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    I can't store a performance on my KPA via editor. Everytime I change the name of a performance and I try to store it, it just changes back to the old name. Anyone experiencing this problem too? If I try to store it in the local library RM crashes.


    I was facing the same latency issue when I did the first MIDI program change, but after some experimenting I realised it’s just the screen that is lagging. I always program my preset change 1/16th before the beat. It takes some time to get used to not having control over your sound. Try it for yourself and listen if the sound changes at the exact moment.

    Sorry for bad grammar, not a native speaker.

    Hoki Toki Off course! If there’s a count in then there is no need for a tempo indication, but every now and then it’s just you, the singer and the need for the perfect ballad tempo haha :p especially in a theater setting with quick change overs there is no other option then a blinking cue.

    Thanks for the reactions by the way! Good to know it’s a hardware problem, and there is no prospect of fixing this.


    Why is the TAP tempo LED going nuts? It would be very useful if this problem gets solved. Sometimes you have to start a song and need a tempo indication. The TAP tempo LED is a perfect solution for that. And how come that a very complex digital amp has a little flaw like this? Is there anybody that understands why this is a problem and is there chance they are going to fix this?



    I just went to the Feature Requests section to ask for the same thing. A small profiler player would absolutely destroy the market in a positive way for Kemper. They have a serious chance to evolve the way musicians use the technical capabilities available now a days.

    When the HX stomp came out I bought it without hesitation. The footprint is ridiculous small and i'm impressed by the way it can sound, but every time I use it I just miss the detail and immense refined sound of the Kemper, and I just mean pure amp sound. On top of that they totally ace'd(is that a word? not a native speaker) the delay and reverb update. Can you imagine having all that in a small pedal format? It would be insane. By the way is it even possible hardware wise? I have zero knowledge of the technical aspect of amp modeling so maybe I'm dreaming of the impossible :p Anyway, a very big +1!

    Dear Kemperites,

    The last few months I’ve been working on a project called Fat Panda. A band that writes songs with the use of youtube comments. So feel free to comment whatever you like! Every sunday at 5pm we post a new song.

    I’m very happy with the results I get with the kemper. Let me know what you think! Every form of advice is welcome : )

    Oh and a big SO to the kemper community! I seriously learned a lot about the KPA just by browsing this forum and reading some useful discussions and because of the good vibe it’s a joy to read the threads.



    The thomann cable is just as flexible as a mic cable. It’s a bit thinner than a mic cable though.

    If you can get an original one for the same price then that’s the best option I guess. After 2,5 years of heavy usage it’s still in a good condition.

    FRFR speakers tend to have a fairly wide dispersion due to their design, Mr. Kemper brought up the "beaminess" of the Kemper speaker a couple of times, so I'm guessing that the Kemper speaker, though essentially full range, was tweaked to behave more like a guitar speaker and less like a typical FRFR speaker.

    Either way, this is all just another "Hey, let's all run this for 200 pages speculating and arguing about something that doesn't even exist in the wild yet" thread, so we're all just throwing out ideas to keep ourselves entertained until the cabs hit the market.


    Who would have thought that the joy of the new reverbs would pass that quickly :p haha

    Dear fellow KPA users,

    I'm having a really weird issue with my acoustic guitar and the KPA powerhead (Gibson J-45 standard). A few months ago I tried Bert's profiles with my J45 and this issue occured. When I turn my guitar volume to 100% it kills the sound. Only when I play loud the sound comes through but then quickly dies out. When I found out about this issue I didn't necessarily had to work with the KPA j45 combination so i just brought a small amp to gigs. After a while I tried it again, and it worked flawlessly. Even did some rehearsals with it without any issues. Today the problem suddenly came back. I have no clue where it's coming from.

    - checked the cable
    - checked the dxr10
    - checked the guitar on another amp
    - replaced battery
    - turned of all effects/noise gate and everything else that could interveine
    - problems also occurs when using a headphone

    Here's a soundclip:…acoustic%20error.mp3?dl=0

    First 4 times I strike a chord and then turn my volume back to 80%(the sound comes back when i do this).

    Am i missing something really stupid here? :p Has anyone heard of this problem before?



    PS: sorry for bad grammar