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    well, yes, I always have a high pass filter on guitar amps...
    but it's almost always at 25Hz.

    I have a feeling that's not what you mean.

    if you have to EQ the incoming signal for it to sound "right" then you're probably better off doing it at the source first.

    That’s an interesting idea. Although of course you meant AAX <g>.
    But it WOULD make it a lot less convenient.
    If I have to have my Kemper connected then I might as well just use the hardware.
    Perhaps a unique USB identifier (rather than iLok) could be required.
    But again, is piracy really a problem for PositiveGrid? (Just for example, as they make probably the closest thing in software)

    Just guessing, but:

    When you say it "wasn't a problem before", how WERE you doing it before?
    Did you have an amp in the room?
    Because it seems to me it's quite possible you WERE hearing some of yourself from the monitor mix and some from the direct amp behind you.

    And, if that was the case, then it's conceivable that now, when you want to depend entirely on the monitors, you might need to be louder in the mix than others are comfortable with, and used to.

    7) Treat everyone with (equal) respect. Lack of talent, experience (or both) and lengthy CVs mean nothing here.

    I think I DID say, and mean "with respect".

    but frankly the second part of that is ridiculous.

    there is another thread running that's titled "MBritt EXPERT advice..."; should his 'expert opinion' not count for something over, say, a brand new user?

    'expert opinion' actually counts for something in the real world, and should.

    but I'm not telling you what to do either.
    I'm merely saying that opinions on the internets are only valuable IF one knows whom one is hearing them from.

    Blind comparisons amongst professional, trained, listeners have shown consistent ability to tell the difference between sample rates on a given converter.

    Implementation counts.

    I’ve yet to hear an available A-D converter that doesn’t sound better at 96k
    And the same for most plug ins sounding better at 96k

    Again, I’ve made my point and my feelings known.
    If you feel differently then record the way it sounds right to you

    But if you tell me I’m “wrong” then you’d better have a better track record and discography before I take you seriously.

    Every hobbyist has an opinion.
    It’s different when your livelihood depends on it.

    by the way, something like that “vintage” guitar isn’t the clear test.

    Hit a cowbell or other high transient instrument in a live room and compare that.

    The combination of fast hard transient and ambient trail is easy to hear once you’re shown what to listen for.

    And three is a clear difference at different rates and also between the quality of different converters.
    Some are noticeably smeary. Some lose the reverb trail.
    The trick is to compare to the live desk out, before any conversion, and then the difference is apparent.
    But again that’s IF you are trained what to listen for.

    Part of being a professional record producer is making choices.
    Does this part sound better or that one?
    Is that vocal good enough?

    And what format sounds better to YOU?

    I don’t have any problem at all with anyone who prefers 44.1k or who cannot hear a difference. I DO have a problem with being told it “doesnt Matter” or even more so with the nonsense that “NO ONE can tell”

    Every professionals DAW is capable of working at at least 96k.
    The Kemper really should as well IF they expect professional use over digital connections.

    If not, or if there is a technical reason it’s only working at 48k internally, then I’m fine using it over external analogue conversion

    But it’s simply not true to say that sample rate “doesn’t matter”

    That’s, with respect, nonsense.

    There haven’t been any “proofs” of any such thing.
    Only opinion.

    A B testing is only useful with people TRAINED as to what the artifacts are and how to listen for them.
    And also in truth it’s music we are talking about, not data.
    It doesn’t matter if an average person cannot identify a difference in a piece of music he doesn’t particularly know.
    But show a trained recording engineer or producer a comparison using a track he is intimately familiar with, and emotionally INVESTED in, and then he can spot the difference every time.

    I’ll stake my own reputation to no small degree... but when people as informed AND talented as George Massemburg talk about the value of recording at 192k it’s foolishness if you choose to ignore it because some armchair writers on the internets claim to “debunk” it.
    When I’ve heard their hit records I’ll take them as seriously.

    To your other comment:
    The makers of digital audio hardware and software DO make high sample rates available.
    One could as easily argue that if they were “unnecessary” then they’re wasting resources by offering it.

    People love to quote Lavry for his conclusion that sample rates above 60k might be unnecessary, but those same people almost never quote the other part of his conclusIon which was that lacking 60k conveyors, and given the current availability, he’d recommend 96k.

    well the quote I got back from them was roughly $630 with shipping!

    that's, needless to say, too much to be practical.

    I'm waiting for another quote,e from a US manufacturer, but it's starting to look like a, $300ish, 6u shock rack is the way to go, and we will find a way to safely mount the remote somewhere for transit.

    First of all....Cyndi Lauper ? OMG that's impressive!!

    I would got shock mount for added protection - why not.

    I would just get a good flight case for the remote. Do you not use expression pedals? If you have any other outboard gear then easier to have a pedal board unless you have any restrictions on weight/number fo boxes.

    My plan is to perhaps have a touch sensitive overdrive that I use in front of the Kemper in the rack.
    And I'll need a synth bass pedal for this tour that I plan on building into a performance slot in the effects loop.
    But otherwise, part of the appeal is to NOT have anything else but the Kemper, and nothing but the remote on the ground.

    I don’t have to worry much about size or weight (within reason).
    Whatever it is it’s going to weigh less and be smaller than a flight cased SVT head.
    I am admittedly spoiled (happily).

    So shock seems the way to go.

    Fwiw I’ve had issues in the past with molded plastic cases. Airlines find a way to destroy them. And road crews generally hate them.

    Does the Thomann have rear rack rails as well?

    Meanwhile I’m going to put in a quote request at Calzone.