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    Your monitors and the volume you listen have a big impact on the listening pleasure. I was using some budget monitors and they made the Kemper sound budget. Not a killer if you're recording, since the full glory gets captured, but not inspiring.

    Have you got some good headphones? Plug those into the Steinberg and if you still aren't getting a great sound at decent volume then there may be some input configuration needed.

    Hi there! What type of cables are you using to connect the Kemper outputs to the Steinberg? If XLR mic cables the Steinberg might be treating the signal as a mic and adding preamp (maybe even phantom power?).

    Make sure to try it with regular guitar cables if you haven't.

    Otherwise I suspect a setting in the Steinberg to get it to know what it's getting.

    I think you misinterpreted my comment. I said the same, but powered. I understand Ohms Law and how power relates to current and voltage. Both have the same sonic characteristics apart from volume and Fletcher M effect.


    Two quick comments:
    1) I know a guy with a Boss GT8. And he swears by a Nobles OD in front of it. Amazing tone always.

    2) A speakers output may change a lot at loud volumes. The speaker will go into mechanical compression (ie have trouble moving back and forth linearly for the volume). So you get some compression and a mid boost, I think, when the speaker is driven. May sound thicker, more present, and be more responsive to touch. Or you can have it too loud and it sounds like crap, but will ascend you to Valhalla :)

    I think if he's a great guitarist he'll make anything sound great.

    I bet he could make a Kemper with the Nobles in front sound better than his GT8. 🙂

    I was at the bleeding edge of digital amps. I ordered a Line 6 Axys 212 as soon as they came out. That was a really good amp and sounded excellent. 50W stereo. But... it was always missing something. Part of that was my misunderstanding of volume. I initially thought it sounded "digital" because I was expecting the huge Marshall lead patch to sound realistic at home levels. Then I got it into the band and it really sounded like an amp.

    I used to use a Boss GT-8 with my Bogner in 4 cable mode and it sounded great. The amp sims not so much.

    Kemper has raised the bar so far that when I go back to some of my old stuff it sounds really low-fi and "digital".