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    Many people comain about Tone Junkie, Top Jimmy etc and how the demos don't sound lime the actyprofiles whe. They download and ay with them. However, they fail to appreyjust how much those guys areusing the guitar's volume knob to vary the sound. If someone ays those profiles with guitar vume always at 10 it isn't surprising the profiles sound different.

    That does play a part! I play with the volume on 10 and I noticed that turning back the gain helps ;)

    Thank you guys for this thread! I'm a Kemper player for a few years and still strugglin. Like TS I hear a lot of really great sounding sounds comming out of a Kemper in the TJ of MBritt demo's etc. Also in the more gainy stages pretty open, transparent, difinition. Downloaded a few of them (free packs and some paid packs like the (non purple) Plexi from TJ. When I hear them... mwa... not as great as de demo's. De sound in duff, mashed up, lack of difinition and it's like, I don't know, indirect or something? It sounds from far away. TS discribed is as a blanket over the speaker and that is what I'm hearing. Playing through my bands PA I always thnink, okay, at least this is better as I expected based on my home experience.

    Offcourse I understand volume means a lot in how one does experience sound. But those demo's I listen on the same volume, through the same studio monitors. And in case of TJ profiles I often see a Suhr HSS strat which I have almost the same. So why does this sound so diffrent...?

    I bought a audio interface after 20 years of playing, just to record my Kemper and listen back. Then it sounds better, but still not as good as the demo's.

    I have always been a plug and play guitar player; guitar through a wah pedal into a tube amp, add a delay/reverb and thats it. When I bought the Kemper I was hoping to have some more options with presets of delay's, some chorus effects, different amp models for cleans/crunch/lead sounds and less hassle with pedals, cables, fx loops and stuff like that.

    I recently started a new side project with a rockband and looking for that straight to the bone rocksound that's kicking you in the balls. Did not find it yet...

    For couchsurfing I bought a Boss Waza Air. That Plexi leadsound is killer! Smooth, definition, right amount of gain... It's juist what I'm looking for. Try to find that in my Kemper ever since. De TJ Plexi seems to offer it in demo's, but not in my kemper :(

    I'm strubbeling to get the right crunch tone too...

    Downloaded the Tone Junkie Plexi (not the purple) pack, a few Kemper Packs (BM2), the Road King tones that Kemper shared on their social channels but still not happy.

    Those more gainy profiles sound dark, far away (like a blanket is covering my speaker) and lack of balls. I play with a 2008 LP, a Luke and Suhr HSS strat...

    Does the profiles you guys download sound as awesome as the demo's from Tone Junkie etc...?

    Thx for your reply!

    Yes it is a Mission with toe switch. When I calibrate I see the pedal works (wah works fine) but no switching. Mabey its the TS cable or toe switch... don't have a spare cable and I think I don't even have a paper clip lol. I guess I take is to the guitar store and try some other cables then :)

    Hello guy's!

    As the subject already says, my wah to volume switching is not working anymore...

    I had this working for a long time and recently noticed it stopt working. I did a firmware upgrade a few weeks ago, so mabey it has something to do with it?

    My settings are exactly as in this video I used to set it up in the first place.

    Everything is just the same (except by pedal 6 swithcing mode is called 'A on/off' instead of 'Stomp A on/off' as shown in de video).

    Any thoughts?

    Thx in advance!


    Vince, you must buy a Remote!! ^^

    Yeah, that would be nice :)
    I do get along with the FCB though, so for now it's good. At the time I would like two controllers so one can stay in rehearsel but have some other financial prio's (speakercab, flightcase, mixer) so enough GAS for a few months.

    Hi guys,
    most of the time I'm in preform mode because it seems easier to store profiles to a rig then....
    From there I browse to profiles/rigs, make ajustments and save it to the rig I'm in. But now it seems like sometimes when I tweak a little afterwards (when playing) that changes are saved (yesterday I started using a FCB1010 with Uno4Kemper, put a wah in the stomp section and locked it, it still worked today). But sometimes they're not (today I ajusted the volume a few times and every time it went back to the old setting. I had to push the storebutton a few times. So.... when does it save? And when I have to do it manually? Is the only way to press the store button three times?

    Thx in advance!

    Da Vinci

    Looks great! You go to FOH using your cabsim?

    So far, I have profiled a Bogner 101B, my original Bogner 100B, my Wizard 100W MTL, my Aiken Sabre, my little Bogner Atma and a few of my older Marshall amplifiers…
    This thing is magic!
    Finally, bro, I know what you mean about the UFO sounds! My neighbours must wonder the same thing… Especially at midnight when I'm profiling :thumbup:

    And where can we download them? :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Nice :)
    Will experiment with this to, but have no amp haha

    Is the Kemper standard loaded with cabs you can merge with direct profiles? Would like to do some direct profiles (because it seems easy with just an DI and seems to work nice with a real cabinet) but still need a speakersim voor in-ears/foh...

    So I've had this fun tango of getting IEMs and the Kemper to play nice. Some tips I picked up along the way that made the IEM experience awesome!:

    • Unlink the main out from the master volume (this way you can keep it locked somewhere around -15 or -20 which gives the FOH plenty of volume without too much.
    • My personal setup is to set both main outs to mono and send one to FOH and one into the IEM mixer. Volume can be dialed from the IEM mixer. If this is't a good option using the headphone out or monitor out.
    • Use Performance mode, setup slots with your clean, rhythm, lead and other sounds. Switch between them and adjust the "volume" (not master) to taste and save.
    • High gain through IEMs was terrible for me, I got around this by doing some HP and LP EQs after the stack as well as some notching.

    All in all the IEM solution is much better for me with the Kemper than it was before the Kemper. It took about 3 frustrating weeks of tweaking things to exactly what I wanted. The above bullet points are the highlights of what I did to get my setup sounding good to my ears. Of course your mileage may vary and you may want something a bit different, but having gone through that pain myself I wanted to throw out my gotchas in hope of helping save the same hassles I had.

    I did already onlinked the master volume,
    but, I don't want to set to mono since I love stereo delays ;(
    I recognize what you say about high gain sounds.... is HP en LP highpass/low pass? How did you set them up, and does this influance the FOH sound? You do sent de same signal to FOH as to IEM.

    Okay... I will see how I can manage that tonight...
    My profiles are all on another volume to match each other. So I guess I'll have to first level my leadsound with the rest and then add 3db to it with the channel volume?

    Hi guy's,

    When I go in-ear I find that the level of my leadsound (When it's good in the room) is to loud on my ears... (not a Kemper issue btw, also had It with my pod). When I set my IEM to nice volume for my lead, I almost can't hear the rythm sounds....

    Does anybody recon this and has a solution? Will a mixer with compressor do the trick (I tried this but no great results yet...).