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    Hello fellow KPA users,

    Wouldn't it be nice to have an effect to adjust the attack of your guitar? Yes, I tried the auto volume trick with delay swells(thanks to Ingolf) and this is a perfect solution for slower swells but for instance the POG2 has a fader for the attack time, even for the dry signal. This allows you to play fast lines without attack(like Kurt Rosenwinkel). Also the KPA has incredible delays, adding this effect would give even more options to create beautifull pad sounds.

    It takes a long time to navigate in the effects menu, maybe an option to only see effect types? So you don't have to scroll: Dual crystal 1, Dual crystal 2, Dual crystal 3 etc

    Besides these requests i am VERY happy with my kemper. It sounds awesome and has tons of options that are amazing for live performances. Also a big up for this community!! :)