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    When I had a modeler, I was constantly tweaking, trying to get my sound and feel. Since getting the Kemper, and profiling my setup, I don't need to tweak anything. From time to time I'll need to make slight adjustments depending on the sound at a venue, but that's about it.

    When I first got my Kemper, I was amazed that I rarely need any effects on it. I throw a little reverb on there, and set up the delay and boost on a morph, and that's about it. The days of adding "pedals" to a profile are now gone.

    On the modelers I used, I was always using the included "pedals" to shape the sound. No more.

    As a practice, create a backup of your Kemper BEFORE ANY UPDATE. That way, even if things go wrong, you can restore your items

    UPDATE: After rebooting both the PC and the Kemper at the same time, the above issues no longer exist. For some reason rebooting one, then the other didn't work. Thankfully, it's resolved.

    Lee Aaron still has it:

    The more likely issue is that the knife edges are hosed. With a real Floyd, all of mine come back to pitch. When I buy a used guitar, sometimes it doesn't come back to pitch. After my setup, I check the knife edges if the tremolo doesn't come back to pitch. Almost always, it is the dull knife edges. Only once was it anything else.

    Like an amp, every guitar is going to sound different through an amp, thus different through the Kemper.

    With that said, I have found that Top Jimi is hit or miss. The Van Halen set is amazing, and sounds like the videos. On the other hand, the Black Sabbath set sounds NOTHING like the videos. I've tried them with 12 different guitars, with different pickup configurations, and couldn't get close to the videos.

    I guess that's with all profiles. I'm sure people hate some of mine. I dialed in the amp to my guitar and profiled it.

    It's not the profile, it's the cabinet. I did a mod on a small orange crush that I have, where I added an external jack to it. If nothing is plugged in, it uses the internal speaker. If you plug in a cabinet, it bypasses the original speaker, and goes through the cabinet.

    I did a quick demo of the amp with the mod through my iPhone, and it's not even close. The cabinet makes that little box sound like a beast.

    For years, I've been using my Focusrite 18i20 1st Gen, and everything was working as it should. I had Mics, Kemper, GR-55, Keyboard connected, and never had to switch anything. I also had reamping with the Kemper setup perfectly on it. I upgraded to Gen 3, and everything seemed fine, until I tried to do reamping. I was banging my head. All the routing seemed correct. It took me some time to figure out.

    No matter what I tried, the SPDIF wasn't sending any sound to the DAW. XLR was working fine. It was a SPDIF issue. I checked the routing. Figured I mismatched the SPDIF cables, so I checked that, and they were fine.

    The solution to my problem was simple. Apparently the Gen3 sets up SPDIF as SPDIF Optical, by default. That seemed correct, until I went back to the manual (yes, I broke down). SPDIF Optical is a newer feature where you can run SPDIF on any of the ADAT lines. It's a nice feature, but I'm still using SPDIF cables with the RCA type ends. The manual says to set it at SPDIF RCA if you're using SPDIF cables with the RCA jack ends.

    I set it and all was fine in the world. Reamping was once again an option.

    I just figured I'd post this, in case someone else was having a similar issue with their Gen3. Who would have thought that RTFM was the solution? 8o

    The FX Loop is post preamp, so yes, you could put it there. Just turn off the cabinet in the profile. Use a DI profile or Merged for best results.

    You might want to profile that amp before connecting the Kemper. It's a real nice amp.

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