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    I'am 100% happy with my Kemper.

    But i just want new stuff from Kemper. The next iteration. Not because i need it but because i want new toys.

    I'm afraid that Kemper might be a lil bit to late to the party when it comes to the next big things.

    Kemper needs to put a more complete package together like Fractal does.

    There is so much room for improvements. In my case the kemper alone doesn't cut it. I still need my Helix in combination.

    So guys go ahead and keep innovating shit <3

    For the time they work i'm fine but the fact that there are so few 3 way systems out there seem to confirm your point that 2 ways are still good enough. Before the M3-8 i bought the m-audio bx8 2 way speaker and these were just total garbage. There was only bass and treble basically NO mids. I used them for like one day and already ordered the 3 way system and it was an instant decision to keep'em.

    Thats where my negative attitude towards 2 way systems comes from.

    One day i will just try new monitor in a store before making any purchase.

    Nothing wrong with 2-way. It's all down to the quality of the drivers and crossover filters.

    It may also depend on the size of the drivers. I previously had 2 way monitors with 5" main driver.

    There was no power or size to move enough air to deliver any bass and lower mids.

    Now I have 8" bass driver and 5" dedicated mid drivers. These deliver way more punch.

    I'm sure a good 2 way system with 8" main driver could deliver the same but i guess it would

    always have to compromise between mids and bass.

    I'm sure if i would spend 800€ or so on good 2 way monitors i would even get better results.

    What monitors are these? How do you like them?


    These are M-Audio M3-8

    3 way speaker with additional eq and wood finish sadly they stoped producing them

    or something. because its hard to still get them anywhere.

    Some had issues with them or whatever. Mine work absolutely fine and they sound impressive.

    They weren't even that expensive. At least i will never go back to 2 way monitors again.

    I can definitely recommend the Choptone packs they are quite good and better than others.

    I got myself the Bogie MKV - Just Play these aren't meant for tweaking but like the name suggests they

    are good for plug and play and pretty fun.

    They indeed have MarkV, IIC+, JP2C and other packs so they are pretty complete in that regard.

    Hey mate, welcome to the community.

    I get a different and better sound when I plug my Kemper straight into the HS8s.

    Statements like these leave a lot of room to interpretation. So try to give us a glimpse of what this actually means.

    Let's say the 2i2 is a pretty garbage interface. Ok for the price tag this is an unfair statement but I was never happy with this unit.
    Especially because i struggled a lot with the Headphone amp on the 2i2 this this is totaly useless. Next thing is that the whole unit
    is bus powerd. So there is little room for the interface to amplify any signals which could lead to amplitude drops. But this isn't a
    very scientifically based statement.

    As you said you are using an entry level $150 interface with high end units. There is not much you can expect from that.

    I recently replaced my 2i2 with a Presonus 1824 interface. This made a difference but not as much on the Kemper > Interface > Monitor
    signal chain. On that point the 2i2 loses bot not by that big of a margin. The 2i2 is kinda ok in that regard.

    What i experienced is especially with Stereo setups the whole signal processing makes a huge difference.
    If you send stereo signal from the Kemper to the Interface and don't explicitly split the left/right channels the whole tone is messed up
    pretty bad. You lose so much when the interface summarize you stereo signal into Mono.

    And this a the biggest issue with the 2i2. You send two signals into the 2i2 and they get sum up internally and the mono signal will be
    send to both monitors. That is where you lose so much depth.
    Maye that is part of the reason the 2i2 is messing with your tone. Do you use one cable from the kemper to the 2i2 ? or two ?
    I always used two because i have stereo setup. To bad that the 2i2 is messing with that.

    Try to explain what exactly happens to your tone.

    Hey guys just wanted to leave a lil impression of my newest addition to my practicing rig.

    I used the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro for quite a while now and never felt really pleased with them.
    Like many confirmed the DT990 struggle with lows and highs.

    There is so much bass and mid bass missing with these what you may only recognize when comparing to other headphones.
    The hights on these 250ohm btw. are outstandingly detailed but and that is a big but(t) the highs on the DT990 tend to overextend.
    From time to time they tend to hurt my ears really bad this was always pretty annoying.

    So I tried the DT770 from a friend but those closed back were way to punchy. Not overextended but not very pleasant either.
    The bass on these is way to punchy sure on closed back this is what you can expect. This makes my head hurt pretty fast.

    So i did a lil research. The Philips Fidelio X2 are Philips interpretation of a high-end headphone so no cheap garbage here (expensive).
    These are very well build and even more comfortable then the beyerdynamic and that is not easy to achieve.

    I used to love the Beyerdynamic until yesterday.

