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    I go a similar route, where I set the mics to a mixer then the Kemper. That way, I can mix 2 or more mics

    But, there is no reason not to go directly into the Kemper. When you profile, you have the option of hearing the original amp sound or the Kemper profile. Then you do the fine tuning. After that, you record straight from the Kemper into your interface.

    I don't know what interface you're using, but it's pretty straightforward.

    In your interface, find out which output is assigned to the SPDIF. Then set the output of the track to the SPDIF. Set the Kemper input to USB Reamp.

    I normally create a bus named ReAmp, and set that output to the SPDIF. That way, I can simply take a clean track, and set that output to the ReAmp bus.

    On Thursday, I created 4 profiles on 4 different speakers (3 cabs) with RM open. At first everything seemed fine. I switched to browse mode, and everything was still working fine. After switching between the different profiles to test the different sounds, I decided to fix all the metadata in the profiles. I changed the amp and mic by selecting the 4 profiles and making the changes.

    The postfix I used for naming the profiles was the speaker (V30, LB (Lynchback), G12T75, BV (Blue Voodoo Eminence)).

    Somewhere after that, it must have lost sync. After that bulk change, I edited the cabinet for each profile. The last profile that I had to change, seemed not to let me. So, I tried it again, and still unsuccessful. It was getting late. I finally gave up, and figured I would revisit it the next day (yesterday).

    Yesterday, I turned on the Kemper and RM, sorted by date desc, and there were only 3 profiles, not the 4 that were there yesterday. The BV was missing. I thought I lost one of my 4 profiles. I searched high and low for it in RM. It's not there.

    This morning, I decided to check the Kemper itself, without RM open. I searched for my profiles, and found the 3, plus one with a duplicate name. There were 2 profiles with the postfix V30.

    I checked the profile with the correct metadata for the Blue Voodoo, and edited the name back to the BV postfix. I made a quick backup to USB, just in case. After editing the name, I opened RM, and all 4 profiles were there.

    Apparently, when RM wouldn't let me edit the metadata, it started acting strangely. The part that really had me stumped was that it didn't show the duplicate name in RM. RM seemed to filter it out.

    Sorry for the long description, I just wanted to go through all the steps that I took to help the developers find this issue. As a developer myself, I wish I got this much detail when a problem comes to my attention.

    Actually, any profile will work. DI only get the pre and power amp without the cabinet. Studio get the amp+cabinet. Merged use the DI, and add the cabinet from another profile. This gives a better representation of each item separately.

    Studio profiles do a decent job of separating the two, thus giving you the amp, but not as good as Merged, and DI. Try other profiles, including studio profiles, and turn off the cabinet. Also try some merged profiles, since they are the same as DI when you turn off the cab on the Kemper.

    A general rule is: If it sound good, it is good.

    The one thing I noticed is that we pretty much think a scooped sound is great when playing alone. When recording, or playing with a band, you can get lost. The mids are what gives you that push, and makes your instrument stand out in the recording.

    I don't believe the Kemper will help you, but you can easily make one by using your DAW. Record a track with the cabinet, and record one with the cabinet off. Then create a tone match IR. There are tons of videos about making tone math IRs on YouTube.

    I have the Focusrite 18i20 3rd Gen, and I'm very happy with it. Others will give you their favorite, so you'll need to do some homework and weigh the option of how much you want to spend on one.

    I have used several in the last couple of years. The JetCity Jettenuator (the Bugera is a clone of it), was pretty good, but seemed to cut some high end. The best thing I bought was the Fryette Power Station 2. It is both a power amp, and also an attenuator, depending on which function you want to use. It's a great power amp, and also a great attenuator. It has switches that allow you to tweak the sound, and keep the high end. It also has presence and depth knobs which allow you to get a great sound while used as either a power amp or an attenuatior.