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    I think it comes with the rig manager. I have this message too. When I start the Kemper without connected to the rig manager there is no error message. Maybe this message isn`t correct and it isn`t a profile in the profiler but in the rig manager?

    Which Screenprotector for which cell phone is that? I don*t know a cell phone with the screen dimensions of Kempers lcd screen .or did you cut it to size?

    Forget it. I saw on the photo that it is in the original size and reaches to the buttons ;-).

    Sorry, Anfängerfehler ;-)

    Da ist die aktuellste OS und Rig Manager Version installiert. Die OS Version hat sich der Rig Manager selbst "geholt". Obs immer die gleichen Rigs sind kann ich noch nicht sagen. Ich bin sowieso momentan gerade dabei
    die Rigs auf dem Kemper auszumisten. In der Anfangseuphorie hatte ich mehr als 400 Rigs geladen. Jetzt bin ich schon bei unter 200 und ich werde weiter ausmisten ;-)

    Hallo zusammen,

    ich habe jetzt schon zum zweiten mal die folgende Fehlermeldung im Rig Manager bekommen:
    Some items in Profiler are damaged

    To resolve this issue, turn Profiler off. Wait for 10 seconds and
    choose Browse mode while holding the RIG button for at least 30 seconds.
    Profiler will boot and attempt to repair the items in question

    Wenn ich das oben genannte ausführe, sieht es so aus, als ob alles wieder OK ist, die Frage die sich mir stellt:

    Kommt sowas häufiger vor? Was kann man dagegen tun?

    Congrats, and welcome to the forum. Check out the "official" vids, lots of great tips and tricks, Hans. :thumbup:


    thanks to all you guys from around the world
    for this warm welcome!

    It's great to be part of this faboulus forum.
    I will check out all the official videos. Thanks for that tip.

    Greetings to Charvelguy's Dad who is named just like me and
    to nightlight: No, I´m not Hans Gruber ;-)



    Since this weekend I am the proud owner
    of a kemper head. It´s a fantasitc pice of hardware to get the tone that I want!
    I´m still searching this forum and the manual to get tips how to set this and that, but I see
    I´m getting better using the device.


    Thanks for the replies

    That's what I thought for the profiling process. Can't wait to get the kemper!

    The profiling process is independent, but if you set up the amp differently with different guitars, then it would be best to make different profiles of the amp with the different settings. You can tweak your way to making profiles work with different guitars, but if you want a carbon copy of the exact settings and feel, it's recommended to make multiple profiles.


    I´m new to the forum do not have a kemper yet but hope to get one in September ;-)
    I´m wondering if it es necessary to make a profile from one amp with different guitars (e.g Strat and Paula) to get the best sound for single coil or humbucker
    or is the profiling process independent from the guitar which is plugged into the kemper?