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    Not sure on most of your questions as I didn't look at those issues specifically at the time of the problem.

    My setup is the head, remote and Mission Engineering expression pedal. Nothing else...

    The OS I am running is 5.3.1 so I will update to the latest.

    The "crossing of tuner mode" thing you described is possible. Can you explain this more fully please? Is there a certain order of using the tuner button and the volume pedal that I need to be aware of? FYI, the problem has only occurred when the pedal was hooked up for a gig. When I use at home I normally don't connect the volume pedal or the remote.

    Thanks so much for your help Burkhard!


    This has happened twice now...

    I play at rehearsal or a gig and everything works great. Come back after a few minute break and everything is lit up appropriately on both the kemper and the remote, but when I go to play there is no sound.

    After I shut down and reboot everything works fine. Not sure which OS I have but I downloaded the latest about 4-5 months ago...

    Thanks for any ideas.


    just wondering if there is any kind of effect that sort of emulates the ebow/endless sustain kind of thing available on the kemper.


    I like your style HW! gonna load up the free samples tonight and give her a whirl...

    Lets just see how these compare to some of the glorious MB rigs. Been playing his Xits X50 rig a lot lately at church, so im anxious to do a little testing. Used to own a DAG15 and cant wait to try that out sometime too.

    Regardless, I love what you are doing.

    I think my kemper currently has version 5.2.0...

    Does this qualify as a more recent version of the OS? If so, please advise me on HOW to use the rig manager to do this.

    Sorry, but I am not particularly computer savvy...

    thanks in advance!

    hi there,

    ive read the official instructions on updating the OS for my kemper. Just wondering if there was any way to do that without using a UBS memory stick? I have a hardwired connection between my computer and the kemper...



    So I have set up a performance that essentially allows me 5 different rigs that I use for my gigs. It's like having an amp set up for clean, semi-clean, crunchy, heavy and leads....

    anyway, I have had a recurring problem with the rig I set up in slot #1 changing sporadically by itself to the rig I set up for slot #4. It typically happens when I shut the amp down and then later come back and power up. It's like the computer doesn't really save what I am telling it to save in slot 1.

    any thoughts would be appreciated. Is this something that sounds like a software issue? Should I download the latest version of the OS?

    thanks for your thoughts!

    gigged the kemper for the first time last week. It was pretty fun to use a Carr Slant 6 for cleans, a Dr. Z ZWreck for dirt and a cranked marshall JTM for leads. Loved that! Overall, I was pretty satisfied, but not quite.

    We use in-ear monitoring and typically amps/cabs are in isolation so you really don't hear or feel them at all except for in the monitors/house. As we got cranked up, our other guitarist had a great tone - big, fat and round. Sounded beautiful!

    My tone was really good, but sounded (at least in comparison) a bit thin and distant. That's the best description I could find...

    I played around with reverb/delay settings and even bumped up rig volume settings but just couldn't quite get where I wanted to be. Again, this is in comparison to our other guy.

    Would love any thoughts you have about bringing the tone a bit forward (not brightening) and making it feel bigger.


    Three quick things:
    1. I figured out how to go create a performance and assign various rigs to the 5 slots for the remote. however, for rig 1 and 4 there is a bit of a problem. the KPA correctly assigns the rig to the right slot (I can tell this with my ears), but it does NOT change the wording that shows up on the remote for those 2 slots. I've tried to go through and re-reassign the rigs to those slots and while the audible assignment does get made the wording doesn't change. I've tried the on/off trick. Any help is appreciated...

    2. How do I activate the "mute signal" so the sound goes dead when I am tuning via the foot button?

    3. Is there a way to brighten up the display window on the foot controller.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi guys, I'm not only a NOOB here, but also pretty much of a techno-idiot! So I have 2 quick questions:
    1. Got my KPA yesterday and like everyone I wanted to quickly jump in and get it fired up. I accomplished that no problem. However, when I first turned on the unit it asked me to set the date and enter in my name. Somehow I was able to botch this (told you I was a techno-idiot!). How can I re-enter this information.
    2. I was able to get Rig Manager downloaded onto my computer. But how do I download different rig packs like the Dr. Z profiles and Michael Britt profiles and get them onto the amp? Please, step by step instructions as if you were talking to someone who has never used either a computer or the KPA.

    Grateful for your assistance! I've been using tube amps for 35 years and I really want this to work! I am willing to learn...