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    thank you for your super fast response.

    Indeed , the issue was the usb cable was dislodged enough on the PC side that it prevented communication to the Kemper.

    Pushing it back in so that it was fully seated on the jack made it work properly again.

    It seems that Kemper Editor does know that there is something wrong since it programmatically disables the menu item:

    "load into editor and preview" so perhaps displaying some sort of status warning to the user that there's no communication with the Kemper would be a nice feature.

    hi all

    today I opened Rig manager to change from my stock clean sound to something different and I find that

    I can't actually change rigs i.e. I double click and the details views shows the appropriate info but the editor does not open nor does it change the rig on the kemper

    furthermore the menu over the items shows "load into editor and preview" as disabled.

    Nothing to my knowledge has changed with my system.

    First inclination is to verify that midi is working.

    It works for the Toast app so the midi pipes seem to be ok.

    I can't find any preferences on the Kemper editor that deal with midi although that doesn't seem to be the issue .

    Any ideas ?



    Hi, I believe that I have seen this on multiple patches but currently I'm recording with "Tills Recto Clean 2".

    I record 2 tracks simultaneously , one's the Kemper SPDIF output , and I'm not sure that the other stereo pair is probably main out.

    both recorded in stereo, what occurs is that the right side has about a 3db bump in level.

    Just wondering what parameters on the Kemper may control that behavior.

    I haven't messed at all with the internals of the Kemper i.e. so far just rely on the patches I download.

    Perhaps the issue is in my hookup to my Apollo 8 but that seems setup OK.

    thanks in advance

    No, and up to now I would not have thought of it i.e. connecting my headphones to line out level jacks, but your feedback led to check my Apollo console and sure enough from an old session not oriented towards a Kemper hookup I had those inputs setup to Mic level, I also found that I needed to jack up the signal on the console to bring it up to an appropriate level. i.e. once I had switched the inputs to LINE level, I'm guessing I can do that at the Kemper.

    So thanks

    I have main outs , mon out, Direct output, and SPDIF all hooked up to my Apollo and they are configured as follow

    Main outs Mon Out Direct Output SPDIF
    Master Stereo Master Mono Guitar Analog Guitar Studio

    I get signal on all but main outs, however it seems that I only "hear" the direct out i.e. as hooked up to my Apollo, regardless of what Rig I'm on.
    I can confirm that if I connect directly to the headphone jacks on the Kemper that I do hear the various rigs as I browse

    An editor is needed, one reason is for the slightly handicapped like me i.e. my eyesight sucks, my Kemper is on a rack, as it stands I have to sit on the floor to tweak because I can't see the interface well enough. Sure if you have the kemper sitting up on your desk or perhaps on a stack and amp head , it will be at a decent level to see, but that wasn't the case for me.

    The second reason is that in this modern age of the digital home studio , it just makes sense to have that convenience i.e. if the Kemper was also built to be an asset in studio production that capability lines up with this new ecosystem.

    so +++ , pls do create a midi editor capable of tweaking and saving.

    hi all, Is there yet a midi editor for the Profiler ? not Rig Manager but something that allows one to muck with the various features i.e. stomps, output and so forth , not just program changes which the Rig Manager has covered. I noticed an old post by Everglades Audio but the link was dead. It looked like a pretty complete solution from the video.
    I have terrible eyesight and the Profiler is on my rack, so I basically have to sit on the floor to make any mods. It would be great if could just do it from my Mac.


    Lots to learn for this all in one total solution, I'm sure there's skill to be learnt in its use. Thanks in advance for all for all the questions I will pester with.

    thanks, I'm truly excited , its like all the pre-amps/ amps/ stomp boxes , thousands and thousands of bucks thru out the years rolled into one ! Now, the only thing is that i'm sort of blind and Kemper is on my rack , I have to lean over , squint in dim light etc. When is that midi editor coming so that I can make all my mods from my Mac ? I saw the Everglades Audio editor in a very old post , did that go away ?

    thanks again and thanks for the welcome

    just got my new Profiler last week and I its already sitting in my rack , already hooked up to my Apollo, I missed where it had mentioned that the Serial # is underneath the unit. Can it be possibly retrieved from anywhere else ? i.e. perhaps the interface on the unit ?
    I'm sure it sounds like I'm being a baby but my music time is precious and I rather play than rewire again. thanks