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    If memory serves, Chris DeGarmo used Soldanos, where Michael Wilton changed his amps amps fairly frequently.

    Among them:

    Marshall Silver Jubilee 25/55 100W Amp Head

    Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 Head

    DigiTech GNX2 (yep, a GNX)

    Bogner Uberschall 120-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head

    ADA MP-1

    Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus

    Vox AC30 Guitar Combo Amp

    Hiwatt Custom 50W 2X12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

    Marshall JMP 2203 Mk II Master Lead 100w

    I would start with the DeGarmo sound. Good luck!!!!

    Paid rigs are not necessarily better. Depending on what pack you buy, you might find what you want, maybe not. There's no guarantee. I have bought some packs that I absolutely love, as well as others that leave me scratching my head why they named this pack after some artist sound.

    I was in that boat years ago when in the modeler world. I would get something close, and do my best to match my current setup. That task went on for years, constantly tweaking a patch over and over, and renaming each iteration 001, 002, and so on. After getting my Kemper, I profiled it, and I immediately had my sound. That didn't stop me from profiling my rig over 100 times (different speakers, mics, configurations). Now, I know I have every sound my amp can deliver. Over time, I have narrowed the profiles I made of my amp to around 3 or 4.

    No packs are going to give you that flexibility. It's hit or miss with free, as well as paid profiles.

    I was making a few profiles yesterday, before updating, and everything worked as it should. I updated to the beta this morning, and made a few profiles. They all sound the same, and kind of harsh, and the refine profiling simply doesn't do anything. The source sounds like the amp/mic combo, but the profile isn't even close. I rebooted the profiler, and tried again. Same result.

    Anyone else notice this issue?

    Another case of someone wanting to be hand fed the answer, instead of doing a simple search, and finding that what he was looking for was in that thread, along with a ton of other settings that might be of interest.

    I routinely create a ReAmp bus with the output set to the SPDIF. All my DI tracks are muted, with their outputs to the ReAmp bus. If I want to reamp a track, I just unmute it, and record the new track from the Kemper.

    This code has not been touched since years. Please provide examples of PROFILEs via support ticket, which took the wrong route.

    I did a firmware downgrade, then upgrade to the latest stable version (not beta). I then made 2 clean profiles of my Supro, one with Negative Feedback at 0, and one at 100%. The second one came back as no cabinet.

    Burkhard, thanks for your response.

    My plan is to try and eliminate as many probable causes before posting any profiles with a ticket. I am going to reinstall the current final firmware, by first reverting back a couple of subversions, and then updating to the latest final. At that point, I'll make a few more profiles and see if I can replicate the issue. Hopefully, this solves the strange issue.

    If I can recreate the problem, I will submit a ticket and add the profiles that are seen incorrectly.

    Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

    I am banging my head over this feature. From time to time I find that the profiler determines if a profile has a cabinet or not. Sometimes I create profiles to "fit in the mix" and not have to add too many high cuts and low cuts in the recording. So, I get the sound I'm looking for, and make a profile of it. For some unknown reason, the Kemper determines these to be DI profiles seemingly at random. I have actually experienced when one profile is listed as a DI and the same settings result in a Studio. I'm pulling my hair out with this seemingly "new" feature. I did not have these issues years ago. I guess this feature was added in a newer version.

    On the other side, I have had a DI profile, with the No Cabinet option selected, come up as a studio profile. There is absolutely no reason that a DI profile would ever be considered a studio.

    Please, please, please make this an option that I can simply turn off.

    I know that I have posted several posts regarding profiling amps, and the guessing game that I have had with the Kemper auto choosing if a profile is a DI or Studio during profiling.

    From time to time, the profiler will decide that a new profile is a DI because it may be too bright, or too harsh (too much gain, even though it passed the gain check), and it will automatically disable the cabinet. Ok, I can deal with that as a measure to stop me from making a profile that is too brittle.

    But today, I was making some DI profiles, and purposely didn't turn on the NO CABINET button to see if it would automatically see it as a DI. I made sure there was plenty of gain, and midrange to make it sound very brittle, so there was no doubt it is a DI profile. Then, I profiled the DI amp. To my amazement, it left the cab in. It saw it as a Studio profile. Now I am completely stumped at what it is looking for to determine that a studio profile would be a DI.

    Do I have to open a ticket to finally get an answer on this question?

    I showed you how to do it. If you don't want to do it the way that works, just sell it. You have 8 whole posts, and I bet all of them are crying about something. Calm down new guy.