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    Great idea +1. Having a parameter for latency everyone could choose how to use it, as mentioned.

    Hitting the right foot switch when singing standing up and playing the guitar at the same time or in bad light conditions may end up hitting the wrong one.

    I added some Moore Candy Foot toppers to more easy identify some of the switches, either to avoid them or to hit them when wanted. Cheap and easy to try.


    For polyphonic tuning.

    Had the Hardwire HT-6 on my previous pedalboard (pre Kemper). Great to strum all 6 strings for a quick check of the tuning.
    If playing one string only, the tuner switch to 1 string mode. It’s the same with my TC-Electronics Polytune clip on used when not plugged in.
    Doing the tuning in 6 string mode is however not precise enough.

    I have started testing different setting for the Acoustic Sim and believe it will work good in a band live mix.
    The benefit is not only to not bring an acoustic guitar for certain songs.
    The additional benefit is when you have to change between electric and acoustic WITHIN a song!

    As a rythm player I will be able to use this in a handfull of songs👍🏼
    What a great option, either using parallell path morphing as shown in the demo, or just having two presets to swap between.

    I’m really looking forward to the acoustic sim, as mentioned by so many others, to be used in a band context when an acoustic is needed.
    I have postponed all ideas of getting either a separate sim pedal or a piezo equipped electric.

    At the moment I’m using Tonedeckster profiles found on Rig exchange. Even some of those gives an acoustic-ish sound in a busy band mix with another electric guitarist. I bet the new acoustic sims will be even better.

    Any parameters to tweak the character of the acoustic sound will be a welcome feature.

    Agree, we all use stuff in our own way. I use the strobe and my band mate use the bubble.
    Still, as we already today can choose from the two available ones, why not add a third and fourth option to choose from. Could be large easy to read digits with +/-.

    Or why not a poly tune option, showing all 6 string as TC Electronics Polytune or Digitech Hardwire HT6?

    Unfortunately, if your UI supports doing things in multiple ways, all the multiple ways must work. There's no such thing as "we didn't expect you to do it that way."

    If the developers hade a certain workflow in mind, and this is what’s only supported, they have to let us users know. Other possible workflows NOT supported should give the user an alert; this is not an allowed operation. Then, after solving more issues, alternative workflows allowed should be presented in additional video tutorials.
    In this beta phase it’s better to not allow user operations with issues not yet solved. Get the thing stable with supported operations and add alternative operations/workflows based on user feedback as future updates. There are probably too many combinations possible to get everything working from the beginning.

    I’m on the latest Beta versions of both RM and OS.

    But maybe my problems was created by an earlier Beta version. Seems as I had a corrupt Performance in the KPA messing up everything.

    I posted a ticket and with help from support I managed to get rid of the corrupt Performance. Now it’s working, but with some minor flaws.

    Support mentioned that we will probably get update next week fixing several reported issues.

    I have had two tickets with Kemper support due to crashes, a corrupt Performance and the Editor section of RM gone.

    OS 7.1.8 / RM 3.0.82 / WIN 10

    The support has been very helpful, thank you guys. With their help I’m back to a working setup.

    The support mentioned in their latest reply this morning that there will probably be new updates next week, solving my issues and others as well.

    If the next updates are Beta or Production was not mentioned.

    Let’s hope for progress made next week.

    Tone Junkie has tons of really good clean/cleanish profiles of several different amps.

    As they themselves seems to be into Praise & Worship music I guess clean and low/medium gain sounds are the ones the favoured by them (even if they also have lots of profiles with higher gain settings). I really enjoy them.

    Before buying they are generous with many FREE packs with samples of amps profiled.

    On their site they also have many useful Kemper Tips & Tricks, well worth checking out.

    And no, I'm not affiliated with Tone Junkie - I'm a happy paying customer :-)

    Good luck

    One interesting thing upgrading RM from 3.0.78 to 3.0.82 (after the downgrade) was when running the install file (Run64BitInstaller.bat).

    In the install wizard I was prompted to Repair/Remove, not as a normal upgrade!

    I chose repair and the process continued. After clicking Finish and starting RM the version showed 3.0.82.

    I guess that the install wizard could still find signs of RM 3.0.82 from previous upgrade, before downgrading to 3.0.78.

    I will create a ticket to support.

    Gave it some more tries...

    Downgrading KPA to OS 7.1.7

    Restart PC and KPA

    Now running KPA OS 7.1.7 with RM 3.0.82.

    Did not help - no change.

    Downgrading RM to 3.0.78

    Restart PC and KPA

    Now running KPA OS 7.1.7 with RM 3.0.78

    Did not help - no change.

    Don't have any older versions of installation files to try with.

    But I doubt it would have helped, if the update to the latest versions has screwed something up, or left some files/settings behind.

    I will return to the latest versions and hope for Kemper to release a fix within short.

    At least other issues solved in these upgrades may be benifitial.

    The editor missing is not the major problem, as we havn't had it before.

    But not being able to preview profiles and transfer them to the KPA is a major set back!

    One thing noted is that the RM has contact with the KPA.

    Running RM with the KPA not connected shows no "My Profiler" folders (as expected).

    When connecting the KPA with the USB cable RM reacts and the "My Profiler" folders appear in RM.

    Obviously there is some kind of connection between RM and the KPA.

    Hence, issues with the USB drivers or cable should not be the problem (probably not in Mac either).

    Tried different start-up sequences, but with the sama result

    - PC On > RM On > start KPA

    - PC On > KPA On > start RM

    - KPA On > Start PC > start RM

    There has to be a software problem in the communication between the latest Beta versions of RM and the OS.

    Same issue here.

    Previous versions of Beta versions of OS (7.1.6) and RM (3.0.78) worked togehter. The editor was there and I could preview profiles in the local library in RM, playing them on the Toaster.

    Then upgraded to RM 3.0.82 and OS 7.1.8

    - Can't preview profiles in RM to listen to in KPA

    - There is no editor at the bottom of the screen (not even collapsed)

    Direct connection between KPA and PC (Win 10.0.18363 x64) using the same USB cable as always before.

    The KPA seems to work with the Remote by itself as "stand alone".

    The change log from the latest beta update below. Some of the fixes may help those of you guys having problems reported earlier in this thread.

    But why doesn’t it appear in RM when searching for update including beta?

    Features and changes in this version (3.0.79):
    - fixed: crash in startup on macOS
    - fixed: crash on quitting Rig Manager while editing an RX Rig
    - fixed: crash when editing while multiple windows are open
    - fixed: startup crash on Windows 8
    - fixed: performance tempo could not be enabled/disabled on macOS
    - improved syncing with PROFILER

    I believe it would be of mutual interest for both Kemper development team and Kemper users that GString or someone else in this thread informed about a new update of RM.

    I just took a look on the download section and found RM 3.0.79.

    I can’t find it mentioned here, and when I let my RM 3.0.78 search for updates, including beta versions, it’s not found.

    Good decision by Kemper to wait and inform us of the reason. Communication is always better than silence creating speculations. No use releasing a RM with known issues.