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    Yes. Make new connections in the input and output menu in cubase for alle combinations of inputs and store them as presets. I have made one for stereo spdif, but also two mono versions for spdif left/right named stack and DI for when I use the inputs for that. Very handy.

    I do think there is a way to distinguish between studio and merged (I seem to remember Kemper confirming that earlier).

    They also to behave slightly different in terms of the cab block. So perhaps there is a way.

    First, they would have to add a interface into the hardware. Second, they would have to decide if they are going to put in a cheap interface or a pro-type interface which would drastically up the price. Since the Kemper is pro-type then the latter could add another $500+ to the cost of the stage. I believe the Stage was designed for mostly stage use and not necessarily a studio piece. The toaster and rackmount would fit better with a built-in interface (they probably have the room for it). But there is so many options for an interface that Kemper would only satisfy a limited few - so, in the end, not worth it.

    But when I first bought my rackmount, I wish it had one. ;)

    Hm I don't think we can completely rule out that the needed hardware is already present in the current incarnation.


    I don't have experience with it but it gets highly recommended by people I respect a lot (Dan Worrall, Miami etc.)

    I do love that folder tracks become groups as well. Would love to see that in Cubase.

    Totally agree with that too btw. regarding refining (despite popular belief and direct quotes from Kemper people). Intuitively I suspect that how you dial it in affects the tone more. But I agree.

    Oh dear, I need to sort it for a gig this weekend! Do you have wired IEM you can recommend? I don't think I'll be too far away from the desk so I should be ok with a wired connection.

    You don't have any wired headphones laying around?