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    For bigger venues, where the KPA is played directly into FOH the sound might be very close to a miced amp, but for a small bar gig, where the direct amp sound is basically what the audience is hearing, b/c there is only FOH for vocals and that's it, I am not sure, if the audience will appreciate the hifi-sound of the KPA as it sounds sometimes fairly harsh and brittle when using mid to hi gain profiles.

    For some reason, I find, that the KPA sounds better with single coils than humbuckers. I have a Strat, Les Paul and PRS Custom. They all sound very different through the KPA. To me the Strat sounds best with most of the profiles. The humbuckers of the other two guitars sound very agressive and the harshness in my opinion even increases, when using these guitars.


    Yesterday, I played a gig an a bigger stage with a Marshall DSL 100 behind me and I have to admitt, I really loved the Sound on stage. It was miced and also sounded great through the PA as well. Back home I played a nice brandnew Gibson Standard High Performance 2017 through my KPA profiles of the DSL 100 and my Yamaha dxr10 and to me it does not even sound close. I think the original Marshall tube amp sounds way better than the KPA. Maybe I can not get used to that Hi-Fi-sound of the KPA.

    Since I am new to the KPA-world I played quite a bit with the Amp. I also bought a few profiles, but I am not convinced that I will use the KPA live for some reason I have problems with the gain and crunch sounds. They sound somehow artificial to me. But maybe I Need to gather more experience with the KPA and things will change.

    So far I would prefer a tube amp for live gigs and the KPA for recordings as it gives you a lot of options.


    130+ dB SPL is louder than a plane during take off. That is quite a bit of sound pressure.

    Mötörhead concerts had reported sound pressure levels of around 120 dB and that is quite a bit.

    According to our sound techie you are not allowed to run these levels unless you put up warning signs for the audience.

    I think the speaker should be loud enough for my purposes.


    No, no I will keep it. It sounds very good in the studio and I really like its re-amping feature.

    I just need to work on the gig set-up and find the right sound.

    I prepared various profiles of my Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602, which is main amp. I am trying to tweak the KPA to get as close as I can get, so that I can replace the Marshall with the KPA at first. Thema I will try to utilize other profiles. Clean profiles are easier, crunch and distortion are problematic.

    Currently, I am experimenting with some HK Audio FRFR speakers of a friend, but I will try the DXR-series as they seem to be favoured by a lot of users.

    I probably will start with DXR10 as I would like to reduce the weight, which I have to bring to a gig, especially to a small bar gig.


    I have two DXR10's. To me they are less boomy than the 12's, loud and full sounding as hell and are a bit smaller. Is it possible for you to try them both, side by side?

    Yes, probably. I can check them out at the MusicStore in Cologne. They carry both speakers.

    I play Blues and Classic Rock in a Cover Band.

    this way, you can audition the amp you're about to profile with the let's say Green Scream stomp and maybe adjust the amps EQ, gain or the mic position etc.

    active stomps will be part of the resulting Rig, but you can of course switch them off.


    @DonPetersen-sorry I am confused now - so that stomps of the KPA will become part of the profile? Let's assume I put an EQ as stomp and start the profiling process the EQ will be captured in the resulting profile? Is that correct? So later when I dial in that profile I will not have to engage the EQ again as stomp box, b/c it was already captured during the profiling process? Is that correct?

    Thx, for your help with this.


    I like the sound of acoustic guitars through a Avalon Designs VT-737SP Preamp. The Avalon is a beast to lug around. So...I profiled my Avalon and now use it in my Kemper with my acoustic guitars. I did share it a profile of it on the rig exchange a few months back, so you can give it a try if you want.

    I will check your rig out as I am looking not only for rigs for electric guitar, but also could use a few good ricks for accoustic guitar as I Play guitar in an electric and accoustic band.


    Hi there,

    to me it is not quite clear, whether the KPA's stomps and effects, if they are engaged during a profiling session of an amp became part of the Profile of the original amp or just part of the rig so that they can be disengaged later and are not part of the profile? From the Manual that is not quite clear to me.

    Any suggestions on this Topic are very welcomed.


    There are some good acoustic profiles on the rig exchange made by Dorrus. And Bert Meulendijks has a good acoustic pack for sale.

    Ik play in a rock cover band and in an acoustic duo. For acoustic I also use the Kemper. Sounds really great with the profiles mentioned.

    Thx, I can imagine that the KPA sounds great as it is better with clean tones than overdriven and hi-gain-sounds, which sound a bit harsh to my ears.


    I play electric guitar in a classic rock cover band and accoustic guitar in a band where we cover rock and pop songs as own accoustic versions. I experimented with some profiles for my electic guitar, but are there any good profiles for accoustic guitar on the rig exchange.

    Accoustically, I play a Taylor CE something, but would like to use the KPA for some effects (EQ, delay, reverb etc). Usually, I plug the Taylor into a DI-box, which goes straight to the mixer, which sounds ok, but I would like to change and improve my tone. My band mate rungs his guitar into an L.R. Baggs Pre-Amp and it sounds great. I would like to dao something similar with the KPA. If there some good rigs out there that would be great.