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    How about an add on unit that connects to the Kemper remote with multiple inputs? You could slot more together depending on how many guitars/inputs you need? The inputs would be users selected via each rig.

    I was only thinking this as I am doing some theatre work and need several guitars throughout the show and felt guitar changes would be far simpler if everything was already plugged in from the start all I need to do is change guitar and select rig.

    Sorry if this has been discussed before.

    Would anyone be interested in being able to select the front or back input if the Kemper per rig?

    As an example for live use with two guitars.

    I.e. using front input for rigs for acoustic guitar and using the front input for rigs using electric guitar during the same show. That way you would not need to unplug anything once set up, or have a need for a A/B switch and all you need to do (once changed guitar) is to select the correct rig on the Kemper.

    Would anyone else think this is useful?

    These are nice and I can see a lot of work went into this, However, I was never that struck on the echotappers delays and still far prefer the eftp from my Magic Stomp. Although tape modulation/flutter are easy enough to add manually within the Kemper, there doesn't appear to be any added to these profiles? Maybe I just need to play around a little longer with these and use them as a useful starting point.

    Most Shadows delays are actually 4 delays fed into each other. Apache is only 2 delays and is relatively well documented on the web. If you want Atlantis, Wonderful land type rhythmic delays try my one on rig exchange 'Hank Delays' I did a direct comparison with my Magic Stop set up with eftp and used the morph pedal to quickly compare both the Kemper delays against the eftp. I have taken a long time to tweak each delay to sound as close to the eftp and to my ears is extremely close.

    Just uploaded my reproduction of my favourite eftp sounds from my Yamaha Magic Stomp. First time I have uploaded anything to rig exchange, so not sure how long it will take to appear. Search for 'Hank Delays' I have also included the new spring reverb so if you haven't downloaded the new OS then please do so.
    Would love to know your thoughts on this preset. Happy guitar playing everyone!

    Having gone from using a Rocktron All-Access midi controller to the Kemper remote in some ways is better and some ways quite limiting. The expression pedals on the Rocktron All-Access can be re assigned per preset. However, the expression pedals on the Kemper remote will only allow to assign each expression to one thing (ok you can pair them up, wah/pitch, volume/morph) but my problem is I only want to use 2 expression pedals on my setup. I would love to be able to assign some rigs with one expression pedal to be a wah and another rig for it to be a morph pedal not wah AND morph all at the same time. Currently I can't do this and had the idea of plugging an expression pedal into a balanced A/B box and have that plugged into two of the expression pedal outs on the remote. This way I could switch the pedal from being a wah to a morph pedal at anytime without need for another pedal. Does anyone know if a balanced A/B switch exists or have any other suggestions?

    Hi everyone.

    Just wanted some advice on how to set wah better for higher notes (past 13th fret). All of the preset ways I have tried so far seem to sound far too subtle after the 13th fret on high E string. I know that this can happen with 'real' wah pedals too. Could anyone suggest any settings I could try to enhance the wah on these higher strings and frets?


    Thats ok to alter mix levels via morphing with some effects, but if you want to morph between two delays setting (different delay settings in two separate effects blocks) you loose the rails of the longer delays when morphing between the two. For these reasons (unless someone has a better work around) is why I would prefer to morph effects ON/OFF instead of mearly adjusting the mix of each.

    It would be good idea to be able to select/toggle (set in Kemper to toggle between guitars 1/2/3) the input preset via midi or with remote for people who use multiple guitars during a gig or have to switch to a backup guitar with different output without needing to go near the Kemper. Switching guitars onstage can be tedious (checking tuning etc) and then having to fiddle with input screen on Kemper to select correct guitar can really lose the flow and momentum during a live gig.

    All sorted now.
    Needed to adjust the parameters a lot less than I first assumed. Also found the wah preset list (was turning wrong knob before). I am new to the Kemper so still learning and finding things out.

    Thanks for suggestions everyone.

    Hi all. I had a search around RE but, nothing really very close in mho. I am currently working on setting up 4 delays in the Kemper to closely match my main Echoes from the past preset in my Yamaha Magicstomp. I will upload to RE when I am done....... Bare with me ;)

    Sorry if this has been covered else where. Just got my Kemper and trying to set it up with my Rockton All-Access pedal board. So far all working ok apart from setting my expression pedal to a wah sound. I have set the expression pedal to send cc#1 and Kemper is tracking the pedal motion in the System Menu screen, however when I switch the wah effect on (stomp A,B,C or D) the pedal doesn't sound right, muffled wah and volume cuts out in toe position? I am using a Jim Dunlop DVP3 expression pedal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.