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    Wise man!
    Also when recording i like to record amp and effects separately. So i set master output to DLY/REV Wet, Monitor Out to Stack and direct to git analog (Di just in case). Let's say you use too much reverb while recording - with one track you can't do anything about it. So better way is to adjust effect while mixing or to record dry (without reverb when it's not big part of that sound).
    I'm happy using analog outs more than spdif really :)

    Excellent point. I record all of my electric guitars dry in mono, then add delay/reverb in the DAW for better control. Also lets me automate them, so I can make the mix more dynamic.

    Hi there! When it comes to recording, composition and arrangement is everything.

    When everything has a place in the song and doesn't just run all over other parts then recording and mixing is easy.

    If you just start laying down tracks you're more likely to end up with a mess that doesn't really sound clear and distinct no matter how much sculpting you try to do in the DAW.

    Listen to how few instruments there are in any one part of a lot of great songs. Less is more when the writing is great.

    I found a difference between Kab and FRFR. I was messing with the looper, playing a Deluxe Reverb profile rhythm, then a part with a big Shiva lead sound. The Kabinet has to choose an imprint for both, so as soon as I switched profiles the Deluxe changed to a V30 sounding speaker. Still sounds great of course. 😎

    Not an issue, but with FR each profile retains its character better in this use case.

    I am currently using a Yamaha DSR112. Very happy but super bulky, thinking about changing to the Kabinet. Anyone has experience coming from a FRFR to the kabinet?

    If you've got a powered Kemper or a good class D amp then I would highly recommend the Kabinet for situations where you want an amp in the room sound, like just jamming or a quiet band practice.

    Even when the stages open up and we can gig again I think I'll bring it, for monitoring and a bit more interaction between the speakers and the strings when needed.

    That's a good point about the positioning of the feet. I'm definitely going to move mine closer to the corners as it really does feel unstable with the head on top.

    I never claimed that an Axe-Fx II can be updated via firmware to sound like an Axe-Fx III; however, the Axe-Fx II's Tone Match feature can create a fairly indistinguishable reproduction of most Axe-Fx III tones, but there's no way I'd go back to the Axe-Fx II because the features of the III are head and shoulders above the II.

    Well then you are missing my point.

    I'm comparing their flagship model from 2012 and the 2019 one, regardless of what they call them. I still think the Kemper of each of those years is a better sounding amp than either and doesn't have the built in obsolescence.

    I'm not saying the Axe-FX is crap. I'm saying Kemper is the best I've tried or heard.