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    Hmmm, and kemper has such a good manual.

    I know. I'm reading it, but between work....and actually playing the guitar, it'll take a while to get through it. I'm doing the usual "guy thing", where we play with something, then read about it in the manual :D

    Thank You, im glad You like it!

    Great!! That was the point of making this video! I wish there was someone to tell me these things when i first got the Kemper, would make it way easier to dial in a good sound! Cheers!

    You might laugh, but I had no idea that there were more pages for the EQ. :rolleyes: I'm still going through a few effects, etc., and actually thought the Graphic EQ didn't make sense, being so limited. The only thing limited is/was my knowledge of how to use it. 8o

    Hey guys, just a short "tips and tricks" video about editing the profiles, check it out!

    As a beginner, this video helped me a lot for reigning in my own profiles. I think having tutorials like this is a fantastic way for newbs like myself to learn the different options. Thanks!!!!

    I've never owned a POD, but I have owned an Atomic Amplifire (AA), and (now) a Kemper. The stock patches on the AA are horrible, like most modelers. But the Amplifire stock patches are almost scary bad. Once you learn to tweak it and learn a few things, you can get great sounds out of it. The whole IR cab functionality brings it to a whole new level.

    With that said, the Kemper seems like a whole new level from the AA.

    Yesterday, I had a bout of RTFM.

    I found that there is a separate manual to explain the profiling process. I read the whole profiling manual during an online meeting, yesterday. I stated that the Kemper does, in fact, model non-time-based pedals. Delays, reverbs, chorus pedals are time based, and thus should be turned off to get a better profile of the amp. After the profile process is complete, you can then add those effects back into the profile. The Kemper comes with a ton of built in effects. I knew all of that from watching profiling videos, but the one thing that I read that blew me away was that although the Kemper can profile other effects, like distortion, etc., Tube Screamer pedals have an adverse effect on the profile.

    So, I opened up my main patch in my Eleven Rack, and just as I expected, it uses a Tube Screamer. So, I re-profiled it, turning off all time effects, and the Tube Screamer. After the profile, it added the effects to the profile from the built in effects (of course they have the Tube Screamer). I matched the settings from the Eleven Rack's tube screamer, and the sound was actually NOT dead on. It was actually better than my Eleven Rack preset. It had much more clarity, and you could hear EVERY note in the chord. There is a tip to do make some adjustments, post profile, to make the profile actually sound better than the amp. I didn't even make those changes and it sounds better.

    I've been doing EQ IR tone matching for a while, and I can't believe I never read that anywhere before.

    It's a case of RTFM at it's finest.

    Now to start reading the whole manual. :thumbup:

    It would be pretty good as a backup.

    If you learn how to do EQ IR Tone Matching, you'll be able to come pretty close the kemper profile. But it won't react the same way, or respond the same way.

    As a brand new owner of a Kemper (about 16 hours of this message), all I can say is WOW. Over the years, I have been using different modelers, all the way back to the Zoom 505, GNX3, Eleven Rack and Atomic Amplifire. I recently had an incredible urge to join the Kemper world, although I was a little afraid of not living up to the hype. I sold a couple of pieces of gear, and took the plunge. .I was completely floored by Kemper.

    In EVERY modeler that I've ever had, the stock patches were horrible. You had the frustrations of getting over the learning curve to create patches that you thought sounded good. I fully expected the same, if not worse, with the Kemper. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. The stock profiles are amazing. The interface is very intuitive, and I was tweaking away within a few minutes. I know I'm in that "newness" stage, and have to wait to make a real assessment, but I am 100% confident that I made the right choice.

    So far, the only downside to the Kemper was that I played my guitar so long last night, that my fingers started to hurt. At that point I looked at the clock, and I knew today was going to be a bad day at work with much less sleep than normal. So far, all I think about at work is that I can't wait to play again when I get home.

    I have a website that you may useful ( ). I don't update it much. There are NO ADS, NO CLICKBAIT nonsense, just a personal website. I have some projects that I did detailed on the site, like creating a Lynch Tiger-is guitar, and some reviews of gear I've had through the years. One thing that guitarist might find useful is the application I made FindNoteOnFretboard, which shows you all the notes for the chord/scale you choose, all over the fretboard. If you like it, please let me know.

    I've been on the forum for just a few minutes and have already received some great information to help me on my way. I am thrilled that I bought and Kemper, and am thrilled to be on this forum.