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    I lock it and have a few different Input (bass, SG2000, Tele, etc.).

    The fact that the Kemper can also cater for someone with a non-typical use case of needing different Input settings per rig is a yet another testament to their design.

    I've now got Tom Anderson pickups in most of my electrics and they're definitely the best humbuckers I've tried. I've also got TV Jones and Kinmans for single coils, which I love.

    I swapped out the SD Alnico II set in my Yamaha SG2000 with Anderson H series and the results were great. Much more balanced, punchy and clear.

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    OK then...

    Completely depends on the venue and your personal taste.

    In a small place I'd hate if the guitarist was blasting a 4x12 just to get feedback. I think that's a job for the Freqout. I tend to work in groups that have a lot of vocal stuff, so I love a quiet stage and a pumping PA.

    If it's a large stage or festival it's all on.

    I think it's also important as a band to have rehearsals and practices as different things.

    For practice you're learning new things and trying out different tones etc, so just a Kemper and Kab is great. I also like to keep practice volume levels really low, so we can learn and try vocal harmonies together.

    A rehearsal should be just like the gig, with no big pauses between songs and with a PA at gig volume (ish). Give band members s**t if they start practicing at rehearsal - they should be ready. 😎

    Having a Kemper doesn't change the choice of PA. The single biggest factor is how and where you play. To be more specific - if you're putting the kick drum and bass guitar in the FOH mix and play reasonably big venues you'll need a LOT more power and speakers.

    Regardless, just look for the most flat frequency response, known brand, and a good warranty.

    Avoid plugging the Kemper into the mic inputs. Use line inputs.

    thanks on the EXIT!!.. but it's typical German.. well built and long lasting.. with a terrible understanding of UI and Software flow.. contrast to BMW/Tesla.. BMW builds quality but has been lost as cars turn electric, Tesla builds crap cars around a functional monetizable software base. Germany struggled with C19 not due to citizen cooperation, but due to disparate and terrible software scalability. Europe's best hope is to stifle big Tech, as they simply can't hang digitally with the US or China.

    The rig manager is a step in the right direction, but its the equivalent of a 2014 DAW set up. Things like Amplitude and Guitar rig had better UI and flow 7 years ago.

    I disagree with your assessment of the UI and your negative stereotyping of Germany.

    Thanks, yeah I get that part. But if you're using a Kab as your monitor, wouldn't you want the sound from the profile's cab instead of some other speaker sound from an imprint?

    The goal is to have the same speaker sound in your "amp in the room" monitoring (which the Kabinet does) as the one in the profiled amp.

    In my specific case, I use a few different clean to breakup Fender profiles that make me play better when I've got some "amp" sound.