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    Hi @ikertursi,

    Unfortunately, I did not make merged profiles for that specific profiling session... I was only experimenting with the technique to see what I could come up with. Besides, the cab used for the given profile is a Marshall with G12T-75 Celestion speakers... I do not have V30s at the moment! :-(


    @bigb6611 No worries man. I'm in the same spot. I have a 4 x 12 1960A with g12t-75's.

    I believe that the profile "TH - Diesel VH Four D" in the most recent Tonehammer rig pack (available within rig manager) is using the Fredman micing technique. It is a merged profile.

    @Snicir oh sweet! thanks for the tip! I have several Tonehammer rig's. They do a great job.

    Hi Ben!

    Hey is that profile with the Fredman micing a merged profile? I've been looking for a Cab with V30's miced using the Fredman technique for a while.