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    yeah, I guess it comes down to the level you are playin on. I am not a professional player, playin in two cover bands. But for those 20 gigs per year it is pretty much effort to keep a sub up to date for the whole set. A sub for drums or base is OK, but guitar and keys is a lot oft work.

    Never had to cancel a gig in 20 years, till Corona showed up. Had positive tests last autumn and was und er quarantine. Was wrong positive, it turned out.

    Right now, i am truely positive (all well, i'm doin fine), and should be on stage for 2 h already...

    Apart from that, I played with a brocken foot, sitting on a flight case and stuff like that...

    Having a sub for every band member is not really feasible, I think.

    I also use theShure 215SE model. My lead singer is an audiologist and made me custom molds. Not happy with the harshness. During rehearsal I use a set of over the ear Sony MDR 75 and I really like its sound as it’s a fairly flat sound. Many studio engineers use them for their so-called neutrality. Could anybody recommend a set of higher End IEMs that sounds a lot like the Sony MDR75s?

    your Nick suggests that you are from the netherlands - if this is the case, you could talk to vision ears in cologne/germany. They sent a few universal test buds to me and me and the othets in our band could try then during rehersal and a gig. Afterwards, everyone made a decision wether to buy and which model. Of course custom molds translate a little different than universal plugs, but it was a good starting point doing it that way.


    despite that, I would like to ask why you want to usw IEM. If it was for home use only, I would allways use normal headphones. You get way more comfortable and good sounding ones for less money - compared to IEMs.

    If you plan to use it live, which is allways a good idea, IEMs are the way to go. Unfortunately, you will have to spend money on this, since the soundquality in your ears mainly depends in the phones - and these can get quite expensive. I myself have used thomann earplugs for about 100€, which were ok-ish, at that time. I ended up with custom IEMs Form vision ears for 1.5k... But they are worth it! You can get wired headphone amp beltpacks from Fisher Amps, I use these too. Or go the wireless Route - again more expenses...

    Bluetooth wont work, as already mentioned.

    You asked for connections on your desk - I would simply plug the Kempers Output into one, or two channels, if you go stereo. Be careful not to overdrive the input. Then use the built-in headphone amp of the desk and listen to your guitar. From there on, you can develop your live monitoring system, if you planned to do so.


    also was ich gerne mache, um im Mix nicht unterzugehen, ist ein kleiner boost bei 1khz. Zumindest bei gain sounds. Gibt dem ganzen eine leicht "nasale" Note, wenn ich das umschreiben sollte. Mache das mit nem Studio eq in slot x.

    Und generell darauf achten, dass nicht zu viele low mids vorhanden sind, die matschen im Kontext gerne. Ist aber natürlich auch abhängig von der Besetzung. Im Trio kit Bass und drums kannst du letztendlich machen was du willst...


    würde ich nicht machen, warum nich direkt auf speakon Buchse gehen? Die sind zum Schrauben. Glaube, dass du mittlerweile noch nicht mal mehr ne Endhülse auf die Litze machen musst. Bei den letzten, die ich verarbeitet habe war da ein kleines Blech mit verbaut, das einen gleichmäßigen Druck auf die Lutze gewährleistet.


    it will propably introduce some phasing, since your iem mix from the desk has an added latency (assuming you are using a digi console).

    I would suggest to exclude your guitar signal from the iem mix you receive from the desk and just add this in the Kemper.