    The X2 have so much more low end that i missed on the DT990 there is this whole spectrum that i hear now that was completely missing.
    The highs aren't as detailed as on the DT990 but this is fine. For the few little things you compromise in the highs you gain so much more
    in the low end spectrum where the real fun is in my opinion. The the good thing even with that is that there aren't these ultra piercing highs
    anymore. There is enough to enjoy every spectrum of your sound but nothing that offends you.

    For me these are now my main headphones the Beyerdynamic stand no chance there.
    I played on very high volume for quite a while yesterday and there was no fatigue on my ears. The DT990 were unbearable after 30 minutes.
    The X2 are just way more fun.
    The DT990 Pro may be good for analysis and mixing but in a practicing environment i want more fun and the X2 deliver this pretty good.
    And due to the open back design these aren't too punchy so very nice to listen to.

    Can u setup the helix to send cc on program select?

    What I do (also no remote). Sending cc50 to select slot one of a performance, gets you the unmorphed state. Pushing it again, resends the cc50, which sets the profile to 100% morphed state.
    (Cc51 for slot 2, cc52 for slot head...check the manual ;))
    Probably you need to disconnected the exp pedal, else the kpa might recieve data to set different morph status.

    The Helix is pretty good in terms of Midi switching so i can set up every patch so that it sends multiple Midi commands to the kemper.
    I may have to switch to CC commands and try to figure out how the Kemper behaves in performance mode when getting the CC commands.

    The manual is pretty long ;) i a haven't found any informations about this topic in there.

    It always occured to me that u can simply toggle between morphed and unmorphed (using preset selection on midicontroler / floorboard), and dail to any value you like, regardless If its up or down.
    Did you try that?

    I don't have the Kemper Remote im using a Helix to do the switching on the Kemper. Can I setup the Kemper itself to go to an ummorphed state when calling a Rig ?

    Correct me if I am wrong ... so you use a VOLUME pedal and use it as an EXPRESSION pedal and it works ?

    Like paults already mentioned you can use the Volume Pedal as expression pedal too using an TRS Y-cable.
    But this is just barely usable and may depend on the internal poti.

    Yeah thats what i kinda guessed.

    Is there a way to tell the rig to set everything to toe position instead ?

    Or am i forced to setup my morphing so that the heel position is always my default setup ?
    Correct me here but isn't that kinda counter intuitive ?

    Like in this example i use the exp pedal to back off my amp by going from toe to heel position.
    If i can't change the morphing on that rig i would have to set it up so that i back off the amp going from heel to toe.
    This would just feel kinda wrong to me.

    Hey guys,

    yesterday i hooked up my Ernie Ball EB6180 VP-JR with the kemper and used it as expression pedal.
    This works just barely exaptable but it works.

    I setup a rig morphing to manipulate the amp gain from like 40% lowest gain to 70% highest gain.
    So far this works fine. I stored the rig with the amp set to 70% gain. If i switch to this rig in performance mode the amp is
    always initially set back to 40%

    Am I doing something wrong here ? Is the morphing feature always set to minimum value first ? Or why does the kemper set
    the amp to 40% even if i stored it with 70% gain ?

    Hey guys shitty title i know.

    Listen to the intro of this Greg Koch performance.
    How does he achieve this tone ?
    This really nervous and almost overboosted kind of tone?
    Look at his playing he gently plays with low afford but it sound as if he would slap the shit out of his guitar.
    I tried to boost the front of my preamp section in combination with a compression pedal but i don't get close to

    Any ideas on that one ?

    Hey folks,

    yesterday i finally decide to buy EZ Drummer 2 i already tried it before so i knew what i could expect.
    I spend the evening jamming to some random Drum tracks and this is a hell lot of fun.

    Best purchase in a long time.

    But i was wondering if there are any free midi tracks available out there or if there is even the chance to import them properly.
    Sure i could buy the EZX packs but those cost quite some money.

    Im just curious if there is a community around it providing some additional midis.


    unfortunately it is exactly true. Isolation is only ever as good as the weakest link. Sound simply goes round the treatment and travels through the wall. It’s a common misconception that you can reduce sound transmission by partial treatment. You CAN massively improve the sound in the room but it is a complete waste of time and money to try and achieve isolation by partially “soundproofing” the room. You are correct that even properly isolating the room with a suspended MAM structure still won’t provide total isolation but unfortunately it is the only way to even reduce it partially

    I can't proof you wrong and i have no intentions to do so but keep in mind that i have the situation that i must asure that the whole construction is reversible.
    I live in a rented flat so i need to have the chance to clear the room to the state i had before.

    So a room in a room isn't even on the table. This would be simply total overkill for what im gaining from it.
    Again i don't have huge amounts of noise in my room. No amps no drums or screaming people. Ok maybe me when im gaming but besides that ...
    So i don't need to over engineer things.
    I saw drummers on youtube that built them selfs primitive isolations pads for their drum you reduce the sound emissions to their neighbors flats.
    this was mainly to decouple the drums mechanically. they didn't even sound proof by any means. And they had quite some success.

