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    I'm pretty sure it's a software issue cos it only started happening after the os upgrade that improved responsiveness of controls.

    I'm no engineer...just an elderly guitar guy , so I might be totally wrong.

    Actually it would be interesting if Kemper would give a summary explanation of what is going on when such bugs surface.

    Naturally without revealing any proprietary secrets etc..but just a heads up that for example speeding up responsiveness impacted some other routine.

    It would actually be useful so that users can decide if an update is essential or not for their particular rig.

    For example if responsiveness was not an issue for their rig/use etc they could skip an update and save themselves the hassle of installing fixes and having to contact support.

    Just my 2cents... 😀

    support was very good.

    Within a few hours they sent me a Kaos.bin to try out and run a diagnostic.

    Haven't had the chance to install yet.

    In the meantime a new beta has been published so I will install this and hopefully the issue will be resolved.

    First time I needed support in 6 years and Kemper guys were very prompt...thanks guys!

    Much much better than other tech supports I've had to deal with for other gear.

    I'll try the new os for a while and see if the issue is completely resolved since it was such a random occurrence and impossible to reproduce consistently.

    Hi all
    Is there a way of assigning an expression pedal (mission) to aux in level?
    I use a Fishman ftp to drive vst synths on a laptop.
    The output of the laptop is connected to the Kemper aux in.
    It works fine but it would be very useful to assign a pedal to the aux level so as to fade synths in out etc.

    apologies if I've missed it in the documentation


    Hi all
    My rig : Kemper unpowered rack, remote, mission volume pedal, frfr speaker os6/7.3/7.5

    On switching on the machine seems to default to max volume despite the volume pedal being parked in the heel (mute) position
    This can lead to some very loud noises especially if using high gain rig with little or no noise gating but also on rigs where the amp/cab sections are that case any hiss associated with eq is heard at max volume.
    This happens when booting to browse and /or performance mode and whether a guitar is plugged in or not.
    On boot it would seem the kemper bypasses whatever position the volume pedal is on and one has toggle the pedal to bring things under control.The sudden burst of noise is quite disconcering to me, other band members and sound engineers.
    Is this normal?
    It happened with os6 and seems to be even worse with 7.3/7.5
    The only solution is to switch on powered speaker after the machine has booted and to ask sound guy to mute channels until i get to toggle the mission volume pedal.
    Am I missing some setting?

    Thanks for any suggestions

    Hi Paults
    I'm not sure what a reverse wah effect is.
    The effect I'm talking about is achieved by plugging the guitar into the output of the wah and the input to the amp and controlled via the tone pot.
    A good demo is here:

    It can be heard on echoes and also Is anybody out there

    go to 13.08

    Is there anybody out there:

    go to 0.43
    My request is somewhat whimsical as I think it's physically impossible, but hey who's to say the wizards of Kemper can't find a way to emulate it!
    The looper request is very real....perhaps the samples could be stored on a usb stick

    Hi all

    The title says it all.

    Would be great if the looper could have a non volatile memory.
    Even better if it was on a per rig basis.
    Would make playing say thunderstruck much easier in a one guitarist band and avoid the pitfalls of having to play the riff on every gig and get the foot dance perfect...I got big feet :)

    Having it on a per rig basis would be like having a foot triggered sampler...perfectly in time everytime
    Second and methinks very unlikely is a way of recreating the Gilmour seagull effect.
    The kemper has a perfectly good wah and it seems like a waste of space, cabling etc to bring in another wah and connect it in reverse to get the seagull fx.
    I realise the second request is probably technically impossible but hey no harm in asking.
    oh and the new reverbs are absolutely fantastic to create great ambient atmospheric drones...well done and thanks !

    receiver and power supply velcroed to the back of the rack case and powered by rack mount power conditioner.
    receiver output into alternative input on the Kemper.

    No issues live in club or outdoor venues.

    G10 output level is fine both with single coils and high output humbuckers.

    Alternative input is specified as being somewhat noisier but not really noticeable live.

    In studio I use front input using a cable.

    pretty elegant solution with no cables visible on front panel and one power cable is all I need to power the conditioner, Kemper and wireless.

