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    Hi @patrick2099 if the volume is too high pull it back using the softknob amplifier (volume). I had to level it with my acoustics to be in line with my other profiles. Works fine for me but there are so many different acoustic pick up systems so it might be too loud for your acoustic...I tweaked almost all my profiles using the studio eq. If it's too bright for you switch it off or pull back some 10k or any other high frequency between 6k and 12k.

    Thanks a lot for the very fast reply, Bert. I only had a few minutes to mess with it today, but I think that I found a big part of the problem. I think that the piezo on my acoustic is putting out more volume than my electric guitar with EMGs or a JB. Previously, I had been using it direct into the audio interface, with IRs, which drastically lowered the volume, so I didn't really notice how loud it was.

    Yesterday, I tried turning the compressor off to take away the loudness, which made things worse. Today, I took the output volume way down, and messed with the compressor a little, and got a MUCH better sound. I need to go through the profiles and find the best ones for my particular guitar and caveman-like playing. I think that some of the "harshness" was my pick clanging against the strings.

    Hopefully talking about specific profiles in this sub-forum doesn't get this moved or deleted, but if that is forbidden, someone let me know, and I'll know better for next time. I'm not trying to push anyone into buying anything, but I think that learning how to use particular profiles properly would fall under this one. I apologize if not.

    The soundclips for these sound great, so I know that the sounds are in there. It's really just a matter of me learning how to use the Kemper better. This weekend, when I have more time, I really need to use the headphones to try to pick the best acoustic profile and tweak it. I have a hard time with the guitar volume over my monitors unless I crank it to the point of getting feedback.

    Thanks for the profiles and for the advice!

    Sounds good!

    Time to convert your bass player :)

    I have never played bass, but I think that the Kemper has given me an excuse to buy one. Think of the money I'll save, by not having to buy a bass amp! Gotta GAS for something, other than just new profiles, now that I don't need more physical amps.

    I tried my acoustic through the Kemper for the first time, yesterday. I still need to figure out how to mess with the settings to get a tone I like. I was using some of Bert's profiles, but they were sounding too bright and harsh.

    I am getting some clipping, somewhere, even though it isnt showing on the Kemper, interface, or DAW, so it's definitely fixable. I tried putting a 3 Sigma IR in the cab, which lowered the volume and smoothed it out, but I'm sure I can get there without the IR, using Bert's stuff.

    Anyone have any tips or tricks especially for acoustic?

    It may seem minor, but I was really impressed to see the latest firmware on the Kemper, when it was delivered. It seems to be another example of the the "just a little bit more effort", compared to the competitors, that I see in many facets of the Kemper, so far.

    From my Kemper:

    OS Version: Release
    OS Build Date: 3/13/2017 18:07:44

    I downloaded the Kemper Profiler OS update, which appears to be the same as what I have, put it on the formatted USB, and nothing happened (possibly expected, as the versions match).

    Next, I checked the X effect. It was set to Loop Mono. I never would have guessed that. Thanks a lot to both of you for all of the help! It is working, without the Loop Mono.

    I tried to update it, but it was already at the latest fw version. That blew my mind, because I've never gotten anything with firmware that was at the latest version, when I received it.

    I tried doing the update through Rig Manager. I can verily the version on the unit, when I get home.

    Thanks again.

    Does anyone have any idea as to why I am getting no volume from the Mikey Wang Maz 8 profiles? They have very good reviews, and had good opinions on the forums here, but I am getting no sound from any of them. Every other rig I've tried, using Rig Manager, has been fine -- including other Mikey Wang amps.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!