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    Have played around some more with these. I really really like (also like the "original"). The way you dial them in reminds me of Pete Thorn and Robert Baker. They have a somewhat trebly sound, that isn't too much. Have struggled finding that in Kemper land, but these sound really great. Thanks a bunch!

    Hi everyone!

    I have some sweet eventide plugins that I would like to play around with. The effects I wanna try are time-based so I need to bypass the "effects" section of my kemper

    1)how can I add them without hearing 2 signals?

    2)I am using Reaper and I am hooked up using SPDIF!

    I suspect the answer is to make sure you mute the direct sound on your soundcard mixer when you monitor through Reaper with effects?

    Awesome thanks! Can't wait to try these today. The other ones really stand out.

    PS: *rhythm :)

    I love the groove change from the verse to the chorus, man.

    Great that the bass gets some exposure.

    Your solo rocks, as always, Niko. 8)

    Thanks! Yeah we have to use that bass effectively in a four-piece! Glad you liked the solo!

    Your best song so far. 8)

    I tend to think so too :)

    This! Yes, yes, yes, as Monkey_Man said. Great tune, powerful, somewhat complex, groovy... very cool. Congrats guys on your work. Really love the passion behind that!

    The Bass part in the middle is extremely nice and almost Tool-ish :thumbup:8)

    Glad you liked the interlude!

    Fantastic ! I'm still prefer king killer an absolute hit but this one really rocks too :)

    BTW are the drums recorded on the edrum set ? I don't see no mike on the 'real' drumset ?

    Guilty as charged :) - the drums are Steven Slate played on the eDrum set. We allow ourselves to cheat a little bit on the playthrough in that regard ;)

    Brilliant, I really liked Egypt! I think the mix was also better, sounded very precise.

    Thanks man - My mixing skills are getting better although still very inconsistent. I had to send my Adam A7Xs in for repair, so this one is actually mostly mixed on my old hifi setup (F3 lyd speakers, and Denon PMA-900v from the 80's) in the later stages.

    I did have to take 9-10 trips to my car to check though. I don't know what it is about car stereos, but if it sounds balanced there, then it will work everywhere. Strongly considering getting a powerful laptop and sit in the car while doing the final balancing. For real.

    Hello , i own all the packs from Josh because i think they are top level. Since i read that pack 3 is the best of them, i would like to ask you if i'm doing something wrong with it because i think pack 2 is way better than the 3. Am i missing something like pure cabinet settings or clarity or eq? I use pure cabinet always off, i give some clarity if the profile sounds fizzy and leave the profiles eq always on. How are you using them in term of settings? Thanks you all, cheers.

    "Best" is soooo subjective. Don't worry about it :)