    When the issue occurred during a live performance I did not check if pedal at heel was at 0.
    Later when everything was working as it should I did check and pedal at heel was indeed at 0.
    No fluid leaked into remote , however weather was very hot and humid ( around 40c and 95% humidity )

    pedal mode is [email protected]

    lock is on for stomps and effects in all rigs of performances and browser mode


    I checked the pedals.
    The bar is at 0 in heel position, so the cause of the problem is evidently something else.
    I'm guessing it might be oxidisation , dirt or perhaps humidity causing an intermittent faulty contact in the trs sockets on the remote.This would explain why unplugging and replugging cables fixed the problem.

    Glad to say I had another gig in the very same climatic conditions ( hot dusty and humid ) and all units performed flawlessly.I took the precaution of plugging and unplugging all cables before the gig so to clear any bad contact and it seems to do the trick.
    As to hearing cocked wah on rigs with no wah, I'm completely at a loss as it seems to be technically impossible.My only explanation is that the panic that set in when things went south caused my ears/brain to hear things that were not there.A scary but sobering lesson on perception and confirmation bias.

    Perhaps this little thread will be of use to others who come across a similar issue

    Ill change thread to potentially solved

    Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

    Hi all
    Last night the kemper started behaving very strangely.

    My rig:
    unpowered rack 5.5.2
    2x mission pedals (wah and pitch)
    1x moog pedal (volume)
    samson power conditioner
    rcf frfr powered monitor.
    line 6 wireless.
    Not connected to rig manager.

    At a random point not following any switching or pedal activation the wah seemed to lock and chorus effect seemed to have gone to an extreme setting causing detuning.Rocking the wah ( mine is set to off at heel) did not help .
    Interestingly the activated wah effect was also present on a rig that does not have wah in any of the slots
    Switching rigs in the performance and switching to another performance altogether did not cure the issue.
    Rebooting (half way during a gig) did not solve problem.
    In desperation I unplugged the pedals....still no solution
    I replugged the pedals and all was fine again....just like that!
    I would really appreciate any insight as to what might have happened so as to avoid the heart stopping and frankly highly akward and embarassing situation of having to power down and reboot, fiddle with cables etc half way during a gig.

    First time this amazing piece of technology made me doubt it's reliability in a live situation.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi all
    I've seen people use two kempers live, presumably one would be a spare in case the first one goes down for whatever reason.
    I would be interested to know how such a rig would be configured particularly as regards the remote since it is easy to use a footswitch or a splitter to send the guitar signal from one unit to the other but I am clueless as to how one remote controls two units.
    Advice and insight would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi all

    I'm attaching an ambient type rig for your scrutiny and comments.

    When the pitch pedal effect has freeze formants enabled all is well, when switched off the melody chromatic effect goes awol and sounds as if there is a ring modulator lurking in there..even with the pedal at null position :huh:
    I'm wondering if it's my machine or whether the same happens on others people's
    I'm using the latest firmware and a mission pedal (calibrated).

    I've tried placing the pitch pedal in the stomp as well as the X or mod slots....same result.
    Tried disabling stack to check if it's horsepower issue....nada

    The thing is for these fx type rigs I prefer having formants off cos the pitch sweep is more pronounced.

    The positive aspect is that this unexpected behaviour allows the production of dissonant bell like tones....that's why I mentioned a ring modulator type effect....reminds me of desperately trying to produce bell sounds on 70's analog synths..( alas, I AM that old ) ^^

    Thank you in advance for any input on this effect or "bug"

    Hi Monkey-Man

    Yes, I agree with you about the physical properties of the whammy assembly on the Tyler Variax.

    After a lot of tweaking ( spring tension and the rest of it ) I can get it to flutter pretty well.

    As regards the Kemper: My initial curiosity was to find out if it can emulate this little effect given that the machine is truly incredible in most departments .
    I will give it another try ( and check that I haven't missed a particular parameter)..... on my first attempts I missed the fact that trem speed was locked to tempo...duh!
    If I come up with something presentable I'll upload to RM.

    In the meantime thanks to all who dived in (sorry!) on this topic

    great forum!!

    Hi all
    As Netheravon pointed out I'm well aware of the technique....that is why I mentioned the whammy bar on the variax.....I can achieve this but not with consistency.

    Thus I was wondering if it can b replicated electronically.

    The Boss Ps-5 can approximate it.

    check the video at around 4.10