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    I do my cruical recording on harddisks not larger than 1 GB.

    Every bit has more space on these less dense harddisks.

    The result is a more airy and relaxed track. You should try it. Difference is obvious.

    PS: Seagate harddisks sound the best IMHO. But I wlll do more tests.

    NOS drives from the 90's have the best tone. 😀

    He's absolutely adamant that only a cranked Marshall will do, unless you purchase the digital one with his name on it. Isn't this similar to how he became a Gibson endorser? There was no LP on the handful of tracks that he got known for, but he was a Gibson man through and through. 😀

    If I could have 3 miked tube amps, a guitar tech, and a team of sound people I would also do that. To me that's still the most incredible sound. But... I don't have that option so I'm willing to slightly compromise for convenience and flexibility.

    I also find myself getting uber bored when faced with a whole concert of the same rig, regardless of how perfect the sound is.

    One of the very few things that I don't like about the KPA is that the tone doesn't change when I roll back my guitar's volume. I know that is a good thing for a many players but a lot of amps, particularly non-master volume amps like 4 input Marshalls and tweed Fenders, brighten up when you roll back the guitar's volume when the amp is cranked. The KPA doesn't do that. The tone stays the same. I think that may be what Richard Fortus is talking about.

    I have not experienced a huge difference between tube amps and the Kemper in terms of rolling back the volume. I've played mine side by side against an actual amp I profiled and they clean up the same. That was using the same 2x12 guitar cab at about the same volume though, so the Fletcher Munson effect was the same.

    Hate to say it but it's the equivalent of hopping on a Democrat forum espousing the merits of Trump and vice versa. You get the same adversarial response. Teams on both sides are in defensive mode. It's a human reaction. It happens. Only you can decide to take part or not. Neither side is going to convince the other that they are right.

    True! Everyone here also has a financial interest in the perception of the Kemper brand due to the resale value.

    For the record I didn't mean this is the wrong part of the Kemper forum to discuss. I meant that this sort of thread about a competing product is likely to get ugly. I could be wrong...

    In addition to the Lyndhurst compressor, I also run an OCD clone and an Uberschall pedal in front and I'm used to turning them on/off individually.

    I think sticking them all in a loop in Effect 1 makes the most sense, so I can turn them all on at once. It consumes a slot, but I usually use that slot for the Kemper compressor if I'm not using the pedalboard, so nothing lost.

    I've always run my compressor in front of the Kemper and it sounds really good, but should I be putting it in a loop and assigning it to Effect 1 instead? Wondering if the Kemper sounds better if the Input section is fed the pure guitar signal.

    Same question for dirt pedals.

    Sorry if this has been discussed already.

    I see it more as defending the concept of being enthusiastic about a potential new technology that isn't from Kemper. This is the wrong place for this discussion IMO. I'm sure NQC have a forum or Facebook page.