannot hear this noise any more. The isn't like 60 cycle hum or the guitar picking up EMI. This only occurs when notes are played. Anyone else notice this?

    Turned the volume pedal off in the Rig settings, to no effect. Have an FCB1010, but I don´t use it here at home; it´s connected but turned off.

    Meanwhile every rig is unusable, sounds really bad. Every distorted profile is very nasal, overly and digitally distorted.

    Like some kind of input or output filter is running away.

    Calling customer service tomorrow.

    Must be a different problem than the one I had. That fixed mine. The only other things I can think of are to check that nothing is locked, check the input setting, make sure the cabs are on for your output method. If that doesn't work, you can try a soft reset. If that doesn't work, you can take a backup, do a full reset, and reload the backup.

    Kemper support will most likely ask for a backup, so they can load it and test it out. They are very fast at getting back to you. I'd get them involved at this point. They've always gotten me on the right track.

    Are the high cut and low cut that have been added to the output section supposed to work the same was as the high cut and low cut in the EQ? I had been putting an EQ in the X block, with the cuts at at 100 and 6.3k. If I remove this and put the same values in the output section, it sounds like it has more bass and treble. Since the output cuts are coming after the reverb and delay, it would make sense if it has less bass and treble, but not more. Anyone know how this is supposed to work?