    You are right that air travels via air and material. So i assume that i have to minimize the whole area which can transport sound waves.
    And again i don't need 100% isolation in ever spectrum.

    Seems like you don't mind to invest a bit more if you're already considering full wall treatment. You can do that, of course. And if you've already worked with rockwool, you can use this as well even though it's really nasty to work with, hehe. Again, don't make it less than 10cm! But if you decide to treat the entire wall, then you should make sure you don't kill ALL of the reflections.
    Reflections are necessary for a good room sound, the worst thing that could happen is a dead, anechoic room. To tackle this problem, you could use acoustic wood panels on top of your rockwool/basotect/bitumen construction: See this image search link to get the idea what panels I'm talking about:…anel&source=lnms&tbm=isch

    Yeah that is good to mention. I often heard about rooms that were treated so good it was actually weird or annoying to be in them.
    I guess even with this one wall fully treated i would still have enough reflective surfaces in the room. Like shelfs etc.
    And i have the intention to build myself wooden diffusors for the wall directly behind me. So that i don't kill to much of the reflection.

    In the end i will be a a thing of balancing sound proofing this one wall and still get a good room acoustic.

    While audiomitch certainly has a point for quick'n'easy temporary sound treatment, I don't think you want to do that as a permanent setup for your music room.;)

    Rockwool as suggested by sambrox is a working (and frequently used) solution as well with basically 2 potential downsides you should be aware of:
    1. You want to make sure that you handle and apply the rockwool in a way that prevents you from breathing rockwool dust! Take care about this, rockwool won't ever be friends with your lungs. :)
    2. In a closed environment, most rockwool materials suck humidity out of the air (hygroscopic). You'll be fine if you have a window and open it frequently. But in a closed room you would have to take care of a healthy humidity (e.g. by using a humidifier). Totally dry rooms are bad for your own health (mucous membranes and eyes) AND for your wood based instruments (guitars).

    Hey guys in the picture i send you the red panel above my monitor is basically that.
    A self made wood frame filled with Rockwool and cuvered with acoustic fabric. I know that i have to be carfull with handling Rockwool this stuff is annoying as fuck ;)
    But now its safe and i can guarantee room humidity by just open my windows.

    As i said earlier i'm not a sound engineer so i might have lower expectations from the end result. I just need to understand what kind of treatment is
    just waste of time and money and what may actually work.

    How about full coverage ? If i have wall of lets say 3,5m x 2,5m do i have to treat the full wall surface ?
    I think that single panels won't have any effect because the sound could travel through the wall at untreated surfaces right ?

    So whatever i end up doing i assume that i have to cover 100% of the walls surface ?

    Ok bitumen not directly onto the wall sounds plausible i read about this a while ago.

    So another idea i have a while back was to build custom panels like shown below.
    These would be basically wooden panels decoupled from the wall. so i have a lil air gab and heavy material so absord lower frequencies.
    But i don't know how much material is really needed to kill the lower frequencies effectively. sure thick foam but i would rather bet my money
    on more heavier bitumen or that kind of stuff to do the job.

    Just to clear something up :-)

    What you can do with foam, broadband absorbers, etc etc etc is NOT soundproofoing. It is evening out the frequency response. This is very different than soundproofing, which is a whole nother level of complicated. As has been alluded to earlier, it is achieve with "room in a room" - and mass. Concrete, rubber mats etc etc. While the aforementioned sound TREATMENT (bass traps, broadband absorbers, panels etc) will of course absorb SOME of the sound, it will NOT make much of a dent in the amount of volume in your neighbours appartment.

    I know that i won't achieve soundproofing by foam alone.
    The foam treatment i did so far was only to kill some of the annoying reflections in the room and to get the acoustic to a decent level.
    I'm not a professional so don't get me to much shit for that.
    This was mainly to kill the early reflection which were pretty noticeable. This Wall behind the desk isn't the one to my neighbors thats the one behind me.
    That is the wall where i intended to try to soundproof a lil bit.
    Again i don't play a gig room levels here. i don't have any drums or real amps that i use. just the monitors.
    And i don't need to kill a 100% just lowering everything to decent levels.

    I thought about putting hard bitumen plates onto the wall on that would came Basotect foam (lets assume 5-7cm) and on that either another layer of acoustic foam or heavy sound proofing curtains.

    So you guys say that i need a second layer of walls in my room but be realistic guys. this is a rented flat i'm not going to build a room in here ;)
    And by soundproofing i don't speak about 100% isolation maybe i should have added that to my initial statement.