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    Another way to do it instead of changing the loop distortion effect would be to change the existing noise gates (the ones in slots) and add a source parameter with at least the following values:

    1 - Guitar input

    2 - Previous slot (the current setting, I guess)

    Before my Kemper, I was using an ISP Decimator G String (…imator-ii-g-string-pedal/). It's a noise gate that uses the clean guitar signal as the trigger (sidechain). It works really well.

    It would would be nice if the Loop Distortion effect had a noise gate option that worked the same as the Decimator (use the clean signal as the trigger). It would work better than the current Loop Distortion + Noise Gate in two different slots, since the noise gate would have the clean signal for reference (without all the hiss and noise already).

    No you're right, it can't be summed to mono or it won't sound good. You have to feed mono monitors with only the left channel, or use stereo in-ears. I did not try to sum both channels when using different IRs, but I guess it would not be much better. I use my Mimiq to only add 1 additional guitar.

    For those who play as the only guitarist in a band it would be great to have something like a delay from 3 to 45 ms to be assigned on one side to have a diffused stereo and create space for the singer in the middle

    You might want to take a look at the TC Electronics Mimiq pedal. I use it in live situations where I'm the only guitarist. It really widens the sound and sounds better than a simple delay. You can use it after the main out or in the effects loop. I wish it was a built-in effect of the Kemper. For even better performance, use another cab IR with an IR pedal such as the Mooer Radar for the 2nd side. It sounds big. Of course, it's not as good as a real second guitar, but for a live performance with only 1 guitar, it's amazing.


    I use 2 pedals in the effects loop that run on 9V power. I would like to power them using a 9V adapter to avoid dealing with batteries (in fact I can't use batteries for 1 pedal). Of course, I could just use 2 mains connections just like I do right now: one for the Kemper and one for the pedals. However, since I have an unpowered toaster, there is a lot of space in the back, and I assume it uses the same components as the powered version, minus the power amp. That means there should be an unused power connector inside? I don't want to open my Kemper just for the fun of it. Has anyone attempted something like this? Does someone have pictures of the inside? I think there are some power amp mods that use the same power as the Kemper. This is probably what they do. The advantage is that the master (rotary) switch of the Kemper would control the auxiliary power too.

    One more thing with this setup: make sure you unlock monitor output volume so that it doesn't change with master volume, and set it to a level matching the send (direct) output when the loop is active.

    I received the Hotone Binary Cab. Seems like a nice pedal so far. I'm going to play some more and report back. It complements the Mimiq really well.

    Edit: I'm talking about Mirek's connections with the Mimiq, not the delay.

    I arrived to the same conclusion, with the exact same settings before you posted. I don't have the Mooer Radar but I faked it with a DAW plugin (realtime processing). It sounds pretty good for a live sound (considering there's only 1 real guitar playing). I think I'll buy the pedal. It's worth it, it really help with stereo separation. Now I'll have to choose between the Mooer Radar and the Hotone Binary Cab IR. I like the fact that the Hotone runs on 9V just like every other pedal. There's not too many reviews yet though...

    @MirekGR10 Great idea. Are you sure the cab sim off works when the stereo loop is engaged though? Can you confirm by bypassing the mooer? The Left or Right channel should very harsh if that's the case. If it is, I'll have to buy one! Your audio sample rocks!

    In the KPA I will set stereo loop.

    1.monitor out - caf sim off. - Mooer Radar - Mimiq ( I have mono) - return KPA

    2. direct out - alt.input.

    I don't think it can match the Kemper audio-wise, but still... It has nice features that the Kemper lack:
    - Audio over USB
    - Midi over USB
    - Editor app controllable over Bluetooth
    - 2 send/return loops

    Yes, it would work. What I'm wondering is if I would lose the balanced output of the XLR. I try to use balanced connections everywhere I can since it really helps with ground loops and to some degree, noise. If the jacks are wired together, the 1/4 mono jack will short cold and ground together.

    Does someone know if the TRS and XLR main outs are physically wired together? I suspect this is so since they cannot be retasked separately. I would like to know because I would like to use both at the same time with balanced XLR cables to the mixer and an unbalanced stereo amplifier with the 1/4 outputs. I guess the unbalanced 1/4 jack would short the cold signal and I would lose the noise reduction if they are directly wired together.


    Thanks Matt clears it up, all good on the photo brother. Have you tried it the way i have it set up?
    (Stereo out mimiq -> the input of the kemper ), i still think your set up may be better and less coloring
    however i run 2 mission stereo cabs so have to have it set up that way.

    No, I'm not sure how I could without 2 Kempers. Your setup is very logical with a true stereo setup though. It must sound really good, especially with the Mission cabs!

    What FRFR"s do you have is there any chance you can upload a photo?

    I use cheap Behringer B112D but they sound pretty good for the price. They have both 1/4 and XLR inputs. I simply used a 1/4 guitar cable and connected one speaker in each of the Mimiq's output. One speaker for L, and another for R. The speakers themselves are mono. I can upload a photo later if you want.

    I also feel that the sound is a little better with the Mimiq out of the loop, but it's less convenient. I'm not sure why what is so. Even with the mix as 100% and 0dB ducking, it seems the Kemper still messes with the sound returning from the pedal. I also notice a volume jump when turning ON/OFF the X effect, and it returns to normal after a small delay (less than 0.5s). It might come from the additional A/D digital conversions required to operate the loop.