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    It for when you run stereo.

    From the manual:"You can also drive guitar cabinets in stereo via an external solid-state power amp. The PROFILER Stage offers a

    stereo MONITOR OUTPUT for this purpose.
    For all other PROFILER variants, you need to activate “Monitor Stereo” and pair MONITOR OUTPUT and DIRECT
    OUTPUT to become one pair of stereo outputs. All settings of the MONITOR OUTPUT like “Monitor Cab. Off” are
    now automatically applied to both outputs"

    For now global setting, down the road they say they'll make it per profile. From what the high gain players are saying, IRs sound better than the imprints. Hopefully you will be able to map the choice of cab vs. imprint on a per profile basis as well.

    I wanted to give a shout out to Tilman Ritter, designer/manufacturer of the Camplifier series, for his help in modifying my unit to work with a 4 ohm load.

    I purchased a used C360 stereo 2x180 unit off of TGP. I was using it with 2 F12-X200 and was pretty happy. Then the Kone firmware came out and I realize that I was not going to be able to drive the Kones with the Camplifier without harm to the amp(in stereo anyway).

    I reached out to Tilman, after he posted what was going on with his product line to support using the Kone, on this forum. I emailed him and asked if there was a way to mod the unit to make it 4 ohm compatible and that my many years as a tech in the defense industry would lend me the experience to do the work and not have to ship the unit to Germany.

    He provided a PDF that shows how to mod the mono unit, but the instruction work the same for a stereo unt. Just follow the output wiring and it's easy to find the 2 channels.

    My output was cut from 180W x 2 @ 8 ohms to 90W x 2 @ 4 ohms, but I use this at home and the volume reduction will not effect reaching my playing volume. It's still more power than the old Rocktron Velocity 150, I was using prior to this modification.

    Email him here @ [email protected] if you're interested. Great guy to deal with. He's busy with the 4 ohm compatible product line, so give him a couple of days to respond. Most manufacturers would require returning the unit to them. I find this refreshing and great source of customer service.

    Have you compared the Kone against the F12 ?

    I own both, the F12 is a speaker you can drop into any cab and get what my ASM12s are giving me with a transparent amplificatiom. The Kone works outstanding with the SW you and your fine folks have developed. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Kone gives me more , if not exactly, an amp in the room feel. Very impressed. That being said, the F12 will afford me to get rid of the ASM's(large footprint in stereo)

    As a matter of fact, the term full range is used in two different ways.

    The proper use of the term relates to full audio range (that is, the theoretical 20-20k: the whole range pure audio exists within). In fact, the term FRFR usually identifies a cab gifted with at least a mid-woofer and a tweeter.

    Whining from electric guitar players about how "harsh" a tweeter is (it's not) brought developers to design cabs with no tweeter, but with a single mid-woofer with a broader band and a flatter response than a guitar-oriented mid-woofer. These speakers are called full range as well, but are not designed/able to be 20-20k within a reasonably small amount of dBs; it would be more correct to define them GRFR (guitar-range).

    At the state of the technique and AFAIK, there's no single FRFR speaker in the more proper sense. The Kone is no exception, and the fact it renders the CITR tone comes, among other things, from its limited band.

    Either way, they both sound great with their respective applications. I tried the KONE to get the full impact of the Kempers new FW. The imprints are more pleasing my overall playing experience. That being said, I easily could have lived with the X200 and the Camplifier setup. You're at the mercy of the quality of the IR being used, just like with any other modeler. The X200 translates that very well.

    With the Kone there is NO need to tweak the Output EQ. Having used both in the same cabinet, I'll stick with the Kone for the KPA. The X200s may wind up in my AXE3 setup as the ASM12s currently on that setup, take up a lot of space.

    The Camplifier 290 I have will do stereo 90w @ 4ohms. In bridged mode it's 180w @ 8ohms min.

    You have a newer one. I have a 360 that I bought used. I emailed Tilman Ritter and he discussed either not letting it see a 4 ohm load or sending it back for modification.

    pippopluto "It will play as a GRFR speaker (such as with a Red Sound or others): there's no tweeter. While a mid-woofer can be relatively flat (Flat Response), its passing band can't really be strictly speaking "Full Range" ATM.

    When a mid-woofer is labelled "full range" it's just a way to say its band is broader than others'. it would be more accurate IMO to define it a Broad Band speaker.

    This is overall good news for the electric guitar player, since many don't know how to treat a tweeter which is often - and unfairly - blamed for "harshness". In fact, I believe a GRFR cab to be the best compromise overall for non-clean electric guitar tones :)"

    Well the Celestion F12-X20 manages to be FRFR as advertised, as a single midbass with a whizzer style setup. In fact it has a high end that is unpleasant when using Imprints, as Kristof mentioned it would be.

    IRs sounds great through it.

    My package came with a one page manual showing the 4x12 and 2x12 wiring setup. On the diagram , they show how you can run 4x12 with 4ohms. But i'd like to run it with 16 Ohms using all speakers in series of course i have the right impedance set from my power amp. What it intentional from the manual not to mention this kind of setup (4x12 16Ohms)? Will it affect the Kone speakers on the long run ?

    Don't believe it would, impedance match is for the amp. Wiring 4 12" in series to get 16 ohms is kosher. I just hope you're using a amp that will not add color to the overall sound. Most solid state amps are 4-16 ohm compatible. Most being the key word.

    So this speaker if the imprints are not used will play the "CAB" IR as if it were a FRFR speaker. I read how you can play music through it, but, I guess I didn't put 2+2 together on this assumed best of both worlds.

    That would be great if you have a profile where the IR just kills it, and can just play through the Kone as I did with the F12-X200s.