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    Don't simply plug "one of these" with "one of those" together. Please consult the Main Manual chapter PROFILER Remote paragraph Cabling. It emphasizes on the criticality of the Ethernet cable connection to provide sufficient power for the Remote. Don't ignore those hints and don't follow advice provided by risk takers, but use a PoE injector instead. Otherwise you might be experiencing restarts and loss of connections.

    Thanks Burkhard, I already ordered 'one of these' and 'one of those' after seeing that quite a few folks had taken similar approaches but if I have any issues I'll grab the PoE injector. Nothing's going to blow the thing up in the meanwhile, right?

    Howdy folks :)

    Amongst other pedals, I've got my KPA Remote velcroed to a big ol' Pedaltrain, and I'm on a mission to make my pedalboard as plug & play as possible before some upcoming shows.

    As well as having a Voodoo Labs PP2+ powering my pedals, I installed a 5-way patchbay from GigRig, so connecting everything to the Kemper is a cinch.

    Lastly, I'd like to take the stress off the Remote cable, so I'm thinking of installing one of these to the pedalboard, then buying one of these in 25cm to finish the connection.

    Has anyone tried this kind of thing?


    ...are there so many great free profiles out there that paid ones are bordering on unnecessary?

    I dunno. I picked up my Kemper three months ago and have been living in a state of pure, perpetual bliss ever since. There are so many fantastic profiles I'm picking up on Rig Manager, from the old Bassmans to some of my favourite Carrs and Polytones. I'm getting a lot of compliments on my tone. I feel like I'm converting people to Kemper every day.

    When planning the purchase of this thing, I budgeted for all the paid profiles I'd be getting, and have so far bough precisely zero. I do a lot of production and engineering, so my ear's pretty good, but am I missing a whole other world by not paying for my profiles? Sure, I guess there's a consistency, but I'm curious to hear how much 'better' they are.

    Over and out x

    Hey forum!

    So after months of lusting I've finally picked up my new Kemper. I get a lot of time to sit around and play guitar due to my work (own business making samples/masterclasses etc) and my mind has been fully blown by this machine. Looking back through old posts and feature requests, it seems like a great time to hop on board, what with all the features of the new OS updates.

    I actually have slightly mixed feelings about it all. The 'negative' feelings are merely byproducts of the extremely positive ones. This thing has just taken possibilities to the stratosphere, and is proving immensely useful for a studio guy like me. Being able to layer guitars at the speed of light, then recall the rigs later, makes the whole process more focused on creativity. Can't wait to try it on stage.

    Sadly, I really can't justify most of my pedals any more. Between the factory effects, the updated delays and the possibility to store my own effects, all my Strymon gear (amongst everything else) suddenly feels like mere eye candy. Thing is - I love big, old school beat-up pedal boards as much as the next guy! I always thought the slick/digital all-in-one boards looked kind of lame and less interactive on stage. NOW I HAVE ONE.

    I also feel like it's almost made things too easy. But I'm accepting that the new ease and access to high quality sound will enable more time for being creative and less time for faffing about setting mics up.

    So, despite some mild transition blues, here's to the future! :thumbsup: