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    I totally agree. I ranted about the crowd rating 3+ years ago, and nothing has changed. My rant: Genres for User Profiles and Ratings system upgrade for Rig Esxchange

    Yours is a different take, but the general message is the same: Sadly, ratings are a waste of time.

    I also posted recently about how I try to post profiles for all different types of guitars, sort of like a profile pack where you find a few that you like, but most aren't for your setup. Unfortunately, people down vote the ones that aren't for their gear, and they probably enjoy doing it.

    I realized that I was taking it a little too seriously, but it eventually stopped me from posting any new profiles. I now profile my amps/cabinets for me, and don't make them for anyone else. Sadly, I don't post them anymore either.

    When I make profiles, I try to make a bunch of profiles for all different configurations, mic positions, etc. to get the widest range for anyone that might use any of these profiles.

    Some are made for my guitars, which are maple and have JB humbuckers in them. Others are made brighter for those with muddier pickups. Others are created with people with overly bright pickups.

    I post all different types, for a wider user base. I noticed that people have down voted the ones that may not be made for their guitar configuration, and give the ones that work with their guitar a 5 star vote. These are profiles of the same amp/cab. The thing that changes is amp settings and mic positions.

    Now I am not saying that anything I make deserves anything. But I wonder if the current voting system works. Or, do I simply put out my “best” that works for me? Those are the ones that seem to get high votes. To be honest, I wonder if it’s worth putting in the work to make all types of profiles.

    Lately I haven’t posted profiles on RE and have actually contemplated joining the paid profiles ranks, mainly because my amps seem to be the ones that are not readily represented in RE. At least then people would understand that a pack would be made with a wide range of configurations in mind.

    Anyone else make profiles this way, or just make them for themselves?

    People buy packs of amps they don't have access to, thus can't make their own. Fairly simple concept.

    I have bought packs and some are great, while others are meh at best.

    My main profiles are mine that I made from my amps. I use them about 99% of the time. But, I am not opposed to buying profiles of amps that I want to check out, and don't have access to make my own.

    The great part is that feeling doesn't go away. I still have that feeling years later. With some gear, you have that "honeymoon period", where you love it and overlook some little things. After a while, those little things become big things and you really begin to wonder what you go yourself into. Thankfully, that never happens with the Kemper. The features are so deep, you can learn new things about it years later. ENJOY!!!!!

    I usually make several profiles, and try to select a profile with similar settings before profiling. That way most of the info is already there.

    But, in the cases where I forget, I wait until the end of my profiling session, fire up RM, SELECT A PROFILE OTHER THAN THE NEW ONES, then select all of the new profiles. Then I can edit them in bulk. Enter once, and all of them change. Great for profiles with a new cab. The selecting a profile other than the new ones allows instant editing, without having to hit the store button.