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    Hi everybody, we have just launched a Kemper Pack with my band The Intersphere.

    We profiled all our favourite Amps in 46 Kemper Profiles in different gain stages and cab combinations.

    Most of them are crunch or medium gain sounds because we use a lot of fuzzes and distortion pedals in front of our amps.

    You are welcome to put your pedals in front of these Kemper profiles, because that's exactly what we created them for


    THC Sunset head

    Vox AC handwired head

    Marshall JCM800 lead series

    Mesa Heartbreaker head

    Fender Twin Reverb 2x12 Combo

    Vox Nighttrain head


    Mesa 4x12 Rectifier standard (Celestion Vintage30)

    THC Sunset 4x12 Cabinet (Celestion Century Vintage/Jensen Neofin)

    Kammler open Back 1x12 (Celestion G12 Alnico Gold)


    Box of Rock, Diamond Boost, Empress, KMA Machines

    recorded with a sm57 and a SE-VR Ribbon Mic and high end Preamps (Rupert Neve/Chandler TG2)

    Informations and audio examples:

    Thanks for your attention.

    All the best

    Christoph/The Intersphere