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    Hi all,

    I just bought a Kemper Stage. I've had an unpowered Profiler (with foot controller) for several years and am switching to the Stage. When setting things up, I now have a weird issue. I use the Morph pedal to push gain. But when I do so, I also get a Wah effect. (I use another pedal for wah). Is there some way to unlink that? Anyone else have that issue?



    So I figured it out. Apparently it was storing a new version with my volume changes with the same name (i never did a save as, only a save). So when I was going through favorites, I had 3 or 4 versions of the same amp- only one was with my change, so I deleted the other copies in RM. All is good!

    I am adjusting rig volume. I have a Mac with the most recent IOS on it. I was doing Save as, and them hitting save again, so effectively it should be overwriting the rig, I thought.

    Howdy all. I'm going through (lets say) 5 rigs that I like and I want them to all be at the same volume to feed FOH. So looking at the input level on the sound board, I adjust each one to be hitting at 0dB. (main output is fixed at -18dB)

    Then I do a "save as" and re-save the profile, supposedly with the change in volume. However, when I switch back and forth, the volumes for each rig go back to their original level (which is too loud).

    Any way i can re-save with an adjusted rig volume to where I want it? I don't want to be adjusting with my FOH guy when I change rigs at a gig.